STORY 1. The Girls Tea Party

(contains: lesbians, fingering, licking, panties)

It was another standard day in Normville as Tasha Hippo, Uniqua Pink, and Anubis Cat were at Tasha's house having a tea party. Their parents were at work as they were drinking tea and eating cookies Mrs. Hippo made the day before

"Hey Tasha do you want jam or jelly on your toast?" Anubis asked pulling a piece of bread from the toaster

"Jelly" Tasha replied

"Jam for me" Uniqua replied

"Here you go" Anubis said handing them the toast as she sat down brushing her tail

"You know Austin when makes me toast he always putts a little dab of butter, the perfect amount, it softens the bread but doesn't leave a taste" Uniqua said biting into the toast

"You have the hots for Austin Don't you" Tasha said giggling"

"Do not, we're friends" Uniqua replied

"Well you best be sure, because you don't take him someone else will" Anubis said as Uniqua looked at her

"You don't plan on…" Uniqua said as Anubis cut her off

"what no, Uniqua you're my friend" Anubis said rubbing Uniqua's butt as she sighed as Uniqua did the same to Anubis as she purred

"You like that, don't you, you little pussy" Uniqua said

"Uniqua?" Tasha said cleaning her ear

"What, Pussy is the term for female cat" Anubis said

"I just thought you were flirting with her" Tasha said as Uniqua spit her toast out

"That was not flirting" Uniqua replied defensively

"You had your hands on eachothers butts" Tasha replied as they were still feeling eachother's backsides

"You're point, it feels good, here try it" Anubis said putting her hand on Tasha's butt as she grinned in pleasure

"Damn, Anubis, you're claws feel so good you mind going a little further" Tasha said as Anubis moved her claw up between Tasha's as she shook her legs laughing as her panties were getting moist

"Great, now my undies are wet" Tasha said sarcastically as Uniqua put her hand under her dress

"They most certainty are" Uniqua said pulling them off they were red panties with a yellow flower on the front

"Nice panties, Tasha, they really suit you " Anubis said

"You like them" Tasha said flattered

"Can I try them on, I wanna see what I look like with them" Anubis asked

"for you two anything' she said as Anubis pulled off her dark yellow panties tossing them on the table

"Here try these on" Anubis said handing Tasha her panties as they both put on eachother's undergarments

"Well Uni, what do you think" Tasha asked waving her butt at her

"Those do make your butt look curvier" Uniqua said in Modesty

"How about these" Anubis said taking off her skirt

"Those look good on your hips" Tasha said as Anubis leapt on Tasha their crotches rubbing together

"You moist panties are getting me moist" Anubis said removing Tasha's dress as she pulled off Anubis' shirt

"Hey Uni, take it off" Tasha gestured for Uniqua to unbutton her overalls as she unfastened the buttons as the pink overalls hit the floor Uniqua was wearing dark pink panties with light pink circles

"Uni, those are so cute on you" Tasha said feeling the thick elastic band as Anubis moved the crotch exposing Uniqua's two flaps to her pussy

"Now uni, let me show you how a pussy plays with another pussy" Anubis said sticking her tongue as she groaned as Anubis continued licking as Uniqua spraying Anubis with a white hot liquid

"Uniqua, you're delicious" Anubis said licking her fingers as she pulled off Uniqua's panties throwing them across the room

"I think it's only fair you two get naked" Uniqua said pulling of Tasha's undergarment off of Anubis

"Ohh, you hear that Tasha, Uni's a lil' feisty" Anubis said as Tasha undressed as the 3 girl were their standing nude in front of each other

"If only the boys knew what our tea parties were really about" Anubis said pulling out a camera taking poses of herself with the other girls

"Maybe day we could invite them" Uniqua said as Tasha was holding open her lips as Anubis snapped a pic

"These will look good" Anubis said

(20 minutes later) the girls were fully dressed (although they decided to let each other burrow their undies whenever they wanted) as their parent arrived

"So uniqua, how was your tea party with the other's Mrs. Pink asked

"Oh usual" Uniqua replied walking back to the house with her.