Story or Treat

(contains: cowgirl, losing virginity vaginal sex, squirting, blowjob roleplay)

7:00 PM

It was Halloween in Normville, all the kids were dressing up and searching for pillow sheets to fill with candy. The gang was getting dressed up as they came out wearing their costumes.

"Well what do you think?" Tasha asked posing in her costume which was that of a cowgirl with a red hat and a plastic revolver. Pablo was dressed as a pirate, Tyrone was a police officer, Uniqua was a Hawaiian princess, Austin was a knight, Anubis was a doctor, Drew and Donny were rockers and Steven was a racecar driver.

"Looks very western" Steven said as they pulled out a map

"Let's see if we circle Widowscreek we can reach Hurwitz drive by 9:00, quick enough to get the good candy" Austin said

"Especially if we skip Hudson Street, they only give out those little fun-size candies" Uniqua said

"But let's hit Cooper AVE. first, they start out with the king size bars" Tasha said

"So we split up and circle the areas we meet back at the cul-de-sac to divide and trade" Drew said as they split up. The 9 of them split up and went trick or treating

9:00 PM the Group meet back at the cul-de-sac after 2 hours dragging their candy as they met at Uniqua's house

"My folk are at a business meeting, they won't be back until tomorrow so I suppose a sleepover is in order" Uniqua said clinging to her boyfriend Austin as they called their parents to get permission and get their sleeping bags as they met back with Uniqua as they all emptied their bags on Uniqua's bedroom floor creating one big pile of candy

"I have a milky way, who has the best trade" Drew said as Tasha snatched it

"The Hippo bandit strikes again" Tasha said as Tyrone grabbed her arm

"Tasha, give him the candy back" Tyrone said as she unwrapped licking it

"Still want it" she joked as Drew charged her as she punched him in the nose

"Ow, sh*t that hurt" Drew said clenching his bleeding nose

"Lawbreaker, stealing and assult, you're coming with me" Tyrone said. Taking her upstairs

"Tyrone use my parents room" Uniqua said as he smiled back

"I'll patch that nose" Anubis said taking Drew to the bathroom

Tyrone dropped Tasha on Mrs. Pink's bed as pinned her

"Any words" he said grinning

"Yes, what did do to deserve such a handsome officer in bed" Tasha said gripping his leg as she turned him pinning him on his back

"You know I like the wild west" Tyrone said

"Then I'm your girl" she said splitting her legs as Tyrone fumbled thru the drawers

"Ah Ha" Tyrone said putting a bottle of clear gel as unfastened Tasha's outfit squirting get on her lips as he placed his fingers coating her inside as she grinned grabbing Tyrone's newly erect placing the tip in her pussy as she slammed down riding him cowgirl style as he grabbed her naked body placing a finger up her ass

(in the bathroom)

Anubis was sticking rolled up toilet paper in Drew's nostrils to stop the bleeding now let's see I should probably clean you up" Anubis said grabbing a washcloth to wipe up the blood as she bent over reaching in the tub as Drew got a view up her skirt seeing white cotton panties that matched her outfit as he pinched her crotch pulling back the cloth as he let go it made a smack on her skin as she jumped turning to him

"Nice panties" Drew said smiling as she blushed and her face turned red

"PERV" she grinned

"I not joking, I liked it" Drew said holding her hand as he locked the bathroom door as Anubis tried to pull away

"Shh. Anubis, listen to me I've never said thisbut I love you, and I want you to enjoy this" he said kissing her as she groaned but gave up wrapping tongues with him as he unfastened her costume sitting her on the sink counter unzipping his pants

"Whoa, drew…you're huge" Anubis said shyly

"Don't worry, this only hurts the first time" Drew said

"Just…this is my first time …so please…be gentle" Anubis said as Drew slid off her panties sniffing them as he started at her virgin pussy

"quit looking, just do it…get it over with" Anubis pleaded

"Do you want this?" Drew asked confused

"i…i…um…yes… I've wanted it… I'm just too shy to tell you" Anubis shed a tear as Drew wiped it

" don't worry babe, tonight this rockers gonna rock your world and your body" Drew said as Anubis shed her former-self as a smiled appeared on her shocked face "Lizard, take me, it's yours" Anubis said bending over the toilet swinging her tails as drew licked her crotch as she giggled as he slid his finger between her lips as he placed his thumb in her ass, as her body shacked vigorously

"Where do you want it" Drew asked as she thought

" in the front, I want you to pop my cherry" Anubis said as Drew squeezed in between her lips as she purred as he trusted back and forth

"Drew, I've dreamt of this night…harder" Anubis moaned

"For a virgin, you're pretty talented" Drew complemented

"I masturbate a lot and I lick myself too." Anubis said squirming

"Ohh Anubis… I'm gonna …" Drew said pulling out holding in his load as Anubis body was vibrating

"AHHH…" Anubis groaned squirting all over Drew's lower chest in a mixture of cum and blood as Drew turned her around shooting her mouth full of cum as it slid down the back of her throat

"MMM…tasty" she said hugging him

"I love you" they both said simultaneously hugging