Story 5: Fun N' Games Part 3

Steven Grabbed Uniqua and layed her down on the sofa and rubbed his erected penis acroos Uniqua as it squeezed thru the hole between her legs

"Tasha was right, your penis is like twice as thick as Austin's" Uniqua groaned as he slid halfay in her, Uniqua tried to squeeze her muscles on it, it did no good for his dick was to dense as Steven trusted in and out.

Tasha crawled up the bed as Austin helped her up and slid two fingers up her pussy

"Tasha, you're so moist" Austin complemented placing the finger in his mouth "And delicious" Austin said as Tasha laid down as Austin held her legs up wiggling his way in the tunnels of flesh as Tasha felt a gentle pinch smiling

"Austin, right there" Tasha moaned as Austin's dick was rubbing Tasha's G-spot as she closed her eyes squeezing him legs as they wrapped aroung his torso and she flipped him as landed on his back as bounced up and down on them

"How do you like this bouncing Kangaroo boy" Tasha grunted and Austin's penis went deeper in the young hippo .

Steven grabbed Uniqua's Sides puhing in her grinning her placed his finger in her ass

"Steven, I've never done that before" Uniqua said in defense

"We when you cum, I have a big surprise for you, and it rhymes with anal sex" Steven said smiling

"Uniqua, you're in for a treat" Tasha said

"I heard anal sex is more painful, by gives more long term pleasure" Austin said

"Why don't we try it out" Tasha said rubbing Austin's chin

"Ok Tasha" Austin responded

"hey Uni, hand me one of those toys" Tasha said as Uniqua and Steven repositioned as she sat on his lap and reached for the box tossing a hard plastic vibrator to Tasha, as she lossened her ana mucles and pressed the plastic vibraor in her anus and pushed the button as a muffled BBZZZZ was heardas Tasha groned in please licking Austin's chest as hecrotch was shaking, Austin felt the pulse affecting his dick as he grinned.

Uniqua pulled out a Vibrator and Handed Steven

"Place it in" Uniqua said in a slut-like tone as Steven thrusted it in and twisted the knob seeting it to max power as Uniqua's whole body was shacking, Austin turned Tashas vibrator to full power as her body as shaking as both girls were screaming along with both boys as Steven shot a huge load in Uniqua as the vibrator was shaking her body shaking the liquid as Steven pulled out and Uniqua stood up, liquid pouring out as Steven carried her to the bed, vibrator still in her ass at max power as he sat her on Tasha as she sucked Uniqua's cunt, Austin gave Uniqua a huge passionate kiss

"I Love you Austin" Uniqua muttered

"I Love you too Uniqua" Austin said as they wrapped their tongues as they got off the other couple as Austin shot his sperm on Tasha's chest

"Let's take a hot bath Uni" Austin said as they left the room he carried her to the bathroom Bridal style putting his hand on her butt
"Should I leave it in, or take it out" Austin asked

"Take it out, I have you, to take its place" Uniqua said as Austin pulled the huge vibrator out of Uniqua's ass and tossed it on the bed as Steven picked it up and slid it yp Tasha's pussy and turned both vibrators on full rumble and he placed his penis in her mouth.

In the tub Austin was filling up the water and he and Uniqua stepped out

"So, who was better?" Austin asked

"No contest, you were, you have sex with passion, Steven just gave a deep fuck as he was stiff, no different than a piece of warm plastic, but I felt your pulse, something living. I would have sex with you, anyday" Uniqua said as Austin poured body wash on her.

"I feel so loose in my pussy, I guess I wol'nt just use it for peeing anymore" Uniqua said asthey both soaked in pleasure

"Austin, will you be my boyfriend?" Uniqua asked

"Sure, and you can be my girlfriend" Austin clearified.

Steven pulled both vibrators out of Tasha turning them off

"Steven, you son of a bitch, that was awesome, I've never felt that much pressure" Tasha said as Steven crawled to her cyunt

"Let me clean it" Steven said scooping the cum out of her with his tounge

"We should clean these sheets" Steven said

As Tasha got up

"something tells me Uniqua doesn't want to lie in our juice" Tasha agreed as the took off the sheets and put the toys in the box and put back under Mrs. Pink's bed and they walked in the tub

"Uniqua, your tub is huge" Steven said


"Hop in" Austin said as Steven and Tasha got in the tub

"This warm water is to die for" Tasha moaned

"By the way, what happened in my bedroom stays in my bedroom" Uniqua said seriously

"Hopefully that doesn't mean, were dating only in your room" Austin said

"I'm talking sexually" Uniqua said

"I can't believe we just did all that" Tasha said rubbing soap on her body

"So now we know who the better lover is Austin said

"Yeah, we sure do" Steven said

"Me" the responded at the same time

"Wait, who's better" They both asked the girls as they whispered

"Let's say it's a tie, you're both very talented boys and we were lucky to have you. Tasha said flirty.

"I agree with that" Uniqua said washing body wash off

"Both of you girls were amazing" Austin said

"You can say that again" Steven said

"Both of you girls were amazing" Austin repeated as the girls giggled.

"Well after this bath, I'm gonna lie down, I feel I won't be masturbating for a week" Uniqua said noting her vagina was sore

"I'll join you sweetie

"Let's have the sofa" Steven said to Tasha

"Let's just sleep until my parent's get home in 3 hours" Uniqua said as they sat in the tub conversating.