Story 6: Blast Off (Ideas by "TT91")

(Contains: Boy on girl, oral sex, fingering/handjob, anal and vaginal sex)

It was a sunny day in Normville, like most other days as Pablo was outside setting up some cardboard boxes

"That looks good" Pablo said setting a model rocket on the biggest box as he talked into a Dixie cup

"Mission control this is Pablo, we are ready for take-off" Pablo said opening a lighter as he lit the fuse and ran

".1…. -"


"—Blast off!" Pablo said as he saw the rocket flying across the street as he picked up the Dixie cup

"Uh Huston we have a problem" Pablo said running inside

(Across the street a few minutes before)

Anubis was in her room sitting in her Pajamas at her desk as she was working on her model Sphinx

"Ah, the great Sphinx of Giza, the world's oldest monumental sculpture, built in 2558 BC under the reign of Pharaoh Khafra, truly a majestic piece -


The rocket flew hitting Anubis' window

Kyahh…What the Fu..." Anubis yelled as she accidently tore the nose off the mini sculpture, Anubis opened the window picking up the rocket

"Hello, what's this"? Anubis said picking up the rocket seeing "Pablo" written on the side in crayon

"Pablo, when I get my hands on you!" Anubis yelled as she saw Pablo run in his house as she slammed the window as she switched out of her pajamas into her regular clothes she left her house and stomped across the street knocking of Pablo's door and an older penguin opened the door

"Oh Anubis Cat, what can I do for you" Pablo's mother asked as Anubis tried to keep her cool

"Where's Pablo" Anubis asked in a monotone voice

"He's in his living room

"Honey, your friend Anubis is here!" Mrs. Penguin yelled up

"Tell her I'm busy" Pablo asked

"It's urgent" Anubis said as they went upstairs

"She said it's urgent" Pablo's mom said opening her son's bedroom door

"Anubis, I'm sorry my rocket hit your house, please don't kill me" Pablo pleaded in a panic attack

"Pablo" Anubis softly as he continued panicking

"Pablo" Mrs. Penguin said in a caring tone as he continued panicking as Anubis yelled at the top of her lungs

"Pablo!... I'm not going to "Kill" you, we both know I'm not the violent type, plus beating you up wouldn't solve anything" Anubis said Pablo maintained his cool

"Oh Ok, that's good to hear

"Come with me Pablo there's something I want to show you" Anubis said as they left his house and walked across the Street and into Anubis' house

"Come up to my room" Anubis said extending her finger as he followed her

"Nice house, I don't think I've ever been in your house, let alone your bedroom" Pablo said as Anubis pointed to a rocket

"I assume this is yours" Anubis said pointing to the name written on it

"Yeah that's mine, I'm sorry I hit your house-"

"-I don't care you hit my house" Anubis said holding up the model

"Think is what I'm …upset about" Anubis said as she broke down crying as soon as she saw the damaged model

"Oh, I'm Sorry" Pablo responded slowly

"My Grandfather mailed this to me" Anubis sobbed

"Let me cheer you up, I can't stand to see you sulking, you want play astronauts with me" Pablo said as Anubis walked up to him smiling


"No, I don't care about Astronauts, Because of your stupidity, I have to buy a new Sphinx of Giza model" Anubis said furiously

"So you don't want to play with me" Pablo responded cowering

"No, I don't want to play with you, I'm mad, I'd rather suck you dick than play Astronauts!" Anubis shouted shaking her fist

"Whoa, you would suck my dick?" Pablo said confused as Anubis covered her mouth

"Pablo I didn't mean" Anubis said reverting back to her normal shy self

"Look Anubis, you're my friend, how much does the model cost, I'll pay for it" Pablo said thinking about something

"$50, you don't have that kind of money" Anubis said

"Actually I have $130 In my piggy bank, I recently had my birthday two months ago, remember, and I know how to save" Pablo said

"Thanks Pablo" Anubis said as Pablo shook his head

"I don't come free, if I'm blowing birthday money on you; you need to do some blowing on me" Pablo said

"I'm not giving you money, I could just buy the model in 5 months when my birthday comes" Anubis said as Pablo shook his hands

"No you misunderstood, I'll buy the model, and you can keep your money, all you have to do is suck my dick, like you said you would" Pablo said

"What!, NEVER!" Anubis said walking away

"Ok, but the store probably won't have the same set in five month, so it's this or nothing" Pablo said as Anubis knew he was right

"Ok fine, let's just get this over with" Anubis said as Pablo handed Anubis the rocket

"Arouse me" Pablo said as Anubis sighed and admitted defeat as she licked the rocket like it was a penis

"Tastes like plastic" Anubis said disgusted

"Pretend it's a juicy ice pop, with the liquid sliding down Pablo said as she closed her eyes smiling as she wrapped her tongue around it

"MMm. Cherry" Anubis moaned tricking herself to believe it was a popsicle as he fingers slid between her skirt and she started rubbing her self

"Keep doing that Anubis" Pablo said as she heard a noise she opened her eyes and realized wat she was doing she stopped as notice Pablo had an erection and was jacking off

"Pervert" Anubis said

You were the first one masturbating, put that hand to use" Pablo said as Anubis firmly gripped Pablo's penis as pushed and pulled on it whoa kitty, oh oh" Pablo said as Anubis grinned knelling in front of him placing her mouth on his dick and blowing him as she made sucking noises

"mmm. Delicious" Anubis said closing one eyes as Pablo put his hands on the back of her head pushing her off as a stream of sperm flew and hit Anubis' face

"Uh sorry about cumming on your face" Pablo said Anubis was on the floor licking herself

"rrrrr" Anubis softly purred splitting her legs as she put her hand on her crotch an grabbed the elastic band of her panties sliding them off and tossing them on Pablo's head as he took them off notig they felt moist as she was fingering herself

"Come on Pablo, you know you want to" Anubis teased spreading her legs as holding her flaps open as Pablo crawled on her as she wrapped he hands around him and pushed him toward her as the crotches slammed together making a "Splat" sound as he speed up his thrusting as Anbis started grunting

"ah, ah, oh, oe, Pablo, I'm going to... Eyahhhh" Anubis squealed pushing up Pablo coating his chest in transparent fluid

"Sorry, when felines get aroused, we can't stop until we have an orgasm" Anubis said leaning on Pablo as he sat her up

"I didn't cum inside you" Pablo said as he was rubbing the tip of his dck against her anus gently pushing

"Wait no, not there" Anubis said as he trusted making a sticky "plop" sound as he bounced her up and down

"No, no, no, oh, oh, yeah, oh yeah, oh yes, yes, keeping going, I feel you pulse inside of me" Anubis grunted as Pablo picked up his rocket leaning it against Anubis' cunt

"Ready for a two-for one" Pablo teased

"Oh yeah, give it to me Pablo" Anubis screamed as he pushed the rocket in her pussy both pushing and pulling

"UUuuuhhh" Pablo grunted as he ejaculated filling Anubis' anus with cum as Anubis squealed having another orgasm as he her vaginal muscles compressed the rocket flew as it across the room landing on the floor coated in cum as both of the kids were heavily breathing as they got up

"Let's go to the model store" Pablo said as Anubis looked at her model

"You know what Pablo, call it strange but I think it looks better this way" Anubis said dmiring her model.