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He used his air bending to push the chunk of ice across the frigid waters. The chilled air nipped at his exposed skin, but he didn't seem to notice. He was happy that he could finally take the chance to get out of the Air Temples and travel, like an Air Nomad should. On his back, he wore a small sack and his wrapped up sleeping bag. In the sack, he had food, flint and other essentials. Instead of his normal orange and yellow robes with a shaved head, he had an old Fire Nation school uniform and had short black hair, knowing that being so close to the bottom of the earth, it would be freezing. He had received the clothes from his new good friend, Fire Lord Zuko. They had met after he had mastered Air Bending, he had become known as the youngest Master of all Four Nations. He was almost like a celebrity, the only other person who had learned that fast was a Fire Bender named Roku. The older man had mysteriously enough died around the same time he was born. People thought that Aang could actually be a reincarnation of the Fire Bender, earning him the name 'Avatar Aang'. Zuko and he became friends very quickly and he had supplied him with clothes if and was welcome if he came back to the Fire Nation. That was so many years ago, but the clothes still fit perfectly. Now, Aang was 18, his grey eyes still contained the youthful child that still came out every now and again. He already stood at 6ft, muscles from his training showed through his clothes and his voice had deepened from its youthful stage. Aang stopped bending as he had finally made it to the thick ice of the Southern Water Tribe. In the distance, he could see the big city from the edge of the land. He looked at the sun's position, if he used his air scooter, he would be able to make it by sun down. Hopefully they would be able to find a place for him to stay. Before he could start on his way to the town, he heard a cry of panic behind a snow drift. Aang immediately broke out into a sprint towards the noise, using his bending to increase his jump over the snow and landed in a situation he would have never thought he would find himself in. He landed in front of the person who had screamed, he didn't get a good look at her, but she seemed unharmed, but surrounding her were wild buffalo-yaks. "Are you okay?" He asked, not looking away from the animals as they growled at him.

"Uh yeah," She softly answered. Aang tried to keep his eyes on all of them and turned to see one of them charge. He was ready to use his bending to blast him away, but they were all surprised to hear a crack in the ice. Aang looked down to see the ice crack beneath the girl, half of the pack of buffalo-yaks and the girl all fell through the ice. The rest of the pack ran away in panic as the girl's head broke the surface of the water. Aang immediately grabbed the dark skinned girl's hand, pulling her out of the water. The buffalo-yaks in the water seemed calm and unfazed by the water and attempted to get out of the water. He held her in his arms as she shook, her coat was completely soaked and weighing her down. Aang knew that he wouldn't be able to get her to the settlement before she died. "T-t-there's a h-h-h-hunter's cave j-j-j-just over t-t-t-there," She nodded over to the East. Aang ran in the direction she nodded towards, she buried her head in his chest, ignoring the freezing temperature that was chilling her body. It wasn't long until Aang saw the mouth of a cave, an animal pelt hanging on the side, the Southern Water Tribe's insignia hanging to the side. He thanked the Spirits for Gyatso making him learn about the other nations. Aang nearly flew into the cave, there was the bottom haul of a Water Tribe ship in place of the floor, so that the hunters didn't have to sleep on the cold ground. It was split in the middle for where a fire would be. The lips on the outside of the ship kept the cold winds from coming too far into the cave. Aang set her down and dropped his belongings, searching through his bag for the flint. He finally found it, tied to a piece of metal. Collecting some loose pieces of wood, he started a fire and stacked a couple more pieces. He turned back to the girl who was shaking even more.

"Hey," Aang went back other to her, put his hand on her cold cheek, "I'm going to take your clothes off so you won't freeze and you can get into my sleeping bag, it should help warm you okay?" She nodded. Aang would have been shaking as much as her if he was going to do this to a girl when he was younger, but he knew this was serious and needed to be done. He quickly stripped off her coat and took off the kimono-like tunic that went down to her knees, leaving her in her Sarashi bindings and tights. Aang took off her boots and pulled down her tights, leaving her in her underwear. He silently cursed, realizing that she was completely soaked, including her underwear. Quickly, he undid her Sarashi releasing her breasts, Aang tried to avert her eyes, but couldn't help but she her dark erect nipples upon her soft globes of flesh. Her arms covered her chest, trying to keep warmth in her body as he pulled off her underwear, he averted his eyes, keeping his mind off of it. He unrolled his sleeping bag, it resembled one that her tribe would use, fur lined the whole insides. Aang wasn't too comfortable using it since it had caused harm to animals, but he needed to stay alive. He helped her inside and put the fur hood around her head. "Are you okay?" She nodded. He smiled, bring a blush he couldn't see to her cheeks, "Good." Aang grabbed her clothes and put it near the fire, steam already starting to come off the clothes. He sat down beside her, "I'm Aang."

"K-K-Katara," She replied. Aang picked her up and brought her closer to the fire. He sat her down in his lap, putting his arms around her.

"I hope you don't mind, I thought this would warm you faster." Aang told her. He didn't get an answer from her, but she moved slightly in his arms. The crackling fire filled the cave as they remained quiet.

"A-Aang," Katara spoke, her voice still a little weak. "Thank you…"

He smiled, "You're welcome, but I do have to ask, what were you doing out alone?"

"I was going to p-practice my Water Bending," She said, "I'm on my w-way to become a Master, b-but I still need some practice. I would have fought off those a-animals, but I kind of f-froze up. What were you doing out here?"

"I'm an Air Nomad, I'm constantly on the move like the wind. I've finally got time off and I felt kind of pulled down here, so I decided this would be my first place to visit on my journey." Aang told her. "I'm glad I did or you probably would have been a goner."

She absent mindedly snuggled closer to him, "I'm glad you came down here. But if you're an Air Nomad, why do you have Fire Nation clothes and a Water Tribe sleeping bag?"

"Gifts," He told her shortly. "Are you hungry?" Katara nodded and he sat her down next to him. "Good, I have some food." Aang searched his bag and pulled out a peach. He noticed the problem they were going to have since her hands were in the bag. "I'll feed it to you," He told her. Aang held in front of her mouth and she took a small bite of it, the juice from the fruit trickled down her chin, where he wiped it off with his thumb. She swallowed the fruit with a smile.

"It's fresh."

He nodded, "I only left the Temple this morning, so I hope."

"We don't get much fruit down here," She told him as he put the fruit back to her mouth and she took another bite, sucking the juice that poured out of the fruit. Aang let his mind wander as he watched her eat the fruit. Katara was an absolute beauty, her sapphire eyes twinkled from the fire, her flawless skin looked so soft and her lips so inviting. She could even be mistaken for a Spirit in the right light. He assumed that she must have had a husband by now, she looked around his age and had a betrothal necklace around her neck. He noticed another trickle of juice go down her chin and he wiped it again, but this time, she leaned down and stuck his thumb in her mouth, her tongue swirling around his thumb. She noticed what she did and snapped her head back, this time Aang could see the blush on her face. "I'm sorry…it's just really good."

Aang chuckled softly, "Its fine." He continued to feed it to her until it was all gone. Aang wiped his hand off on his pants. "Do you want anymore?" She shook her head. He tended to the fire again before sitting back down.

"Aang?" He looked at her, she shivered a little, "I'm still cold."

"Well, I could put more wood on the fire," Aang suggested.

She shook her head, "No, it will fill the cave with smoke and we'll both suffocate…I know this is going to sound really weird for me to ask, since you're from another culture…but I need you to share your body heat with me…" Aang's face went red. He didn't think it would have to come to this, but he couldn't just let her die or lose her limbs.

"Are you sure that would be okay with your husband or your fiancé?"

She blushed, "I don't have a husband or a fiancé, this is my Mother's necklace." Assuming he assumed that because of her necklace. He wasn't so certain that he should be doing this, it was one thing to see her naked in the first 10 minutes of meeting her, but to be up against her? "Please Aang, I wouldn't ask you this if I didn't think it would warm me up."

Aang scratched the back of his head, "Um…" He looked into her eyes, he couldn't help but be drawn in. "Okay, I will." Taking a deep breath, he stripped off his clothing. He didn't notice Katara's eyes raking over his muscular body. Aang left on his underwear, not seeing a reason to go without them. She made room in the sleeping bag for him. He made sure not to peak at her as he slipped in until he was face to face with her. She pressed her body against his and it was just as cold as it was out of the bag, her cold feet went between his legs, where he clamped down on them, her hands went to his armpits and the rest of her body pressed up against his. Aang thought it was going to be hard to contain himself as he was against a beautiful girl, but her cold body quickly took care of it.

"Thank you," She muttered against his chest.

"You're welcome…so…seeing as we're in this position, I guess I should learn more about you," Aang suggested, "Tell me about your life here."

"Well, my father is the Chief of the Village and my mother, of course, is kind of royalty too." She began.

"Wait, you're the Chief's Daughter?" She nodded, "Your father is a really great man, I met him in the Fire Nation one time. I've never seen a man eat so much…"

She smiled, "Yeah that sounds like my father. My brother, Sokka, is married to the Princess of the Northern Water Tribe, Princess Yue. Since I've just had my 18th birthday not too long ago, my father is trying to arrange a marriage for me."

He frowned slightly, "I'm so sorry to hear that Katara."

Katara shrugged, "Its fine. Yue and Sokka didn't love each other when they got married, they barely even knew each other 5 seconds before they were married by my father. They learned to love each other and neither of them could be happier. Though my brother still finds time to make sure no boys are talking to me. If he found out that this was happening, I'm sure he would freak out and try to attack you."

"I'm just trying to help you from dying."

"I know, my brother is pretty thick headed," She laughed to herself. "Well, that's enough about me, what about you Aang?"

"Well, I'm the youngest Air Bending Master in the world. I taught a lot of the children in the Southern Air Temple. I never met my parents, Air Nomad tradition is that because I had to travel around between the temples so much, I didn't meet them. But the closest thing I've had to a parental figure I've had was a Monk at the Southern Air Temple, Monk Gyatso. He's a great guy and I wouldn't be anywhere if it weren't for him." Aang smiled, thinking of his older master. "I'm taking a couple years off of training some of the other Nomads since I've been at the Southern Temple for most of my life and I'm traveling the world. Of course, you know that now since I'm here." Katara blushed again, "Not that I mind being here, being with a beautiful girl is always a plus."

"You think I'm beautiful?"

"Of course," He told her.

"Well, I think you're really handsome," Katara complimented him.

He smiled, "Oh, I know." She softly hit his chest as they shared a laugh.

"You're funny."

"Air Nomads are known for their humor," He told her. She yawned and laid her head in the crook of his neck.

"I'm glad I met you Aang," Katara whispered as she fell asleep.

"I'm glad I met you too."

Hakoda and Sokka paced around the house as both of their wives stared on. The sun had risen only a couple hours ago and no one had seen a trace of Katara. Yue and Kya weren't as worried as the guys. Katara usually didn't talk about where she would go, but would return at least by nightfall. They assumed she made camp in one of the hunter's caves if she got caught out too far when it got dark. She was a smart girl and knew what she was doing. "Sokka, please sit down, you're going to wear out the pelt that me and your mother had been working on." Yue tried to calm down her husband. "Katara will be back today."

"We've checked every hut, no one has seen her anywhere. That means she's out there in the tundra. There are all sorts of wild beasts out there," Sokka said. "Or even worse, what if she's kidnapped!"

"Sokka!" Kya warned him, "Calm down, you too Hakoda. Our daughter hasn't even been missing for 24 hours, she is bound to show up soon."

There was a knock on their door. Hakoda immediately bounded towards it with his son in tow. He opened it and his old friend Bato stood there, trying to catch his breath, "We found her." The family followed Bato's path out to the entrance of the city. In the middle of the city was their hut, it looked like a giant igloo with two smaller ones to the sides. There were paths in the city that went out from the hut going North, called the Kuruk Path, West, called the Pakku Path, East, called the Hakoda Path and the South would be called the Sokka Path once Sokka took over as Chief of the small city. There were many people in the city and their numbers grew, but the city never ran out of room. The Outer Walls of the city hadn't been moved since Kuruk was Chief. The Southern Path was packed with members of the Tribe as they made their way through them. Once they finally made it through, they could see a boy, dressed in Fire Nation Red, carrying Katara in his arms. Hakoda ran out to meet the boy, realizing who he was.

"Aang? What are you doing here?" He asked as he took his daughter from his arms.

"I found your daughter yesterday evening when I got here. She was surrounded by a pack of buffalo-yaks and fell through the ice. I got her into one of your hunter's caves and saved her." Aang explained. "She's running a small fever right now, but I think she will be fine."

Sokka came over, "Sokka, take your sisters to the healers." He handed over Katara and Sokka rushed back into the city. "Aang," He put his hand on his shoulder, "You have saved my daughter, I wouldn't know what I would do if I lost her. How can I ever repay you?"

Aang gave him a smile, "A place to stay for a little bit would be nice."

The older man patted him on the back, "Of course Aang. We have a room in our hut for you." They walked up the Southern Path to where the Tribe was still standing. "Everyone, this is Aang, or as you might know him as 'Avatar Aang'." Whispers started among the Tribe. "He has saved my daughter and he will be our honored guest. I want you to treat him like a member of this tribe." The tribe dispersed, leaving Yue and Kya, waiting for Hakoda. He took his wife's hand as Yue locked her arm with Aang's.

"So, 'Avatar Aang' I've heard a lot about you." Yue said as they walked back to the hut.

"I've heard some things about you too Yue, you're married to Sokka, Katara's brother?" She nodded. "But she never told me you had white hair."

She smiled, "The Moon Spirit saved me when I was a baby. When I was born, I didn't cry, the healers didn't know what to do. My father prayed the Moon and Ocean Spirits to save me. They dipped me into the Spirit Oasis in the Northern Tribe and my hair turned white, then I started to cry. I owe my life to the Moon Spirit, but for now, I owe time and commitment to my husband Sokka, the love of my life."

"If it isn't rude for me to ask, then why is your arm around mine?" He chuckled lightly.

"It's tradition, I'm part of, I guess you can call, the royalty of this tribe. Being that, Katara, myself and even sometimes Kya," She motioned to her Mother-in-law, "Will help escort our Tribe's honored guest wherever they need to go." He silently nodded as they made it to the hut. Hakoda and Kya entered first and Aang kept his thoughts to himself as he entered. Different from the hunter's caves, the floors were made of bamboo. The tribe only had bamboo in the houses because it was rare to get a shipment of bamboo and when they did get some, it cost a lot of gold Pieces. Animal pelts covered all the walls, much to his displeasure, but again, it's a different culture. The first room they entered was the sitting room, across the way was the kitchen and to the right and left were the bedrooms.

"Welcome to our home Aang, my wife will be cooking breakfast very soon, would you like anything special?" Hakoda asked.

"Do you have anything without meat?" Aang hopefully asked.

"I'm sorry, we don't," Hakoda apologized.

He smiled, "It's perfectly fine, if you have rice that would be perfect."

"Of course, if you want to rest, your room will be all the way down that hall and to the right." He motioned towards the right hall. Aang gave him a bow before going down to his room. He set his sack and sleeping bag down by the door and sat on the pelt covered bed, if he was going to stay here for a while, he was going to have to get use to the customs of the Water Tribe. Aang got into his lotus position and closed his eyes, happy to at least being able to mediate.

Her eyes fluttered open and she realized she wasn't in the Hunter's cave anymore. She sat up, pulling the blankets up with her. Katara looked down and saw that her Sarashi was around her chest again. She barely remembered waking up earlier, his hot body against hers. Katara didn't remember anything past that, not like she really needed to. The door opened and her brother came in, "Katara, you're alright." He shut the door and hugged her. She was still partially confused on how she got here, but she was safe. "I thought something horrible happened to you, we had no idea where you were."

"Sokka, relax, I'm fine. I still have all my fingers and toes…I think." She wiggled all her toes and fingers, just to make sure. Katara looked around the room, "Where is he?"



"Who's Aang?"

"The Air Nomad who saved me."

He searched his thoughts, but shook his head, "I have no idea what you're talking about." She pushed him away and she got out of the bed pulled on her clothing. "Katara, I think you need to get back into bed and keep warm." She tied her tunic and put on her boots.

"Sokka, you're no help, I'm going to find Aang."

"Katara, there isn't anyone here named Aang," Katara ignored him as she put on her fur coat and her gloves. She went around him and out the room. Katara stomped down the bamboo floor, past the yelling healer and out into the cold air of the small city. She knew the healer's hut was by the Pakku Path and went down the smaller path to the main path. Breaking out in a run, she made her way down the path with Sokka quickly following. "Katara, come back!" She turned and froze Sokka's feet to the ground. Sokka tried pulling his feet out, "Katara!" He yelled and took out his boomerang and chipped away the ice. She finally made it to the hut and burst the door open. Everyone turned to look at her. Her parents, Yue and of course Aang were sitting in the main room. She ran and hugged Aang, nearly knocking him out of his seat.

Hakoda stood up, "Katara what's wrong?"

"Katara, you need to come back," Sokka came into the house, "You need to get some rest."

"Sokka, this," She grabbed onto Aang, "Is Aang. The man who saved me."

"Oh…nice to meet you Aang," Sokka said, "I didn't know you were an Air Nomad."

"What is going on here?" Hakoda asked. Katara quickly explained the idiocies of her brother, making his wife suppress a laugh and her father nodded, understanding the situation. "Well, you've come at the right time Katara."

She let go of Aang and sat down beside him, "What are you talking about Dad?"

"I've asked Aang to marry you."

Aang got into his bed, sighing after a long day. When Hakoda had asked him to marry his daughter, he was surprised. He had explained that because Aang have saved his daughter, that he would be a better choice for a husband for his daughter then the man he had chosen for her. He didn't know what to say, just like Sokka and Yue's marriage, he had only met Katara a short time ago, but then again, he was pressed up against her naked body for about 8 hours. He understood where her father came from, he had saved Katara. But their cultures clashed, Air Nomads aren't forced into marriages and usually had open relationships but the Water Tribe was the exact opposite. A marriage in the Nomad's eyes, if two nomads wanted to get married, was just placing the Nomadic Necklace he had received when he became a Master Air Bender over her neck, like the Water Tribe, but there was no ceremony. Hakoda was expecting an answer out of him by tomorrow or he would be sending a letter to the man in the Northern Water Tribe to tell him that he could marry his daughter. He had tried to talk about Katara about it, but after he broke the news to her, she had gotten up and locked herself in her room. Aang knew this had to be hard on her, she had said she was having trouble with her father trying to force her into marriage. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, hopefully everything would be better in the morning. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard the door crack open. "Aang?" He heard Katara whisper. Aang lifted himself up in the bed and saw her shut the door behind herself. She was still wearing her normal clothes instead of a nightgown. "I didn't wake you up did I?" She whispered.

He shook his head, "No, I was just thinking. Are you okay?"

She sat on his bed, sitting in a lotus position, "I'm fine. I'm sorry my father asked you to be my husband, I bet he would even give me the next trader that came into our town."

"It's fine Katara, I was actually just thinking about it." It was silent for a couple seconds, "Do you know who the other man that you are supposed to marry is?"

Katara nodded, "Yue told me a little bit ago…his name is Hahn, of the Northern Water Tribe. He and Yue were going to be married if Sokka and Yue didn't marry." She looked down to her lap, "He's not a nice guy Aang. As much as I don't want to be roped into marriage, I don't want to marry him." Her cerulean eyes looked up at him, "Again, I have to ask too much of you Aang…"

"You want me to marry you?"

"Yes. I love my family and my people, but I owe you my life to you Aang." She grabbed his hand. "Yue and Sokka fell in love after their marriage, maybe you and I will fall in love too. I can't promise you anything, but I will do my wifely duties to you. Cooking, cleaning…and even pleasuring you."

His face went red, "Katara, I don't want you doing anything you do not want to do. In the short time I've come to know you, I've grown very fond of you. Your voice is very soothing and whenever we touch, my heart beat increases. But with me being an Air Nomad, I can't assure the normal life that you have become accustomed too. We would be traveling a lot, until we have seen the world."

Katara lightly chewed on her bottom lip as she mulled it over, then met his gaze, "I want to go with you Aang." She got onto her knees and leaned over to him, he fell back on the bed as she got closer. The pale moon light lit her face, her sapphire eyes glowed as she stared at him. Her eyes closed as she leaned in closer, her lips close to his. Neither of the benders had experienced a kiss, but knew how they were done. He met her half way, their lips softly grazing each other, then pressed firmly against each other. Aang's hands went into her hair as she deepened the kiss, their lips slowly moved against each other until they pulled away from each other. She opened her eyes and smiled, "Wow…"

The next few weeks were a blur to Katara, Aang had accepted her father's offer and revealed that Katara would be joining him on his journey. When Aang wasn't carving Katara's betrothal necklace, getting to know the family and of course helping with the wedding, Aang and herself spent time together, asking each other everything about each other. Katara truly felt that she could fall in love with Aang, he was sweet, funny and of course incredibly handsome. In the little time they spent together, she just showed him off to the other girls. Once Aang had finally gotten the necklace done, he presented it to her, it was a darker version of the one her Mother's necklace. He showed her that on the other side was the Air Nomad symbols, adding personal value to the necklace. They had their ceremony a few days after, married by her father and followed by a celebratory feast. Aang and Katara spent their honeymoon together, but not in the way a usual husband and wife would. He told her that he didn't want to consummate their Water Tribe Marriage until they had truly fallen in love, taking a lot of pressure off of the Water Bender. Now, Aang and Katara were to set off tomorrow to roam the world together, but still had no idea what they would do. She watched as he ran his hand through his hair as he looked at a map, he looked so cute when he was concentrating. "Hmmm, well I know I want to make a stop at the Southern Air Temple, I want you to meet Monk Gyatso and you and I can officially be married in the eyes of the Air Nomads…is there anywhere you would like to visit?"

"Um…is it at all possible if we could go to the Northern Tribe? My grandfather and Master is currently living up there, teaching some of the students there. The reason I can't become a Master yet is because he is there." Katara said.

Aang smiled, "Of course, that would be no problem. We can go to the Temple, get Appa and make our way to the North."

She cocked her eyebrow, "What's an Appa?"

He laughed, "I forgot to tell you, Appa is my flying bison. I wasn't going to take him on my travels because I wanted to get the real feeling of a Nomad, but since we are going to be going to the North, it would be a lot easier to fly instead of the old school way."

"Okay," She yawned, "Well, I'm going to go get some sleep for the trip tomorrow. You should also get some sleep too." Katara got off the bed and went to the door.

"Wait," She stopped, "Since we are husband and wife…why don't we share a bed?" Katara blushed heavily. "I mean, we're going to be sleeping together or near each other when we are traveling, why can't we just sleep together?" Katara paused for a second, but walked back to his bed. She blew out the candle, lighting the room and stripped down to her underwear. Aang stripped down to his shorts as she slipped into the bed. He got in behind her and their bodies melded together, his arm going around her waist. Aang inhaled the scent that came off of Katara, it was almost intoxicating. There was a small knock at the door and it opened, Sokka barging in.

They both shot up, Katara pulling the blanket up to her chest, "Sokka! What the hell are you doing?"

"I had a question for Aang, but why are you two sharing a bed?"

"We're married Sokka," Katara angrily reminded her brother, "What in the Spirits do you want?"

"Aang, are you going to the Northern Tribe?" He asked.

"Um, yeah. Katara and I are heading up there, why?"

"Well…Yue and I, well, Yue was wondering if we could go with you to visit her family." He gave the Air Bender a polar bear pup look, his eyes sparkling a little, "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Aang. We won't be too much of a trouble."

"Um…sure. I mean, Katara and I are making a couple more stops before then, but you can come along. If it's okay with Katara." Aang looked at his wife.

She rolled her eyes, "Fine." He smiled and left the room, "Shut the door Sokka." Sokka came back and shut the door, Katara laid back down and sighed, "That kind of puts a damper on our trip."

"It won't change much."

"Oh trust me…it will."

Aang made sure his bag was secured as he and Hakoda walked to the bay. "Chief Hakoda-"

"Please Aang, you can just call me…Dad."

He smiled, "Okay, Chief Dad." Hakoda laughed, "It's not necessary to give us a boat, we're only going a short distance North to my Temple. Then we're taking my flying Bison. I wouldn't want to waste one of your ships."

"It's fine Aang, we'll send a Warrior with you so he can bring the ship back." He told him. "You know Aang, I'm very proud to call you my son-in-law. I never thought I would find a man good enough for my little Katara, even the man that she was going to marry from the Northern Tribe didn't seem good enough. But I guess that's how every father thinks when he gives his daughter away, but I think you are perfect for her."

"Thanks Chief Dad."

"Aang!" They both turned to see Katara jogging to catch up with them. Instead of the braid down her back, she wore her long hair down with her hair loops in front. Instead of her jacket, she only wore her short sleeve tunic, with blue fingerless gloves and matching arm bands that went up to her elbows. She stopped and smiled, "What do you think?"

Aang looked at her, "Wow…you look beautiful."

Hakoda hugged his daughter, "I'm going to miss you so much Katara."

"I'll miss you too Dad, but I'll be fine," She looked over at her husband, "I have Aang to protect me."

Sokka and Yue quickly joined them and said their goodbyes to Hakoda. They got aboard the boat and waved goodbye as the boat slowly floated away from the Tribe. Aang noticed the tears beginning to form in Katara's eyes and hugged her from behind, kissing the top of her head as she held in her tears.

"What do you mean she married someone else?" He yelled as the messenger backed away. "Another Chief's Daughter got married? Who in the Spirits did she marry?"

The messenger read the letter again, "Um, it says here that she had married 'Avatar Aang' of the Jong-Mu Air Temple."


"It's the name of the Southern Air Temple."

He scowled, "I'm not letting some hippy Air person take away my chance at marrying into Royalty. You can go now." The messenger quickly exited. Hahn searched his gold sack and pulled out a hand full of coins, "This should be enough."