Floating on Clouds

Tara observed the puffy white clouds below her bare feet. What the hell's going on? She thought, standing there naked and confused. She looked all around her and saw nothing more than the baby blue sky and its white clouds.

"Hello?" she hollered and her voice echoed. "Hello!" she shouted again, listening to the rhythmic echo with a smile.

Hi Tara!

She quickly turned around and then she nearly gasped. It was Sookie and Pam, both naked with magnificent, feathery white angel wings. Each of them also had a shiny, golden halo above their heads. Tara found this strange, how could Pam and Sookie even qualify to be angels? "What's going on here?" she asked them in a demanding voice.

The two angels looked at one another and giggled.

"What's so funny?" Tara snapped.

They ignored her and Sookie began to smile, tapping Pam on the shoulder. Tag your it! She said playfully and then bounced over to another cloud. Pam giggled girlishly and started going after Sookie. Soon the two of them were bouncing from cloud to cloud, their breasts bobbling up and down as they did so.

"Come on guys cut it out this ain't pre-school" Tara said, putting her hands on her hips.

Once again she was ignored and the two angels kept playing their game. Sookie was finally caught and started chasing after Pam. Suddenly they stopped and looked at Tara from the clouds they stood on.

Come play with us Tara!

"Oh no!" Tara protested. The two angels looked at one another and then looked back at her grinning. They soon started flying towards her, giggling like little girls.

"I said no, dammit" she turned around and jumped to another cloud. She could hear their giggles getting closer so she jumped to another and then another. "Stop it!" Tara could still hear them giggling so she kept jumping.

Tara! Tara!

It was Pam shouting for her. "I said no dammit leave me alone!" Tara said as she continued jumping from cloud to cloud.

Dammit Tara wake the hell up!

Tara suddenly jerked awake and looked up at her maker, she had dosed off at the desk. It was just normal Pam standing before her.

"How could you just fall asleep? Get back to work!" the vampire demanded.

"I think I liked you better as an angel" Tara muttered.