Who Waits.

Time is love, gotta run,
Love to hang longer,
But I got someone who waits,
Waits for me and right now
She's where I need to be,
Time is love, gotta run

~ Josh Turner

Eddie Miller stepped out of Bobst and into the cool crisp December air. He had just finished his last exam and was ready to leave. He wasn't just ready to leave NYU or New York he was ready to leave the country. He had been counting the days till he would head back to England. The plan was for him to spend all of winter break there with his girlfriend, Patricia.

"Miller," he heard a voice yell behind him. He really wanted to ignore whoever it was and just head back to his dorm, grab his stuff and head for the airport. He knew however this wasn't an option.

"Joey. What," Eddie questioned, just wanting to get the conversation over with. He had a few hours before his original flight, but he thought he could possibly get an earlier one, so the goal was to head to the airport as soon as possible. It had been about four months since he had last seen Patricia in person.

"Well we're having a huge blowout party since most of us aren't leaving till tomorrow, and you better be there. Party starts in one hour."

"No can do Joey, going back to England remember?"

"Your flight doesn't leave till like 9 though, and the party starts at 5, come on.'

"Sorry, time is love. I have plans to see my girlfriend, its one party I'm sure there will be plenty when I get back next month."

"Fine go have fun with your girlfriend, but don't say I told you when you're bummed about missing this party."

"Bye Joey," Eddie sighed. He really wanted to blow out of New York as soon as possible. The long distance thing was hard. With the 5 hour time difference and school in the way, but they had been managing. Now they had an entire month to spend together, and he wanted to use every minute of it. They had lots of catching up to do. Eddie managed to make it back to his dorm without being stopped again. He crossed his fingers that his roommate would be gone so he could grab his bag and leave. It would be Eddie's luck however to find his roommate sitting at his desk, studying for once.

"Hey Dave, well I'm leaving."

"Where are you off to in such a hurry," Dave teased noticing Eddie grabbing the bag, he packed the night before, quickly from under his bed.


"Going to see the girl?"

"No I'm going to see my dad," Eddie rolled his eyes, he would see his dad so it wasn't a lie or anything. He just didn't plan on spending that much time with his dad.

"Your plane doesn't leave for like 3 hours."

"Sooner I get out of here the sooner I get back to England."

"You could just hang around here for a bit."

"No I can't. I need to be in England. As soon as possible."

"Okay well I have an exam tomorrow, see you next month," Dave said turning back to his book and notebook. Eddie raced out the door. He had a bus to catch to take him to the airport. If traffic was okay it would take an hour. He hoped it would only take an hour. Eddie pulled his phone out of his pocket and debated on calling her. She should be told if he managed to get an earlier flight but he wasn't sure if that would be the case, if it was he'd call her. His mind scrambled for something for him to do. His phone buzzed in his hand. He smiled at the name of the sender.

Oh look I'm being mushy via text. I miss you slimeball. Hurry back.

His response was sent quickly.

I'm on a bus headed for the airport, I'm going to see if I can get on an earlier flight.

After a few minutes her response appeared on his phone.

Crossing my fingers for you.

He decided against texting her back. Traffic was decent, and he had been on the busy for 30 minutes he figured he had another 45 till they reached the airport. He scanned his contacts for people he could possibly talk to. He knew that everyone else in Anubis wouldn't be done with school for Winter Break till the next day, he and Patricia had just gotten lucky and gotten out earlier, so talking to them was out of the question. He figured he could be social and talk to the man sitting across from him.

"So mister where are you heading," he asked the older gentleman sitting across the aisle from him.

"The airport. Catching a plane to Milwaukee, going to see my daughter and her family. What about you? Heading home?"

"Kind of. I'm going to England. I'm going to spend my winter break with some people I've missed, since I've been back in the states, and also my dad."

"You should keep those people close. What brought you back to the states anyways?"

"Getting into my dream school. I was afraid of leaving them behind though, I mean I had spent most of my life growing up here in New York. That was until I was 16 then going to boarding school in England, where I met these people, and my dad for the first time."

"You seem to have on particular person on your mind."

"Yeah, my girlfriend. I haven't seen her since August. I'm going kind of insane. I'm just ready to get out of New York and back to England."

"So you didn't have a dream school in England?"

"Ever since I was little I wanted to go to NYU, so when I got the acceptance letter. It wasn't any easy choice. Leaving England meant leaving people behind who become close family to me."

"So what was the final deciding factor into coming back?"

"My girlfriend actually, she became the only person not begging me to stay. She told me to follow my dreams, and we'd cross all those bridges as the game."

"Sounds like you got yourself a special young lady. Don't lose her."

"I don't plan on it sir," Eddie laughed slightly. He was glad he decided to talk to the old man. They carried on conversation until they finally reached their destination. Eddie headed one way to see if he could get an earlier flight. The old man headed another way to go check in and get ready to head to his family. He finally reached the front of line and was thankful to learn there was one open seat on the next flight. They were able to get the flights switched around and he was just able to make the flight. As he checked his bag he called Patricia to let her know he'd be in two hours earlier. He waiting anxiously for his flight to be called and when it finally was he jumped out of his seat excited to finally board the plane. Once on the plane Eddie found his seat, he was thankful to be in an aisle seat. He was also thankful the people he was sitting next to were already there. Eddie checked the time and decided he'd try to sleep and hopefully when he woke up he'd be back in England.

Patricia Williamson paced the floor of her apartment. She was nervous about seeing her boyfriend again. She really did miss him and hated admitting it. He was thankful he got an earlier flight which would be arriving in the next two hours. She was given the job of picking him up, which didn't surprise her, since he was staying with her well he was in England. She was looking forward to seeing him again, and catching up, in more ways then one. She decided that the pacing was only going to wear her out, she made herself some hot tea then sat down at her kitchen counter. She stirred her tea and found herself lost in thought. She eventually found herself pulled out of her thoughts by the blaring of her phone. It was an alarm she had set telling her to go pick up Eddie. She took a sip of her tea, saddened that it had gotten cold. She abandoned her mug and left for the airport.

Eddie pulled his bag off the carousal and scanned the crowds for his girlfriend. He finally saw her across the room, and it was in that moment time slowed down. She looked as beautiful as ever, hair twisted up out of her face, a baggy sweatshirt that was actually his, and a pair of ripped jeans. It was one of those moments the pair never thought they'd have. That cliché romance of that couple in the airport reuniting the first time. The girl running into his arms. It's what she did. Okay it wasn't a run more of a fast walk. As she snuggled into his chest he couldn't help but joke.

"We just became that cliché you know," he teased, content to have her in his arms again.

"We can deny it, it never happened," she smirked grabbing his hand ready to leave.

"I guess not," he smiled.

"We have catching up to do, and lots of it," she winked as they walked hand in hand to her car.

"Time is love, and for the next month we have plenty of time," he spoke in an almost whisper tossing his bag into the back of her car. They knew the month would fly by and he'd head back to England. It would only be a moment of time till they'd be reuniting again, but for now they planned to embrace every second they'd get together.

I'm sorry I'm tired and I was losing my muse and yeah. There will be more oneshots with the same like overall theme, hence the series of oneshots thing. I don't know when I'll write the next one but yeah. I'm going to bed now. Enjoy.