House Song

I'm a Slytherin
I am very rich
I'll go on a date
With whoever gets the snitch

~Ministry Of Magic (Kristina Horner)

Patricia glared at her iPod. It had stopped working suddenly leaving her with nothing to listen to. She could borrow Joy's but it would be filled with either the top 100 or weird music she had never heard of. She knew Joy's newest obsession was with He Is We. She liked a few of their songs but it wasn't really anything she wanted to listen to well attempting to do her homework.

She tried to think of who in the house she had similar music taste to. Her mind fell on Eddie. They had basically the same taste this summer. She also knew that because her current favorite on her iPod had actually been one his friend's bands, borrowing his iPod would've been the perfect choice. The thing is, they had broken up. She couldn't just go right up to him and ask him to borrow his music player. Well maybe she could? They were both cool with the break up? Well she wasn't. She regretted it, but that was beside the point at this current moment.

She finally managed to talk herself into asking Eddie to borrow his iPod. It shouldn't be that difficult to ask the ex boyfriend she still had feelings for if she could borrow is iPod right? She found herself standing outside the room he shared with Fabian. The new Sibuna headquarters. She missed the old Sibuna. Things were easier, but again that seemed to be more personal than the actual truth. Should she knock or just walk in? If they were still together, again her fault, she'd just walk it. She decided to knock and after a few seconds heard a faint come in.

"Hey Yac- Patricia," he caught himself. He tried to resist calling her Yacker. It had been her pet name, and since they were no longer together, he thought it'd be best to avoid the pet names.


"Did you want something or," he was feeling uncomfortable under her gaze. He'd do anything to be able to just kiss her, but seeing as they had broken up, it would be awkward.

"Uh yeah, my iPod broke and I was wondering if I could borrow yours," she said nervously.

"Yeah sure, just bring it back when you're done," he murmured pulling his iPod from his pocket, not bothering to say anything.

"Thanks," she added quickly. She left his room for the comfort of her own. She put the ear buds in and found the song she was looking for Thinking by Against The Current. Eddie had gone to school with them. Patricia had actually worried for a few days that he and Chrissy might have had something going on between them at one point. Those worries were pushed away when Chrissy referred to him as her brother. She made sure the iPod was set to shuffle and started work on her homework.

Songs passed by, and finally an unfamiliar song filled her ears. She let out a snort when she heard the song. She had to check what it was. He had a Harry Potter band on his iPod. She knew he liked to make Harry Potter references but wasn't aware, he actually liked it. Maybe he only had one song by the band. She checked and found multiple albums. This was gold to her. She made a note to tease him about it later. She decided she'd look through the rest of his iPod later, and finish her homework first.

She finally finished her homework and made her way back to his room. This time she didn't knock before entering she just went in. She tossed is iPod to him and planted herself on Fabian's bed.

"I didn't think you were actually a Potterhead."

"What," he questioned looking up from what he had been working on.

"You had all the Ministry of Magic albums, I looked it up."


"I just figured to own all of them you'd need to be Potterhead."

"Like you've never been a fan," he teased.

"I never saw the appeal. I mean I read the books, but never was like this is amazing," she sighed.

"Then you've never seen them with me."

"No I haven't."

"Tomorrow night after supper we can start a marathon,"

"It's a date," she claimed with a shy smile, standing up quickly to leave.

Fun fact: The people or a few of the people from Ministry of Magic, through a chain of separation know the cast. Luke knows Lulu who knows Ana. Also Joey, Meghan, and Cat who are friends with some of the people from MoM do interviews for Teen and were at the KCA's... So... Yeah...

Also ATC chain of separation. They do stuff with Alex Goot and Alex and Brad saw Alex Goot along with Boyce Avenue in concert.

I have no clue why my mind settled on Against The Current being Eddie's friends band... I guess it worked age wise? Plus they're the only Youtube music group I listen to that I could see Patricia listening to?

Also I love He Is We... Okay yeah... My music tastes are never ending...

Also in honor of me finishing the first Harry Potter, better late than never am I right? I'm gonna go start the second now...

Finally, they were watching the movies just as friends. Like yeah... I couldn't talk myself into having them be together again...