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They took off in the direction Momo's reiatsu was pounding throughout the night air. Ichigo pushed himself faster, needing to see her to believe it. If she got out—escaped—someone else had to of also.

"There!" Kira shouted, pointing ahead to a crumpled form laying on the ground.

"Is that you Izuru?" Momo strained to ask from the ground where she lay.

Kira and the rest of the group crowded around the wounded Momo, but only Kira and Toshiro fell to their knees in front of the girl.

"Yeah, it's me, Momo, hold on, we're going to take you to safety and heal you, okay?" Kira hurriedly said.

"No, my time is short, so you have to listen to me. Shiro-chan? Are you here? I—I can't tell," Momo's weak eyes looked around and it sounded like she was on the verge of tears.

"I'm right here, Momo, what is it, and what do you mean you don't have much time?" Toshiro didn't have it in him to tell the girl not to call him Shiro-chan. Not now, not when she was bleeding out into the street.

"Remember that summer, where Granny, you, and I were walking to the watermelon patch for the first time? Do you remember what game we were playing?"

Toshiro thought back to the first time he and his misfit family walked to the watermelon patch and remembered instantly, "Yes, I remember."

"Well, I think we should play in Hueco Mundo. What do you say?"

Toshiro's eyes widened in realization. "I think that's a great idea, Momo."

"Good, I hope you win." She then turned to Kira. "I hope you play also, Izuru because I really want you to win." Momo then finally turned away from the two men and looked around for the silver haired man that she was looking for.

"Captain Ichimaru," Momo weakly called, "Here. Rangiku told me to give you this and told me to tell you that she wants a new one when she gets back." Gin ran to the girl and grabbed the hand that was weakly raised.

Gently, she opened the hand to reveal pink material that was torn on the edges, but otherwise untouched.

"Ya tell Ran-chan I'll buy her as many as she wants." Gin closed his hand around the piece of fabric from Rangiku's sash and moved away from the weak girl.

"What about Allison? Is she okay?!" Renji demanded hoping to get some form of information from the girl before her time was up.

"She said to not worry and to hurry your ass up."

Toshiro's eyes widened at Momo's word choice. Even though they weren't her words, they still didn't fit coming out of her mouth. Renji chuckled, "That's my Allison."

"What about the others?" Ichigo felt it was his job to worry about the other women that were captured.

"We're all alive and kicking, but hurry and play the game. Shiro-chan will tell you how to win but…" her words were cut off as the same black ghost-like Hollows began swallowing her whole.

"MOMO!" yelled Kira as he tried to hold onto her.

"Tell them the game, Shiro-chan," was all that was heard before she disappeared.

"What game is she talking about Toshiro?" came Ichigo's questioning voice.

"We used to pretend that the girl was stuck in a castle kidnapped by Hollows, it was my job to save her," he answered.

"So she wants you to save her from Hollows in a castle in Hueco Mundo?" Ichigo replied confused.

"Las Noches" came Gins voice, "He has the girls in Las Noches."

"My thoughts exactly," replied Toshiro.

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