Title: Fuck You Like a Billionaire (1/2)

Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: NC-17 (Smut, anal + toys, packing)…and Fluff! (Cause I love you!)

Disclaimer: These characters are not my creative property

Summary: Anonymous asked you: prompt: swan queen anal sex + toys

A/N: First chapter is mostly fluff….Inspired by Peaches song "Billionaire." This is dedicated to Helebette.

It don't even matter: morning moon light

And in spite of all the bullshit we been through

I will continue to fuck you like I like

Lick that pussy just right! ~ Peaches, Billionaire

"You've displeased me, for shame!" Regina shook her head as she paced back and forth, but Emma could tell by the light in her eyes she wasn't exactly angry: Regina wanted something. She wanted something she couldn't bring herself to ask for outright, and so this was the routine they engaged in: Emma accepting a "punishment" (gladly) and Regina maintaining her pride. Emma had learned it was always best to play along rather than call her out. Putting a name to the game would result in actual anger. This little show was for promotional use only (not for resale).

"I'm sorry, you're right. I should have consulted you before I signed Henry's permission slip," Emma did her best to sound resolute and ashamed.

"Well, I accept," Regina breezily waved her hand through the air, "but of course, you will have to be punished as I see fit…tonight"

"Right, you'll punish me…heard that before," Emma wobbled her lips to ward away the smile that was threatening to break out. Regina's punishments were creative and weirdly sadistic, but not in a traditional way. Mostly, it was just so Regina could get her way without argument. Emma couldn't wait to find out what lay ahead.

"Should never have let her watch that Prom episode of 'Glee'…" Emma muttered as she struggled into the dress that Regina had waiting for her. After her 4pm hair appointment to get her "ringlets coiffed", nails polished, and make up done she was already regretting going along with Regina's whim. (A whim that was anything but, since Emma's various appointments had been booked, confirmed and paid for by Regina in advance.)

The dress was tight black satin, and she was already longing to get out of it before she had even put on the matching heels. Her punishment was a date with Regina; a fancy date at that. Who knew that Mr. Gold had a limousine rental service as one of his side businesses? The long black stretch was currently parked on the street and Emma was hurrying as best she could to get dressed and not keep Regina waiting.

The driver opened the door for her and she awkwardly crawled into the dark interior not used to navigating her space in a dress, (thighs together, Swan). And good god damned there was Regina: handing her a flute of champagne, smiling, and in black Tuxedo. Before Emma could catch her words Regina fashioned a red rose corsage to her wrist, which matched the boutonniere Regina had fastened to the breast of her suit. Emma smelled her rose and then leaned forward to share a kiss with her date. She was instantly struck by the pleasant smell of expensive men's cologne. Emma's throat went dry as Regina moved closer, their thighs touching as the limo drove off.

"You look..."

"Handsome?" Regina supplied tilting her head and smiling as if she was up to mischief.

"Yes," Emma breathed, although in her head it was more like an expletive squeal. Emma hadn't attended her high school prom on account of being knocked up and incarcerated, but even if she hadn't been she probably wouldn't have attended. Dancing slowly to "I'm Not in Love" with a sweaty palmed boy didn't strike a chord or have a place on her bucket list. However, Regina- a woman…her woman, dressed so fine and masculine and smelling so good in the back of a limousine was something she could definitely get on board with. Regina was always so mature and sophisticated in all the ways that Emma felt underdeveloped; this dynamic was actually what balanced the scales of their relationship.

Regina kissed her again, scratching lightly over Emma's chest, to feel her satin encased breasts. With devilish and deliberate intent, Regina took Emma's hand in her hers kissed her knuckles individually and then in a maddeningly slow manner led Emma's hand over her thigh and up. Emma's eyes widened as Regina laughed in that way of hers that sounded oh so cute and oh so evil.

"What's that?" Emma asked in faux innocence.

"My desire, dear," Regina said in her old school way that would have sounded super dorky were it anyone else. Emma kind of thought it felt like a rolled up scarf in all actuality, but she was in no position to contradict. If she played her card right she'd be in many positions come night's end.

Emma would have preferred to have dined at "Captain Jimbo's Bodacious Beef Buffet", but Regina insisted on the Crème de la Crème and so they were shown a table at "Cecaelia" a 5 star seafood restaurant.

All eyes were on the couple as they walked hand and hand through the restaurant to their seats. Regina acted the perfect gentlemen pulling out the chair for Emma and then seating herself. Emma fumbled over the menu items that were written in squibbly or some foreign language- ok, maybe it was English but a particularly flooty italicized font, either way- she didn't know what to order.

"Having fun so far?" Regina's voice was so low and seductive Emma couldn't hear her over the roar of blood rushing in her ears. She took her breath away. Emma bit her lip and squinted once more at the menu before confessing in a shameful huff, "I don't know what to order."

"Leave it to me," Regina reassured as the waiter came by to run through the specials.

"I would like the citrus ginger ahi tuna steak, cooked rare, with jasmine rice, and my dear will have the deep sea scallops with linguine. Thank you," Regina winked at Emma when the waiter nodded and exited, "Scallops are like…chicken nuggets of the sea, you'll like them."

Emma believed that she would like them, very much.

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