Summary: Anonymous asked you: prompt: swan queen anal sex + toy, packing.

Warnings: See prompt. Mature audiences only, duh. TW: may trigger orgasms. :)

Hush now baby don't you stress, I'm gonna fill your mommy complex – Peaches

Emma stretched her legs and followed Regina to her front door. Regina unlocked it and held it open, "Upstairs, wait for my instruction."

Regina had slipped into her disciplinarian mode quickly, but looking so unkempt and fresh-fucked lessened the impact of her orders. Emma bounded up the stairs eagerly and waited in Regina's bedroom. They could have gotten a hotel room to make the night complete but being that Regina's was much nicer than Granny's B&B (aka: "Storybrooke Hilton") was fine with Emma.

She couldn't wait to get out of her dress and heels and into bed. She kept the light off when she entered Regina's bedroom, standing in wait just next to the bed. She was already completely aroused from a mixture of going down on Regina and anticipation of what awaited. Regina stepped into the room carrying drink s. She confidently walked over to Emma looked her over, kissed her lips and handed her a glass of cider.

While Emma took a drink, Regina moved behind her and unzipped the satin dress, slowly pulling it down, letting her fingers linger over her back as she went. Emma raised her arms and as Regina unsnapped her bra. When she was just in her panties, (not a thong, but most of her ass was bare) Regina took her drink, and coaxed her down onto her stomach on the bed. Emma laid still, her arms at her sides, and turned her head to the left against the pillow. She could hear Regina moving around the room, but she couldn't see her.

She didn't feel nervous; she felt relaxed. She absently wondered if her punishment would be painful. Regina loved to torture her by prolonging her pleasure and teasing her, but not giving her release until Emma felt like the air had been knocked out of her and she'd willingly promise Rumplestiltskin a dozen babies if she was just allowed to cum.

She hoped that would be the case. She lost herself in the memory.

Emma heard the sound of clothing shuffling and the click of a latch. When she couldn't see her other senses were heightened, and not knowing what Regina was going to do made her hyperaware for clues. Then Regina kneeled on the bed behind her, bare legs brushing against hers. Hands were skimming the backs of her thighs. Emma felt the fabric of Regina's tuxedo shirt, so she knew that she had removed her pants, but kept her shirt. Emma wanted to turn over and look at her, but she kept still and relaxed letting her curves mold into the soft mattress.

Regina caressed her ass, toying with the slick material of her panties and squeezing her cheeks, pushing and kneading until Emma spread her legs wider. She felt cool air on her pussy, and held her breath in anticipation. Regina held her open, and Emma knew she was studying her. Regina loved to take her time just looking before she made any move to touch her. Emma always felt on display when Regina did this, but she no longer felt embarrassed. She felt revered and admired.

Without warning Regina smacked her ass cheeks, kneading them hard and then striking right and left alternating her hands. The shock of it caused Emma to kick her legs in reflex, but Regina held her down. The rippling sensation bore through her center and the hot sting on her cheeks spread like a wildfire. Regina relented, pausing undoubtedly to admire the red marks she had left. She heard Regina suck in a shuddering breath, and knew something big was next.

Regina stroked the length of her pussy, her finger sliding up her slit and further, her wet fingers danced over Emma's anus, applying the lightest pressure. Emma bristled at the touch. This was new. Regina had never touched her there before. Emma had never been touched like this. It felt different and extremely intimate, and Emma squirmed uncomfortably as Regina pressed firmly with her thumb.

Seeing her apprehension, Regina stopped. She stretched out beside Emma and wrapped her arms around her. She kissed her neck and stroked her hair to soothe her. Emma felt the love and trust emanating from her touch, and sighed contentedly. Whatever Regina wanted to do she knew it was with a strong interest in making Emma feel good and satisfied.

"Will you let me?" Regina spoke in low tones, and Emma gave permission instantly. This was supposed to be her punishment after all; Regina didn't need to ask. Emma had consented for Regina to take her any way she desired. Even when Regina indulged her own need for control and dominance, Emma felt completely cherished. They had a good thing going on, and Emma never had any complaints, just multiple orgasms.

Regina lifted her chin and searched her eyes. Satisfied with what she saw, she kissed her lips and gave her a tip, "Stay relaxed for me."

Regina slid off the bed, and moved around the room, fussing with things, and Emma focused on her breathing. When Regina settled behind her once more, Emma felt more confident and ready. She also felt the tip of a hard plastic cock on her thigh. Then she felt a generous smear of cool lube being applied around her anus. Regina stretched her with her finger, testing her ring of muscles, pressing in until she gave way. Regina was going slow and easy enough that it didn't hurt, it felt nice as the area was sensitive.

"I can't wait to fuck you," Regina delighted in Emma's responsive yet light squirms and shifting hips as her body accommodated the intimate intrusion of Regina's fingers. Emma was sure Regina was going to shove the dildo inside her ass and it was going to be a rude awakening. She'd always thought anal sex would hurt, but so far it was nice. Regina had an uncanny knowledge of Emma's body, and she knew exactly how much Emma could take and what would augment her pleasure.

It was a welcome surprise when Emma felt, not the cock attached to Regina's hips seeking entrance, but something smaller, a tear drop shaped toy. Regina had coated it in lube and then she eased it in, twisting just so until she could let go and the plug stayed in place. Emma stayed still, growing accustomed to the odd feeling of having something up her ass, but the shape and size of the toy was optimal and Emma found she felt full and every movement she made caused a warm blanketing feeling to encompass her nether regions.

Regina checked in with her, and Emma gave the affirmative that was all good, she actually did feel relaxed and Regina seemed to be having fun playing with her body like this. Regina leaned over Emma's back, lying on top of her, covering her body with her own as she rubbed the slick cock against her pussy. She swiveled her hips, causing the dildo to rub slow endorphin releasing circles around and down her cunt, while her belly against Emma's ass made the toy inside her wiggle just a bit, opening her up to new waves of concordant carnality.

Regina greedily searched out Emma's opening and guided the dildo inside, groaning in satisfaction as she ground into her and felt her pussy stretch and take it in. From this angle, flat on her stomach and Regina's weight on top of her, with her pussy and ass stuffed, Emma felt completely filled. She cried out, rubbing her face into the pillow overwhelmed by the feeling. Regina pulled back almost all the way she felt the loss immediately until Regina pushed back in, loving the second plunge just as much as the first.

Going slow and steady, working Emma up and bringing her back down, Regina teased and fucked her with a slow and erratic rhythm. Sometimes pushing in all the way and something giving her short shallow thrusts that hit Emma's g-spot, but it was a hard position to maintain, and Regina felt her lower back strain, her breath was hard to keep even, and her arms quivered from trying to hold herself up. Regina sat back on her knees, urging Emma to lift her ass up, but keep her head down. Emma spread her legs, sticky lube and arousal running down her inner thighs. Regina got up on her knees, pulling her hips close and started to really fuck her.

Emma gasped with each sharp thrust, and Regina no longer worried about being gentle. Emma was hot, her nerve endings crackling and all parts of her ready to receive. Emma pushed back to meet her hips. Regina fucked her harder still, Emma became more animated with her counter movements, crying out louder, partially because it felt good and she couldn't' help herself and partially because she knew Regina loved it when she screamed. Regina held her ass, slapping and jiggling her as she fucked.

Emma was ready to cum; she couldn't wait much longer as she felt her ass squeeze the toy inside, the thin membrane separating the dildo, chugging inside her, from the stationary toy, felt insanely hot. Her pussy was being ravished, and Emma's head buzzed with her intense need, "Come on, harder!"

Regina obliged, intensifying her thrusts. She was panting and squeaking in a way that suggested she was getting close, her pace frantic, and her hands kept slipping off of Emma's ass as she grew distracted by the rush of ecstasy happening between her own legs. In an effort to wring every bit of pleasure from Emma possible, Regina grabbed her trusty little bullet vibrator, turning it up to full blast and rubbing it without warning to Emma's neglected clit.

"Oh, Fuck!" Emma's body acted as if she had been electrocuted, jolting and shaking uncontrollably. The vibrator triggered a huge orgasm that she could feel from the tips of her toes to the top of her head, radiating in a powerful wave like a sonic boom. Her clit was jumping, ass muscles convulsing as she came and came with no end in sight. Regina stole back the vibrator for herself, her hand slipped under her harness and cock to get to her own clit, while the dildo was still buried in Emma's pussy. The beauty of Emma cumming set Regina off, she was so aroused and feeling proud of herself for orchestrating Emma's monumental orgasm. She drew pleasure from giving Emma hers.

Finally, Emma pulled away and spread out on her stomach. She felt thoroughly exhausted, and spent, her pussy dripping cum and lube, her muscles relaxed and sated. Regina cleaned her up with a towel, taking great care to gently remove the anal plug, and wipe her down. Emma muttered her thanks, her numb feeling uncoordinated as if even her face had been affected by her orgasm. Regina slid in next to her, the bedspread was damp with sweat, and Regina kissed Emma's shoulder and cheek. Emma looked up into her eyes, smiling through her fatigue and afterglow haze.

She cradled her face and kissed her lips, and asked teasingly "So when do I get my real punishment?"

"All in good time."