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CHAPTER 2: Meeting the Rikkai Regulars



The bell rang, signalling that it was their recess. As soon as the professor went out the door, the students stood and basically ogled Ryoma and Seichi. But most went to Seichi, unsurprisingly, since a few people finally recognized who he was- and did not bother hiding it.

"Yukimura! Are you related to that Japanese business tycoon based in England?" A hyperactive lad asked Seichi really shamelessly, but the trained Yukimura only smiled.

"He's my father."

Impressed 'OH!'s echoed within in the room, and Ryoma sighed and proceeded looking outside the window. She ignored the few girls (many of which couldn't even go near Seichi due to his popularity) who were pushing each other to try and approach her.

She abruptly stood up, making them flinch. "E-Echizen-san?"

"I'll go get a drink." She stated dismissively, and walked away.

Then she paused and shifted her gaze to Seichi. 'Maybe he'd want one, as well.' But she saw a few girls offering him a drink already. She tilted her head.

'Did he ask for one?' She wondered pretty sure she never heard him say anything (she could recognize his voice anywhere) but seeing he was already being taken of (and no hostile atmosphere sensed whatsoever), she shrugged and headed to wherever she was going before. At the door, she saw those two boys from before that really stood out. They were just sitting in their seats, passively staring at her. She looked at the alternatively, and they to her.

She sighed. "Where's the nearest vending machine?"

It was the one with eternally closed eyes who answered, monotonously."Out the door. Left. 10 meters."


*Barely a minute later*

Tap Step Tap

Ryoma sighed (again). "Are you following me?"

Normally she wouldn't say anything and just ignore these two. But there was something about them that shouted 'we're observing you'.

Bloody Bastards

"We're going to get drinks ourselves." The bespectacled guy, who politely introduced himself as Yagyuu, stated as a matter-of-factly.

"Hm." She shrugged (well, sort of) and headed to the said vending machine.

Step Step Step

Ryoma twitched. On their way, they met a few people who were running towards their classroom. She heard about them muttering excitedly about a famous kid transferring in and she shook her head in disapproval at how quickly gossip spread.

"90% chance that the observers will increase by two folds by the Lunch time." She twitched. Seichi was used to attention, but they were home-schooled for the past 2 years. She'd have to ask him what he'd want to do.

"It is interesting that we are receiving much less attention than we used to get." It was the guy who said the percentages. She suddenly found it odd that she believed him so quickly.

"I'm surprised you cared." She said, semi-still thinking about her last train of thought.

"I don't. I just didn't think it would happen."

Yagyuu smirked. "Touche."

It was then that they simultaneously stared at the young boy, who seemed to be oblivious that he was the one they were speaking about. They were used at people staring at them as they passed the hallway, it was just that the attention was mostly on him. And they didn't think it was because of his height.

Speaking of heights…

"Pardon the rude implications of my question, but are you our age?"

Ryoma looked at him, soon stopping by the vending machine. "No."

"I see…" Yagyuu said but didn't ask any further questions. The boy then shifted his gaze towards his companion, who had been silent for a few steps prior- not that it was out of normalcy, but this kid was quite interesting. Yagyuu thought Yanagi was looking for ways to get his data.

And he soon realized that Yanagi really was. But it seemed like the boy noticed it as well.

"What is with you?"


"It's disconcerting to observe people like that, you know." Ryoma said guardedly.

"You noticed?" Yanagi voiced out, impressed. It wasn't everyday his inconspicuous analyses were discovered. He wondered why the boy did…

"What is your relationship with the bocchan?" He asked bluntly, sensing it would answer his question. To his surprise, it was answered pretty easily.

"I'm his bodyguard." The boy said straight-forwardly and whipped his head towards the machine. The boy's eyebrows met at the sight of the options. "I have never seen these drinks before…"

Yagyuu looked at him and sighed. "What types of drinks do you like in England?" She answered 'juice'.

"I suggest Ponta, then." Yanagi said out-of-nowhere. Surprising him. Yagyuu was about to suggest the same thing, though. So he shrugged in the end, and a minute later they got themselves their respective drinks. He took a cocoa, while Yanagi drank tea.

It was then that the boy's expression suddenly changed. Echizen seemed to have had a pleasant surprise with his new drink, but he was quick to hide it. They weren't really taken aback, since they too were quick to compose themselves. It was just that the boy looking pleased got kind of engraved in their heads…

The raven-haired boy stared at them basically for staring at him. "Why are you interviewing me, again?"

"We found both of you interesting characters." Yagyuu initiated. "But Yukimura was too approachable that we couldn't approach him. We decided to deal with you instead."

"Ah." Ryoma puffed. Now that he mentioned her master, her line of thought returned to what might happen later at lunch. She paused and stared at Yanagi.

"Is your data accurate?"


Yagyuu stared at the boy's pondering stance. And being the 'gentleman' that he was, even to fellow men, he smiled and offered her his help.

"What could be bothering you?"

"My boss. I don't think he'd like that much attention." He said. "Who would, anyway?"

"Marui and Kirihara would."


"Our teammates." Yanagi said, interrupting Yagyuu yet again (not that it mattered, but still).

Yagyuu cleared his throat, a little amused. "Would you like to come with us this lunch? We eat at a relatively private space."

He stared at them in comprehension. And after a few long seconds of thinking, he finally nodded. "He'd like that."

And they returned to their respective classrooms.


At the edge of school, existed a beautiful garden next to the green house used for academic purposes. Both were donated by Yagyuu's family so they were free to use either one. But since the gardens were also used by the gardening club, they always ate in the green house instead- which was (unofficially) reserved for them during lunch.

But despite the beautiful naturalistic environment inside, the interior was teeming with unsophistication.

"LET THAT CAKE GO." Marui gritted his teeth and glared at his raven-haired Kohai. Kirihara grinned and held the cake up, using the marble seating as a standing platform.

Marui frowned and attacked him. Kirihara was quick so he managed to avoid him, skilfully running across the thin marble seating.

But then the door opened, revealing two of their senpais… and a very familiar-looking bluenette.

"I-It's you!" Kirihara exclaimed pointing the hand with the cake to him, soon letting it fall to the ground. Marui soon found his head in the floor in an attempt to catch it.


Marui was turning redder than his head.

Yukimura though, who seemed oblivious to what happened, tilted his head in feign innocence and looked at Kirihara. "Pardon?"

"Don't tell me you don't remember me now, princess."

"Now, Kirihara, don't be rude." Yagyuu's glasses glimmered making Kirihara shiver. There was something about the gentleman being embarrassed with his antics in front of a guest.

"This is Yukimura Seichi." Was all he said, coolly, but Kirihara knew he might as well see hell. But being who he was, that haughty attitude would rather not falter during the all-important introduction.

"Kirihara. Kirihara Akaya. The future number one player in Jap-"

He was cut off by an abrupt, and intense, burning person behind him.



"M-Marui-senpai! Calm down!"

"H-How can I calm down you freaking seaweed brain!?" He yelled, and strangled him. As a crime of passion took place, Marui turned to a certain direction by coincidence. Marui immediately felt silent and his hold on Kirihara softened considerably.

"Pretty…" he voiced out loud, blushing. Most of them could not help but feel embarrassed for the cake-lover.

But mostly they felt excited… on how he was going to react once he found out.

"Senpai." Kirihara grinned sheepishly, about to tell him. When he felt huge hands cover his mouth. His eyes twitched and looked at his silver-headed senpai.

"Quiet." Niou said slyly. "You don't want him to attack you, right? You forget his mood before this."

Kirihara gulped.

But his nervousness transformed to well…, deviousness, when Niou whispered something interesting.

A second later both of them were whispering suspicious things on Marui's ears, making him pump up in anticipation.



"What did you say?" Yagyuu's glasses shimmered again, while the Yanagi remained silent- interested on how much data he would get. Jackal just sighed and returned to staring blankly at the plants.

But before they knew it, Marui was in front of Yukimura blushing like hell. Yagyuu sighed. They probably told him he was single (and looking for a lover) or something…

"Ojousama, I am Marui Bunta. I-It's a pleasure to meet you." He stuttered. They just knew he would not look at the "lady's" chest area and even when he did, his brain would probably not register it.

He was head-over-heels.

Yukimura though, remained admiringly calm and smiled… holding Marui's hand.

The boy flushed like hell, while the others stared in anticipation. Even Jackal, but hell he'd admit that.

"I-I-I-" But he was cut off… by Yukimura placing his hand on his chest.


"See?" the man smiled, and Yagyuu couldn't help but feel the sadism behind it. The move somehow reminded him of the odd antics of Seigaku's Fuji Syusuke.

He smirked at the events, so he didn't notice that Yukimura was more annoyed than he anticipated. He didn't notice since the atmosphere about him was the same for quite a while now. Looking closely, he realized that the boucchama was not in a good mood even before Marui's rude confession.

Speaking of Marui...

"O-Ojouchan! What c-could this mean?"

"It means you're gay." The bluenette smiled, somewhat sending shivers into a their spines. Marui, though, interpreted it differently.

"I am?"

Yukimura sighed.

And after a few moments of lag, Marui's love-sick brain finally absorbed everything circumstances seemed to have hid from him.

He fainted.


"PWAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!" It was Niou, soon joined by Kirihara.


He was cut off when he caught Yukimura staring at him. "Ah. I remember now. You're the boy from the entrance." the bocchama chuckled as if nothing happened, but it still reeked of annoyance despite its angelic sound. If he didn't know any better, Kirihara would say he opened the topic up because he was annoyed.

It was then that Kirihara suddenly looked behind him, remembering what thoughts had been annoying him these past few hours. "Aren't you with another (impertinent) boy?"


Yagyuu flinched. "Ara?"

Yanagi remained his usual stoic self as he muttered things. "He got separated from us some minutes ago."

"You noticed?"

"I thought it was interesting how he just disappeared."

Yukimura sighed, impassive. "He probably got lost again."

Yagyuu looked at him sceptically. "And he's your bodyguard?"


"Bodyguard?" Kirihara said. Well it made sense, so he shrugged it off. He then shifted his gaze towards his unconscious senpai and laughed boisterously again.


Kirihara blinked at the sound and saw Niou was having the honors of taking the photos. Kirihara gave him a thumbs-up and they cackled like the maniacs that they could be.

Ignoring the two, as always, Yanagi proceeded looking around as Yagyuu introduced the team."Where's Sanada?"

"He said he'd do some last minute checking of council papers or something. He said we should just go ahead." It was Jackal, obviously. "I think we should wait though. If it's alright with our guest." He added, as principled as always.

"Of course." The bluenette just smiled and decided to wonder around the garden. "May I walk around? Gardening is one of my hobbies."

Yagyuu nodded. "Would you like me to accompany you?" He smiled.


"Very well." The bespectacled boy uttered, and slightly raised his hand to lead the way.

A surprising amount of species was in that garden, making Yukimura's mood slightly better. Besides, it was interesting- this place and the people. He felt so… normal among these students, and he really liked it. Even Yagyuu, he knew, was not treating him that differently- as odd as it might sound.

His mood, though, was still particularly unnerving simply because of his bodyguard's… incompetence.

Yukimura had noticed he was gone ages ago- back when they were still in the building. But he knew he wasn't supposed to. Ryoma had always been inconspicuous- the boy would rather hide his presence. The fact that he… avoided looking at him helped that.

So he wasn't even supposed to notice he wasn't there anymore.

He looked out the window curtain. Ryoma barely got lost before because he always followed him around. He frowned at the implications of that thought.

What was that boy doing?

Suddenly losing sight of him like that…


Ryoma's eyes twitched. Where the hell was she?

Due to the people who were trying to follow them (and she glared at them from time to time), she seemed to have lost her three companions.

She was still inside the building, making sure she was as unapproachable as possible. There was just one time that she asked for help asking where this 'greenhouse' was, and she was sure she followed their instructions. Right?

A green house was nowhere in sight. That person probably told her the wrong directions.

She huffed.

She felt a surge of anxiety pass through her. What would Seichi say? Did he even notice she was already gone?

She hurriedly stomped across the corridors.


The next thing she knew, dozens of copy papers floated around the air like snowflakes.

She heard a sigh and a large hand offering help. "No thanks." She said passively, and effortlessly stood by herself. Her golden eyes met stern ivory ones, and they stood there in silence- ignoring the mix of anxious stares and squeals that surrounded them.

Of course, Ryoma knew when to apologize. "Gomen." She said, and gestured to get the papers before any of them flew too far.

"Hm." Was all the man said and joined her.

As they picked the sheets up, they really thought that was the last time their presences would intertwine.

Oh how wrong they were...

For a few minutes later, they found that they ended up inside the student council's room- alone- still arranging the papers to their right order.

"I didn't ask you to do this."

"You didn't have to." Sanada nodded at the boy's answer. It was a given to do so anyway, and Sanada didn't quite mind the silent company.

In fact, he kind of liked it.

There was yet another long moment of silence between them, which didn't come unexpectedly of course. Neither of them were the talkative type and when doing things like this they normally would prefer being alone.

But somehow the presence of the other was oddly comfortable.

"I see you're abnormally organized." The boy commented, making Sanada flinch. In these cases, he thought people would ask why he was working alone during lunch time or at least they would beat around the bush to compliment his over-compulsiveness.

"I am." Was all he said, but when all the boy did was nod. Sanada found himself wanting to speak. "Are you not going to eat lunch? I can do the rest myself."

"Nah. I'm not really hungry." Ryoma muttered, trying to hide the fact that she got lost. "Besides, it's kind of interesting to see official paperwork."

"You don't need to lie to me." He said automatically and she blinked at him- making them gape at each other. She let out a low, reflexive, chuckle that kind of sounded like music-

Sanada's eyes jerked at the last thought.

Ryoma though, remained oblivious to the twitching. "That obvious, eh?" She uttered, pertaining to her lie. She was smiling.

Sanada raised a brow, masking the amusement from the pit of his stomach. "That... surprising that it was?"


Sanada found a smile climb up in his face as well, and he arranged his papers looking down on the pile to hide it.




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