Baroness stood regally before Cobra Commander as he examined the objects she had presented to him. She knew better than to show her nervousness while in the presence of the commander, Cobra was not one to tolerate weakness in his subordinates.

"Baroness," Cobra's single red eye suddenly focused on the lone woman standing before him, sending a cold chill down her spin. He was not pleased with what she had brought him, she could tell by the tone of his voice alone. "Do you expect me to believe that this," He angrily held up one of the objects, "will rid me of my foes? This is nothing more than a tranquilizer dart! Do you take me for a fool, Baroness?!"

Yes and a madman.

"Allow me to explain, commander," Baroness requested calmly, not batting an eye at her superiors outburst. Taking one of the darts from the small collection on Cobra's desk, Baroness held it up for him to better examine it. "These are no ordinary darts, Commander. In one of these darts is a lethal poison that, once injected, will slowly and very painfully kill its victim."

"A poison, Baroness," Cobra growled, livid, "You expect me to believe that after failing to destroy those accursed Joes with most advance weapons and technology systems on this whole planet, you expect me to believe that a simple poison will accomplish what years of technical advancement could not?"

"Perhaps we have been looking at this the wrong way, sir."

Single eyebrow raised in surprise, Cobra sat back in his chair, suddenly intrigued. "Go on."

"It has been said that the answer to a complicated problem can be solved by using a simple solution. We saw how effective the Anaconda Strain was in thwarting those Joes. They may have been able to prevent the virus from spreading its carrier, but we have determined that they were unable to completely cure Dr. Schnurr of the virus. The Joes do not have the equipment or medical knowledge needed to properly treat poison, and since the Joes are wanted criminals they would not dare to seek medical help from professionals lest they risk being apprehended by the authorities."

"Hmm, an interesting proposition, Baroness, but you mentioned that only one of the darts is filled with the lethal ejection. Is there more to this plan than simply poisoning our Joes?"

"It is purely psychological," Baroness was quick to answer. "The Joes have developed a strong bond with each other. By only poisoning one of the Joes, we force the others to watch them die in the slowest, most painful, way imaginable. They will do anything to save their comrade, even walk into an obvious trap for the promise of an antidote. This allows us the opportunity to capture the other Joes after they witness the death of one of their own, overwhelmed with the knowledge that they failed to save their comrade they will be too emotionally unstable to resist us. They will be at your complete mercy, commander."

Smiling cruelly behind his mask, Cobra rose to his feet. "This greatly pleases me, Baroness. I trust that you already have everything prepared and ready to initiate this plan of yours?"

"Yes commander, I have already informed Storm Shadow, Destro, and Mindbender of their roles, and they are ready to carry out their assigned jobs. All we need is your permission to continue."

"Very good," Cobra nodded. "You have my permission to use my resources needed to complete this task. I expect this plan to be a complete success, Baroness. You know what the repercussions will be should you fail me again."

"Of course, commander," Baroness nodded, quickly collecting the darts and leaving Cobra's office to begin their plan.

Watching Baroness leave with cruel amusement, Cobra turned his gaze to the monitor screen on his desk. On the screen where military photos taken of the four renegade soldiers who had made it their mission to expose Cobra and his organization's true face to the world. Normally when Cobra would look at the photos he would be overtaken by his anger and hate for them, but this time he only felt amusement when he looked at their unsuspecting faces. This time he would win.

Chuckling quietly, Cobra turned his back to the photos. "Soon I will be rid of you pests, and the best way to kill annoying rats is to use rat poison. They never see it coming."


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