'There's Harry Potter!' The boy with the lightning scar dodged among the trees, desperate to throw those Death Eaters off his tracks. Things had gone to hell when Narcissa announced that he wasn't dead - he couldn't bloody lie to the woman, after all, Draco was really dead. Harry shook his head to get those inages out of his mind. Those falling rubble, the crushing stones, the blonde's insistent shouts of 'Go!', as the younger ones who couldn't make it out earlier fled through the secret tunnels.

Harry couldn't help but wonder about death. How was death? Not the one he had experienced, he hadn't died. What would his own true death be? Some kind of sacrificial magic to being down tunnels, like Draco? Some peculiar portal like Sirius? Some animal attack, like Snape? A murder, like Dumbledore, or an accident? A killing curse, like those that had littered his past?

Mulciber and Dolohov were on his trail. Curses flew atop his head, but he had to get back to Hogwarts. To tell them to be ready. To make those sacrifices count.

As much magical power Harry had, he wasn't that good at experience. A strong incarcerous wrapped around his legs, and he toppled onto the ground. Mulciber caught up not long after that. 'Ickle Potter, you've escaped death once, not twice! Dolohov, the spell!' Harry fought against his bonds, but Mulciber wrapped another Incarcerous on his wrists. 'No where to hide.' He sneered. Meanwhile in the background, Dolohov egan chanting in Latin. Harry wished he had learnt the language - at least he would have known what the Death Eaters were trying to do to him. 'What, scared?' Mulciber mocked. Harry spat on him.

The thing was, Dolohov stumbled along the words, which earned a kick from Mulciber, making Dolohov stumble more. Then there was an uneasy tug on the navel.

So when the spell activated… they weren't where they were supposed to be…

'Ow.' Harry muttered. Rubbing his head where it had hit on a branch- branch? He sat up quickly. His bonds were gone, and he spotted Dolohov and Mulciber lying on a side. Dolohov seemed to have hit his head on a rock, the blood seeping out. Harry gulped. Where the bloody hell was he? He wasn't in Malfoy Manor, that he could be sure. But was he still in the Forbidden Forest? Sunlight filtered in from among the canopy. It was still nighttime- he fishe out his temporary wand, Draco's wand, and cast a Tempus. 3:40 pm. 'Afternoon? He mouthed to himself.

He stood up on shaky legs to flee, but that exact moment Mulciber woke up. 'Bloody hell!' he shouted, and spran up to his feet. 'Dolohov!' He stalked over to his fallen comrade. 'Huh, dead.' Mulciber snorted. He gave the body a ruthless kick.

Harry edged out cautiously. If he was lucky, he could get away before Mulciber noticed.

Dolohov's hands twitched. Apparently Mulciber noticed it too, because he leaned in. 'Wake up, sleepy head.' He growled directly on Dolohov's face.

Then- then- Dolohov raised his head, and sank his teeth into Mulciber's neck.

Harry almost screamed. Almost. He was rooted to the spot as Dolohov rose and knocked Mulciber to the ground, Mulciber's wand rolling out of reach. He watched as Dolohov tore a chunk of flesh out of Mulciber's shoulder, and the man screamed. As for Dolohov- Harry wasn't even sure if he was human anymore.

Another man emerged from the trees, but he was walking in some funny way, like he was limping. 'Help!' Mulciber cried, but it came out all gurgled as he drowned in his own blood.

The man- no, the skeleton, fell on Mulciber, tearing at his robes and his stomach. Mulciber's screams fell short as his guts spilled out.

'Help.' Harry said weakly. Then he fled.

Those were Inferi, Harry guessed as he fled downhill. But they were no Inferi. There wasn't anyone around to raise them, for example Dolohov. He just died- and- turned.

He finally burst free on a sunlit road. 'Where the heck am I.' He mouthed. It was then did he register someone else's presence there. He turned, to see around eleven pair of eyes, four guns, and a crossbow pointed at him. So these Inferi knew how to use a gun and- 'Is he human?' Someone said. It was a man who seemed to be the leader of the group, with a muggle police suit. His accent- he wasn't British. 'Of course I am!' Harry spat. He wa in no mood to be pleasant. 'Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?'

'What's your name? What happened?' They didn't seem to like putting down their weapons. These questions came from the man with the crossbow. 'The name's… Draco Riddle.' He bit his tongue mentally. Everyone could see from his hesitation that that wasn't his true name, but he wasn't going to just say his name to a bunch of strangers.. 'I just saw a man hit his head on a rock, die, than tore his best friend apart.' He spat. He didn't exactly know if Mulciber and Dolohov were best friends, but that didn't matter.

'Were you bitten? Or scratched?' A blonde lady asked. 'By the Inferi? No.'

'Inferi?' Another younger, blonde lady questioned. 'That's what we called them… but these aren't regular Inferi…' Harry trailed off. So they were complete muggles.

'You've met regular Walkers?' An old man atop a huge car asked. 'Walkers? Funny name. Yeah, they don't roam around- there's always someone to control them. Fire scares them as well.'

'I don't think we're talking about the same sort here, kid. Fire attracts the walkers, so do sound and light.' The leader said.

The sun was beating mercilessly on his skin, and he haven't had a drink in ages! He licked his parched lips.

'Come on, let the poor kid in. He's gonna collapse anytime. We can continuete interrogation anytime.' the crossbow man said. The weapons were finally lowered, and crossbow man came up. Harry took a step- and collapsed.