When Rachel got to her school that day, she had her permission form in one hand, with her side bag going over her side and she was surrounded by her friends who were also going on the trip to learn about the two accidents of McKinley town, one of which her brother Kol Ulmer and her sister Erin Ulmer were both killed in. She just got through the class room door when the bell rang to let the students know that school had began, there she handed the permission form over to her teacher Mrs Anklebee and sat in her seat next to her friends.

"Right class, today we are going on the trip to see the McKinley memorial stones, to learn how these two stones got in to the towns history, I also understand if Rachel Ulmer and Jake Pendragon, walk away after a while, so class this is our helper today, Mr Flashade" said Mrs Anklebee get ready to walk her class to the coach that would take them to the memorial stones and the newly built museum deadicated to the people who had died in the North Bay Bridge collapse, Flight 180 Explosion, Route 23 Pile up, Devil's Flight Derailment and the McKinley Speedway Crash.

"Okey class, listen up, i'm going to read out the names of the partners that you will have to stay by while on this trip" shouted Mrs Anklebee so she could get her classes attention, when she read out the names of who was going to be sitting with who on the coach and be sticking by each while they were on the trip. Then she lead the her class to the place where the coach was waiting, she lead them from in front and Mr Flashade followed behind them to make sure none of the students left the line. then when they got to the coach and got on, they left to go to the memorial place.

when they got there, they saw two big stones infront of a building that had construction work going on it, they got off the coach and walked up to the stones and Rachel looked at the Devils flight Victims one along with Jake Pendragon and then Mrs Anklebee pointes at her to read the Devils flight victims memorial stone out, she took a deep breath and started to read

"Here the memories lye of those who perished when the Devils Flight rollercoaster derailed and the survivors who died in unusal accidents there after, may we hope they have now found peace, the memories of Jason Wise, Carrie Dreyer, Julie Christensen, Perry Malinowski, Amber Regan, Kevin Ficsher, Kol Ulmer, Erin Ulmer, Ian McKinley, Lauren Casadie and Sarah Connanly" when she had finished reading out the writing on the memorial stone, she wiped away the tears in her eyes and walked over to Jack and the rest of her hands, the someone else was chosen to read out the other memorial stone, Rachel and her friends listened to Rose Macison read the other writing on the other stone out,

"Here Lyes the memories of those who's lives were lost at the McKinley Speedway accident and the survivors who lives were lost there after in unexplained accidents we all hope that they have now found peace, the memories of Nick O'Bannon, Lori Milligan, Janet Cunnigham, George Lanter, Samather Lane, Andy Kezwzer, Hunt Wynosrki, Carter Daniels, Nadia Monroy and Jonathon Groves" when she had finished reading what the memorial stone said she went back over to Matt Wilson and started to laugh, then the whole class went inside the building to learn about all five of the accidents.

the first door the class went through lead to North Bay Bridge accident victims and the survivors who died in odd ways after, Sam, Molly, Nathan, Roy, Agent Block, Candice, Olivia, Peter, Dennis, and Isaac, when they went through the next door they ended up in the Flight 180 Accident room, it said what happened to the plane and who the survivors were who died in weird accidents, Alex Browning, Clear Rivers, Carter Horton, Billy Hitchcock, Valarie Lewton, Terry Chaney, and Tod Waggner. when they went through the next door they noticed the wall on the far side had a hugh crack on it, the room they went in to was the one for the Route 23 Pile up and the room to all victims and the survivors who died after the accident, Kimberly Corman, Thomas Burker, Engene Dix, Rory Peters, Kat Jennings, Nora Carpenter, Tim Carpenter and Evan Lewis, the next room they went in to, had scaffholding holding up one of the walls and this was the room that upset both Rachel Ulmer and Jake Pendragon the most as it was to the Devil Flight accident victims and the survivors who died after in unusal accident, Wendy Christensen, Kevin Ficsher, Julie Christensen, Amber Regan, Perry Malinowski, Lauren Cassadie, Sarah Connanly, Kol Ulmer, Erin Ulmer and Ian McKinley, Rachel sayed glaring at the pictures of Ian Mckinley, Erin Ulmer and Kol Ulmer as she had knew them best of all and missed them even know it has been four years since they died. then she went to the next room with Jake, this one was to the accident that happened the year before the McKinley Speedway accident, the survivors like the rest of the accidents died in strange ways afterwards, Nick O'Bannon, Lori Milligan, Janet Cunnigham, George Lanter, Samather Lane, Jonathon Groves, Carter Daniels. Andy Kewzer, Nadia Monroy and Hunt Wynoski.

then suddenly there was a loud cracking noise and the roof began to cave in Killing Rose Macison and some of the other sudents along with Mr Flashade, then Matt Wilson trip over something and was crushed to death when the statue of from Mt Alabama hight skull fell on him, then Sammy was running towards a door put was electricuted by the fally chandaleia, where as jack ran straight to the fire exit but was impaled several times some flying metal pieces, Arya was running with Alex to get out of the building before it complete collapsed by were trap from all sides then suddenly the water pool from North bay, collapsed and head straight to the bowl area where Arya and Alex were trap, drowning them, then Carrie was suddenly shot by the gun of Officer Thomus Burke, then when Zack was running to get out of the he was decapitated by a metal wire that was swinging around in the North bad Bridge room, then finally Jake and Rachel were running down the corridor when blood suddenly splattered on Jake, Rachel had been shreaded by the glass room when it shattered and then Jake was pinned to the floor by other pieces of glass with no way to escape and then the large from of with the Picture of Ian and Erin together fell through the wall and biscepted him.

"We have to get out of her, the building is going to collapse with all of us inside" said Jack to Rachel, Sammy, Alex, Arya, Zack Jake and Carrie, they ran out the building together as a mini group and was followed by Rose and Matt, then suddenly the building collapsed just a Jack had seen killing everyone inside of it, including the Class they were with and the two teachers,

"We were all supposed to die in that collapse" spoke Jack surprised at what he had just saw, surrounded by his friends woundering if it was the samething that killed his girlfriends brother and sister and what killed Jakes half brother.