when Jake left the house that morning he knew or rather had a feeling that he wouldn't return home, he saw the dream as a vision as to what was going to happen, so he got dressed, went down stairs got breakfast, brushed his teeth, got his car keys, went to his car and drove to the memorial where the ruin of the museum which caused the whole thing was and where the five stones, were the museum one now with Alex and Rachel's name on them, he repeatidly read the devils flight one and the museum collapse one, then the was a cold woosh of wind go past him, he looked around and remember that was Jack said he felt when he had the premonition of the collapse.

"Jake" said a whispering voice from beside him, but when he looked around there was no one where just him,

"Don't do this" said the whispering voice, Jake recongised the voice this time

"Rachel, im not doing what you think, i just want to remember you, all of you" replied Jake, then he walked in to the ruinings of the museum and heared Rachels voice again

"I love you always and forever" she said, and at that Jake smiled that she was kinda haunting him but still loved him even in death

"Live you life for all of us" said another voice, it was Ian trying to tell his brother to live a long and happy life in the memory of all of them.

"Run" said another, this time the voice was not of Rachel or Ian but Erin trying to warn him he was in danger, then he heard Jacks voice

"He is here" said Jack then the again heard the voice of another person, he knew something was wrong as they were all telling him different thing this voice belonged to Zack

"Run he is here to finish the job, to take you like he did with us" said Zack but Jake caught on to what they were saying to him to later, as he was about run the remainder of the roof and walls of the museum started to fall down, part of the roof landed on Jake's left leg crushing, unable to move all he could do was watch as the rest of the building collapsed then it all went black.

- News Report -

"Good Evening, the last survivor of the Museum Collapse was killed earlier today, he was last seen, visiting the five stones, of the accident, the North Bay Bridge Collapse, the Flight 181 Explosion, the Route 23 Pile Up, Devil's Flight Derailment, McKinley Speedway Crash and the Museum collapse, he was looking around the ruins when building began to collapse, his left leg was pinned down and complete crushed, preventing him was escaping, he was crushed to death and died instantly, the Major of the town was deverstated that she had lost bother her sons and has arrange, a big celebration to take place in the town to celebrate the memories of all those who have been killed in any of the five accidents and everyone is hoping that all of the victims have now found peace and that the teenagers of McKinley are now safe, I am Sarah Conway reporting for channel six news thank you for listening and good night" said the news reporter on the television