Thirty years after the original Soul Eater, Kid and Liz had a pair of twins, Black Star and Tsubaki had a child and Soul and Maka had a child.

The morning sun laughed madly, Dr. Stein sat on his chair as he pulled out a cigarette and lighted it. His silver hair has white clues of oldness, he turned his screw and pulled out a clipboard from his lab coat.

"The new students should be here tomorrow", he sighed, white puffs of smoke escaped from his mouth and nostrils. Down inside the classrooms, a kid with white stripes on the right side of his black hair sighed as he watched his twin sister chase down a rat,

"Make it go away!", Sayuri squealed, her long indigo hair was a shade between black and blue, her green eyes was filled with terror,

"Stop screaming! I'm trying", Girl yelled as she crawled around the room chasing after a four-inched rat, she had black hair with white stripes on the left, wearing a black skirt with white blocks on her shoulders and under her chest, with a skull on her collar,

"Girl, just leave it", Boy scoffed as he tried to get Sayuri off the desks,

"No no! Don't stop! Get it!", Sayuri leapt into Boy's arms causing them both to fall,

"Y-Your the worst assassin ever...", Boy managed to say after being toppled over by Black Star and Tsubaki's daughter,

"I'm sorry! It won't happen again", Sayuri got off and made her way up the table again,

"This is so uncool, you guys are totally not mature enough to here my news yet", a boy with blonde short hair crossed his arms as he entered the room with a few papers, his emerald eyes looked annoyed as he walked into class 'Crescent Moon'.

"What?! Are you saying I'm immature?!", Boy walked up to the him and poked his finger at his chest, "I'm the most mature out of all of you guys, you realize that don't you?".

"I know man, I'm just kidding", he chuckled, Boy realized and gave him a glare as he tried to calm Sayuri down again,

"Leo, just tell us the news, I'm so tired I'm not up for games right now", Girl huffed as she laid on the floor, she couldn't take the whole I'm-so-scared-get-the-rat thing anymore,

"Ok, your not making this any fun", Leo poked his tongue and handed her the papers,

"Eh, its just the new program dad's running, a few new students will come here and check the academy out for two weeks", Girl threw the papers onto the ground and continues lying there, catching her breath,

"Your dad's boring, my dad is like way cooler then your dad, he's a death scythe", Leo pouted,

"Our dad is a grim reaper", Boy said as he finally got Sayuri down form the desks,

"Grim Reapers are boring, they're so grim", Leo said in a boring tone,

"Thats not true", Girl said,

"Well have he ever shared his life story with you?", Leo leaned against the wall, smirking,

"Uh...n-no...", Girl's voice trailed off, her mouth opened and shut again for a few times,

"Exactly", Leo smiled,

"My dad, surpassed god", Sayuri whispered,

"We know, he told us that a million times that day", the three of them said together,

"Hm...I guess he never did tell us about it", Boy scratched his head and wrote down some notes, he wore his dad's suit when he was little, it felt more comfortable to him then other clothes,

"Well I'm gonna go ask", Girl jumped up and ran out of the room with Leo and Sayuri, Boy just stood there shaking his head,

"I'm not going to participate in those childish things", he muttered to himself as he set off to find a quiet place to read.

Moments later he found himself in front of a old abandoned area in small place in Death City,

"Thats strange, I don't remember seeing this place in Death City before...", Boy scratched his head,

"But it sure is quiet here...", He examined a shop in the abandoned area carefully, the blue paint was smudged by the vines of the trees growing around the shop, Boy gulped and opened the door carefully, the smaller vines snapped as the door creaked open. He slowly stepped inside, each step made a creaking sound but he didn't care, all he wanted was a quiet place to read. The shop was old and dusty with cobwebs everywhere, Boy plopped down and grabbed his book out as he began to read. Not even an hour has past when Boy stood up to stretch, sitting on the cold hard floor was tiring. But thats when something caught his eye, a shiny purple amethyst was at the other end of the room. He walked up closer to the purple jewel, it was shaped as a diamond and it seemed to be the only thing in the shop thats not blue. With curiosity, he picked it up, but when that happened a flash of purple glow began to fill the room.

Boy woke up with a yawn, he looked around him. He was still inside the shop, its creepier at night then at day, the moon was up and Boy was getting cold. He walked outside, it seemed warmer outside then inside the shop, but he didn't pay much attention to it as he walked home.

"Hey! The new students are arriving today", Girl said as she walked up the stairs of the DWMA, Boy can't believe how fast the day has been gone, it only seems like if its just a few hours ago since he read in that old shop.

"BOY!", Girl punched him gently on the shoulder as he snapped out of his thoughts,

"Stop being so childish, I'm thinking", Boy brushed her hand off him and ran up the rest of the stairs.

Class started as soon as they got there, the new students arrived first before them. Faces that Boy has never seen before,

"Class, due to some issues yesterday, we've got one more new student", Dr, Stein said,

"What issue?", Boy raised his hand,

"A boy is joining the DWMA, he's not in the program, we found him on the steps of the DWMA but he hasn't been to Lord Kid yet so we need some one to take him in", Dr. Stein explained,

"I'll take him in!", Girl shot up, her eyes sparkled as her eyes set on the boy with purple long hair, he's dressed like an assassin with a scarf covered up his face,

"Girl!", Boy tried to pull her hand down but she pushed him away,

"Thank you Girl, if he may stay at your place for a few nights, and Boy, can you take him to see Lord Kid right now so he can be unrolled?", Dr. Stein pushed the purple haired boy to the front of the class,

"Yes sir", Boy stood up and ran out with the boy as Girl stood there in jealous mode.

"So what happened to you? Why were you in front of the DWMA?", Boy asked,

"I wanted to learn new stuffs thats why, you might find me useful judging by how big my soul is", he replied,

"Wow, that is pretty big, whats your name? I'm Boy, its nice to meet you", Boy smiled,

"Boy? Not Kid? Ok, call me Ra-...y, Ray", Ray whispered,

"Kid? No, Kid's my father, do you know him?", Boy asked,

", but what year is this year if I may ask?", Ray sounded shaky,

"Its 2042 silly, you don't even know what year it is? Wow you need to catch up then", Boy laughed,

"I guess so...", Ray pulled up his scarf as they entered the Death Room,

"Whats the matter Boy? Is something wrong?", Kid greeted them, he's not wearing his father's mask but he is wearing everything else his father wore when he was young,

"We need to enroll him", Boy pointed out to Ray,

"Oh? Though I must say purple is a pretty rare color for a boy to be wearing", Kid muttered as he grabbed a pen and a few papers,

"Excuse me sir, not wanting to get into your personal life but who did you marry?", Ray quickly blurted, Kid looked confused when he heard that but writing like it was the easiest question in the world,

"Thats easy, I married Liz Thompson, one of my weapons, why?", he kept writing without glancing at Ray,

"Oh, um...I've heard your name a lot so I guess I'm a fan?", Ray tried to think of words,

"Oh ok", Kid muttered as he finished with a full stop,

"Thank you father", Boy said, Ray charged out of the room,

"Wait Ray!", Boy yelled,

"Boy stop", He stopped Boy before he reached the door,

"What is it?", Boy turned around,

"Careful, he seems dodgy looking", Kid gave his son a small grin,

"Ok, dad", Boy smiled as he left the room.