Boy's POV

I ate my breakfast and headed out for school, as usual. My investigation about my father's past is getting me nowhere, and I'm quite annoyed on how Ray just suddenly ditched me. But the strange thing is that nobody remembers him AND no, I have not gone back in time. Everything is still up to date, my notes are still here and so is everything else. But I'm certain there is such a person called Ray and he DID join the DWMA. But I've got no prove to myself. I pulled myself together as I headed to the classroom but when I opened the door, no one was there. I looked around; there was something white scribbled on the black board.

"Don't give up", I read, but I couldn't tell who's hand writing it was. It didn't matter to me. It gave me courage. Enough courage to keep searching for the things I need. Enough to find Ray.

"Son? What are you doing here?", A voice spoke, I turned around and saw my father, reading a book and looking at me,

"Um, where is everybody?", I asked,

"They're on a trip", he said,

"To where?."

"Just around Death City."


"We've tracked down the kishin, he was eating innocent families' souls."

"Seriously? That's terrible, where is he?."

"At the north part of the city."

"Thank you father."

I rushed out of the DWMA and headed towards the small part of the city which was suppose to be peaceful. When I got there it was indeed peaceful, it looked like the place was deserted. The place was quiet and calm, a small noise appeared in my head. It sounded like a little girl singing, she sounded happy and cheerful. It soothed my mind while I looked around. It was so soothing that I was getting a bit tired, my eyelids were getting heavy and my legs won't cooperate. My vision started to get blurry as I started to see a blue figure, my body's freezing and somehow I lost conscious.

I woke up and found myself in a fancy room, blue sapphires in different shapes were on display and beautiful fancy chairs matched with a small indigo table.

"You awake", a voice spoke from the shadows, I looked around and saw a boy with blue hair with black high lights. A blue scarf was wrapped around his neck and his jeans were torn along with a plain light T-shirt.

"Um, sir, are you okay?", I asked,

"Yeah, so, your Boy? Kid's son?", he said as he played with a blue lamp and turned it on and off,

"Yes", I answered,

"Interesting…so, heard of the name 'Rain'?", he smirked,

"Yes! Do you know who she is?", I asked,

"You stupid kid, you've met her", he chuckled,

"What?", I said, trying to be calm,

"To bad, I'm not going to tell you the rest ha!", he said playfully,

"Why?", I asked,

"Because I said so, anyways, I'm just here to see who I'll be meeting on the battlefield", he smirked,


"We'll see each other soon", he waved as my vision became blurry again, I tried to clear it by rubbing my eyes but nothing's changing. As soon as my vision became clear, I was lying on the ground and Leo was looking at me trying not to laugh,

"Dude…not cool", he chuckled, I kicked his ankle and he fell too, so we both ended up laughing like idiots in the middle of the deserted street.


The boy continued to look around for souls, he hid whenever there was noise, kids from the academy? Interesting, he smirked,

"Freeze", a voice commanded, he turned around and saw a girl with light purple hair and indigo eyes,

"Rain! I haven't seen you since…well, more than fifty years, how are you?", he smiled,

"My name is Ray, and I'm here to kill you", Ray said as shadows rose from the ground,

"That's rude, we haven't seen each other for more than fifty years and you want to fight now?", the boy sniffed,

"Shut up Wind", Ray snapped,

"My my, temper temper", he pretended to be shocked,

"Fine, lets talk", Ray rolled her eyes,

"Yay! So how are you?", Wind clapped his hands,

"I'm good, you?."



"Why did you erase everyone's memories?."

"Well, I don't need them anymore so I guess I don't need to exist in their lives."

"But Boy really likes you."

"That's his problem, not mine."

"Your so cold."

"Thank you."

"What are you going to do after you've defeated me?."

"Well, lets just say my life span gets repeated because of the seal so I might say hi to Kid and leave this place forever."

"Sounds nice."

Boy's POV

The day ended with failure. It was kind of fun though, Leo and I got detention for laughing to hard and not working. I rolled my eyes and I watched him chill in the classroom,

"You better start doing the chores otherwise Dr. Stein will get angry", I told him,

"Nah, who cares about that old man? My dad said he taught him when he was in school, can you imagine how old he is?", Leo laughed,

"Hey, you be polite, he's in his sixties", I muttered as I swept the floor with a broom, I could hear the sound of the broom brushing against the ground. Sweeping up the dust on the floor,

"Well, don't make me do all the work", I tapped him gently on the head with the wooden side of the broom, he opened one eye to look at me and then back to sleep. I sighed, That's his style I guess. I placed the broom carefully against the wall and looked at the notes from my investigation. I'm pretty sure Ray exists, but how did he managed to erase everybody's memories? And why did he let me keep mines? Dozens of reasons popped up in my head, but I managed to come down to the most realistic ones and wrote them down. She might just want to embarrass me… Could that be a reason?

I quickly finished cleaning the classroom and headed home. Wait, did I forget about something? Or someone? I shrugged and kept walking.