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Wish Upon An Outsider.

It was a cold night, the stars were shining like fireflies up in the sky. It has gone six months since they build Dagran's final resting place. The mercenary group had disband but still kept in touch. After all those years of working together had formed a strong friendship that would last for ever.

They all lived on Lazulis Island, doing their own thing. Syrenne and Lowell were together now and were saving up to open their bar. Yurick and Mirania worked at the castle, doing this and that. They all meet at regular a basis, and sometimes took small trips with each other like in the old days.

Zael's life was finally a happy one. He had his Calista and had finally succeeded in becoming a knight. His life long dream had come true, well, almost anyway. Dagran was not with him to share this happier times...

''You promised that we would become knight's together.''Zael said sadly and looked down at the lonely gravestone.

Zael would often come to his best friends grave, as to keep him company. He would speak about his life and how thing were going for him. Sometimes he would even spend whole days there, just thinking about the past.

''You know, I'm marrying Calista tomorrow for the second time.''Zael said with a smile on his face.''The formal wedding needed to happen so the empire would accept me as a new count.''He murmured softly.

He thoughts drifted back to their final goodbye. He still regretted leaving him in that forsaken place. His best friend lying there with the very thing that corrupted him. If it weren't for the Outsider, he would never had to kill him...

Zael looked up at the sky, he often wondered why Lowell, had been brought back to life and not Dagran. He could not shake the feeling of sorrow within him. Yes, he was very happy with Calista, it was like when they first came to the island, something was missing. Back then, it was a place to belong and having a purpose. Now the feeling was back and that was because of him...

''Outsider? Can you hear me?''Zael said and looked down on his hand. His hand shined blue in response.

''I know that I promised you to be free from this world.''He said calmly and looked up at the stars.''But please, the red Outsider brought Lowell back, can't Dagran get another chance too?'' Zael asked sadly.

''I can't forget him, he did so much for me and what did he get in return...''He said sorrowfully and looked down on his hand. The blue light was gone, well it was worth a shot. He thought to himself.

Zael stood up and glanced one last time on the grave. He then turned and walked back up to the castle where his Calista was waiting for him. The Island's nature had regained it's former glory. There were flowers blooming on the fields and the tree's were getting stronger every day. It was truly a site to behold. As he reached the castle gates he saw Calista standing waiting for him. She gave him one of her lovely smiles as she walked up and hugged him.

''Did you have a nice visit?''Calista asked and smiled up at her husband. Her eyes sparkling in the moon light.

''It was like always, I guess.''Zael replied and returned her smile. He bent down and planted a soft kiss on her lips.''Ready to become my wife again?''He teased her and hugged her close.

''You bet.''Calista replied giggling as she hugged him back.''But our first wedding will still be my favourite.''She said with a dreamy look on her face.

''It was that night, you became pregnant.'' Zael said proudly and caressed her growing stomach.''With baby Dagran or baby Aurora.''He said and gazed down into her eyes.

''Let's hope it's a Dagran.''She said with a sad smile.''It's the least I can do, it's because of him that we are together, or that we even met.'' She told him and looked over his shoulder and her eyes widened.

''Oi! There you are Zael...'' A voice said behind them.

Zael knew Dagran always said that to him in the past. He had often daydreamed that he would turn up one day alive and say those words again. He pushed his feelings down and grabbed Calista's hand and started to walk up to the castle gates.

''I know you're lack of smell is annoying, but has that effected you're ears too?'' Dagran said and crossed his arms in front of his chest. He grinned at Calista and waited for Zael to get the hint.

When hearing this, Zael turned around. His face breaking into a big smile. The Outsider must have heard him after all. He stood just behind him, in his usual clothes and with his cocky smile on his face.

''It's good to see you both.''Dagran said and flashed them his trademark wolfish grin.''I see congratulations are in order, I'm happy for both of you.''He said and looked at Calista's grown stomach.

''Come here.''Zael said and embraced his friend in a bear hug. Dagran did not expect this so he tensed a bit and looked quite shocked.''Don't ever do stuff like that again!''Zael scolded him when he let him go.

''I agree with Zael.''Calista said and laid a hand on his shoulder.''We can't loose you again, you know.''She said and smiled at him.

''I promise.''Dagran said and smiled at both of them.''I'm sorry for the things I put you through...''He said darkly and looked down on the ground.

''That's all in the past.''Zael said and turned to Calista.''Right, honey?''He said hopefully.

''Of course it is, but you could make it up to us...''Calista said with a grin and looked at the two men.

''What's that about?''Dagran asked suspiciously with a eyebrow raised.

''If I let you're mistakes go unpunished, then you will walk me down the isle. And be his best man at the same time. And you are going to be the best uncle in the world to our child, and spoil it rotten..''Calista finished saying with a playful smile on her face.

''And you are going to be our personal body guard.''Zael said with a grin on his face.''And one final thing.''Zael said still smiling.

''What?''Dagran asked with a grin of his own.

''You're are to concentrate on making yourself happy.''Zael said calmly.''Do we have a deal?''Zael and held out his hand.

''It's a deal.''Dagran said and shook his friend's hand and gave Calista a small smile.

''Now, let's go home.''Zael said and walked into the castle. The feeling of sorrow was completely gone and he could finally enjoy the future that awaited him and Calista with the support of his family all gathered around him once more.