I awake to my 6:30 alarm screaming in my ear, like a lifeless husk and hit the snooze button through my Neuro Linker. I pressed the snooze button several times before I finally make the conscious effort to look at the time.

"It's past 7 o'clock already..." I mumble to myself before rolling out of my bed.

I do my morning ritual of showering, cooking breakfast, brushing my teeth, combing my hair and heading out of the door to catch the city bus. By the time I'm at school it's already 8:15. I usually get to school at about this time since I always wake up late. I guess that's what you get for staying up to three in the morning everyday. I head up to my home room classes hoping not to get interrupted. However...

"Good morning, Akira-kun!" yelled out Sora, my childhood friend while rubbing my gold hair

"Good morning..." I respond in a monotone voice not having the energy to do anything about him rubbing my head.

"Still as energetic as ever I see." Sora said sarcastically while pushing me into my homeroom. "I'll see you at lunch time Akira!" He shouted while walking to his homeroom.

Sora has been my best friend since elementary school. To be honest I'm not even sure how we became friends, we started talking and I guess we just became friends after a bit. I think he may have felt bad for me that I never talked to anyone. It's not like I'm bullied or anything, it's just that I don't feel the need for social interaction with anyone.

The teacher walks into the classroom. Everyone rises and bows and sits back down. The teacher begins teaching the class. I however decide to read the book I was reading last night through my Neuro Linker, I manage to grab some pieces of information from the teacher but I ultimately decide that I can just read the textbook if I want the information I need. Anything I don't know I can just look up through my Neuro Linker. I read my book until I finish it, by this time lunch is going to start in 5 minutes. I simply rest my head on the desk and wait for the bell.

For lunch time I sit in the hallway sipping on some cup-noodles I brought from home. Sora walks and sits down next to me.

"Hello Akira, how was the morning classes?" he asked.

"I finished reading the book I started last night." I replied while slurping up some noodles. Some emotion is coming back to my voice since I started waking up.

"You never do anything in class do you?" Sora said with a disappointed expression on his face.

"That's not true, I get average scores on my test, I participate well in class discussions and I'm usually more informed then the rest of the class when it comes right down to it." I defend myself against his false statement. Everything I said was true, I know quite a bit about the topics in class. I just don't usually use the teacher to teach me everything and instead learn it all on my own.

"Sure you're most informed then everyone else but you never try hard. I bet if you actually took down notes you would get good grades." Sora replied back to my defense.

I'm not about to deny that what he said was indeed correct. I sigh and say nothing to try to end the conversation. The lunch passes by while me and Sora discuss small talk discussions.

After lunch I actually put a little bit more effort in school. I play around with apps on my Neuro Linker while listening to the teacher in the background. For my last period class I had gym. This really is the only class I couldn't just sit down and do nothing. For this class I did what I was told so I wouldn't get yelled at by the coach and would solve math problems from an app on my Neuro Linker so I wouldn't get bored. Sora rushed up beside me.

"Hey Akira, why are you running so slow? I had some things to do for the student council and I still managed to catch up with!" Sora exclaimed.

"I'm not running slow, I'm with the rest of the class. You just have so much energy that you don't know what to do with it." I replied back.

"Well you better catch up to me Akira!" He yelled and pushed me to give me a boost. This didn't turn out quite as he imagined and I tripped on my feet and crashed to the dirt on the track. The entire class rushed over to me taking advantage of the situation so they could take a break.

"Yo Akira, you alright?" One of my classmates asked. The coach ran over "Why the hell did you guys stop running!?" he yelled. "Akira tripped and fell, it looks like he scrapped his knee." a classmate told the coach. "C'mon Akira, man up and keep running!" The coach demanded. I stood up and shook off the pain. The scrap wasn't a bad wound in my books though the girls stared at it like my entire leg got blown off. I continued running and the rest of the class followed.

"I'm sorry about that..." Sora mumbled to me trying to make it so his voice wasn't heard.

"It's alright, just don't make a habit of it." I sighed. I may have lied a little. I was yelled at by the coach which is what I have been avoiding all year and I drew attention to myself which I never do. To be truthful I was a little pissed off. I don't want to show it though because it will bring even more attention to myself.

The school day was over and I went to my shoe locker to put on my outdoor shoes. I actually didn't attend any clubs in the school. I would immediately go home after school to start making dinner. I made dinner and walked into my Mom's bedroom.

"Dinner is ready Mom." I handed her a bowl of rice with curry on it.

My Mom turned over at me a smiled with sweat pouring down her face. "Thanks Akira, I'm not really that hungry right now. I've been having a bad day so please just put the food in the fridge." Mom meekly replied to me. I nodded and proceeded to put the food away.

It was already about 7:00pm by the time I ate dinner and went upstairs to do homework. I decided to go outside and head to a cafe where I would go and sip down some chai tea and go on Global Connect where I'll spend the rest of my day.

This was my daily routine. Wake up, eat, go to school, make dinner and relax at the local cafe. This tedious cycle that I live through known as a normal life was more then it was worth. This is a life that many people wanted to live and I would trade it in a heart beat. Deep down inside I wanted something to change my world. Even if it was just for a day I wanted something that was different from my normal day life, perhaps what I want was only a childish fantasy, but still I hoped that something to come and change everything. This endless cycle was tedious and boring.

I sat down in the cafe chair and closed my eyes. "Direct Link." I muttered to myself

I was now within a new world created through the global network. The place I was in was like a classical theater with a huge stage with hundreds of pedestals. I was at one of these pedestals along with hundreds of other people. My avatar looked exactly like myself except that I wore and old style wool suit. The reason I was here was because a competition was being held. In this game random questions will be asked to see who is the smartest. The age group allowed in was 13-17. I was 15 years old so I was obviously allowed in.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the 2046 Random Knowledge Trivia!" The A.I announced to the crowd. "Where 250 contestants will compete to see who knows the most information. Please keep in mind that these questions can go from math to classical literature to popular music groups. Now let the trivia begin!"

A screen appeared on my pedestal asking the first question. What was the biggest incident to happen in

VR gaming that took the lives of 4000 people? I answered the simple question with the Sword Art Online incident.

The questions kept on rolling and I answered all of them with ease. The questions kept going and people kept on getting eliminated. After an hour it was down to the final two.

"Looks like we have our finalists! Who will win the trivia? The last question is on now!"

The screen pops up on my pedestal telling me the question If you initially have a gas at 1215.6 kpm at a volume of 23 liters and a temperature of -73C and then raise the pressure to 1418.2 kpm and the temperature to 27C what is the new volume of the gas?

I know this is a question concerning the combined gas law so I started doing the math in my head. The person I was competing with looked the same age as me but he seemed to have no idea what he was doing. Finally I came up with an answer.

29.6L I put in as the answer. I got the question right and wait for my opponent to answer. In the end he never answered the question and I won the trivia.

"Congratulations! You win a prize of 150,000 yen!" The A.I announcer proclaimed to the audience.

I would attend these small contests to win extra cash. My mother was sick so I would usually put all the money I got from my old man for her medication and food. I would attend these contests so I could buy a VR game or books.

I walk away from the theater area with my 150,000 yen added to my bank account. The first thing to pop up in my head was what to buy with the money I won. However, when I walked away from the theater I left a strange feeling in my gut. It felt as though someone has been following me since I won the competition. I continued to walk but the feeling didn't go away. I continued to look at reflective surfaces to see if anyone was following me. After awhile I noticed that I was being followed by a women who looked about my age wearing an old fashioned dress. Normally someone like this would stand out in a crowd, however since this is global connect there are people in weird costumes everywhere, even I'm wearing old style clothing. However I need to find out who this person is and why they're following me. Since this environment is a city like environment the only place I can go to with not many people is an alleyway or a small cafe. If I was in a ally then I would probably have a higher chance of contacting this person since there are less people around. Having come to a decision I turn the corner and walk into a alley.

I stopped in the middle of the alley and turn around. To my surprise I see the girl at the end of the alley staring at me. Our eyes meet. She's actually kind of cute up close, she has long chestnut brown hair going down to her waist and she looked like she was 15-years old and she had decent sized breasts too. Her blue eyes stared me down like she was infuriated at me.

"I've noticed you've been following me. I'm not sure if you're mad that you lost the trivia or not but it's fair game." I blurted out jumping to assumptions on why she was mad.

"You cheat...you've been abusing the program to excel in everything you do. I'm not sure how you are hiding your duel avatar from the list but I, Jasmine Hawk challenge you to a duel!" She declared.

I have been abusing the program? Hiding my duel avatar? Challenging me to a duel!? What the hell was she talking about? "Listen, I'm not sure what you're talking about, but if you want a rematch just show me the way to another trivia. If you want to challenge me at anything else then just make sure I have the game." I replied, guessing on what she meant.

"Don't change the subject, I know you have been using brain burst in order to improve your life. Everything you have been doing is almost impossible for any human to do. Your reaction time in VR games is to good and it's impossible to understand what is going on in class without accelerating and getting the answers, so just admit it and challenge me to a duel so I can take away your burst points!" She was getting annoyed from my half-ass answer. I knew it was too much to hope that she was talking about the trivia.

Wait a minute, did she say something about class? She must go to my school. And VR games? How long has she been following me around for?

"Listen, I'm not sure what you're talking about. If my name isn't on this list of yours then that is evidence enough that I don't have this acceleration program you're talking about." I once again said while trying to piece everything together.

There was silence in the air. The girls eyes were wide open as if she just realized something. "You mean you've done all that from pure skill?" She asked me.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you..." I replied, relieved that she finally understood.

"THAT'S INCREDIABLE! You're this talented and you're not even using Brain Burst? I can't even imagine how strong your duel avatar would be if you had Brain Burst." She exclaimed excitedly.

"What is this Brain Burst program you've been talking about? How would it help someone cheat at VR games and school?" I asked now getting curious on what she has been talking about.

"I see, come to my apartment. It's right across the street from the grocery store. My room is number 312. What you're going to learn is going to change your life forever. So come and I'll make it worth your while." She said while winking at me. She then moved her fingers to pull out the main menu and logged out.

Change my life? What the hell was she on about? Any sane person right now would just forget about all this and move on with their life. For some odd reason I was compelled to hear her out and I ended up at her apartment door. I took a deep breath and knocked on her door.

After a few second she answered the door. She looks remarkably like her duel avatar but instead of the old fashioned dress she was wearing pretty normal clothes. Just a t-shirt and jeans. She wore pretty masculine clothes considering her avatar.

"Come on in Ito-kun." She invited me in to her home I walk into her living room. Her kitchen was right next to me and I could see steam coming from a kettle. "Would you like some tea Ito-kun?" She asked out of politeness.

"Yes please and also please just call me Akira. I don't like it when people call me by my last name." I asked her.

" I see, well then Akira-kun please take a seat. I will be with you in a bit with some tea."

I sit down on her coach nervously. Now that I think about it this is the first time I've been to a girls house. I also realized that I don't even know this girls name. The girl walks in with a tray with two cups of green tea.

"I'm sorry to ask but what's your name?" I asked nervously.

"How rude that you don't know someone who attends the same school as you. I am Hayashi Chika. I'm in the girls gym class. I sometimes do co-ed sports with your class."

How am I suppose to remember someone who sometimes attends one class with me? Well whatever I suppose I should get to the point with her.

"It's pretty late so I think we should keep this short. What is Brain Burst?" I get straight to the point.

"Brain Burst isn't something that I could explain and be believed by someone. You're going to have to see it with your own eyes." She replied while reaching for a XSB cable.

"What are you doing with that!?" I yelped out loud. You would usually use an XLB cable with someone your dating or really close to.

"You can't install it unless you're using this cable. Now hurry up and plug this into your neck."

I shield my thoughts so she can't hear what I'm thinking and we both at the same time but the XLB cable on our Neuro-Linkers.

"Can you hear me?" She asked with her thoughts through the XLB cable.

"Y-yea I can hear you." I would normally keep my cool but I'm kind of nervous since this is my first time doing this, and I'm even doing it with a girl.

"Oh so this is your first time?" She asked flirtatiously

Crap, she can hear all my thoughts can't she? Well I guess I can think of random math problems in order to censor my brain from h-

"Please don't do that, you'll give me a headache."

"I guess I'll need some practice censoring my thoughts. Anyway show me it, show me Brain Burst." I asked now determined to figure out what Brain Burst is.

"I see. I can hear all your guess's with the XLB cable and one of them is right. It is a VR fighting game, but there is more to it then that." She said while waving her hand around.

As her hand waved in the hair I received a download request. [Execute BB 2039? YES/NO]. I stared at the request and knew what I had to do. I pressed yes and in flames in a grunge style font was the words Brain Burst and a download bar. I waited intently for the download to pass by and looked at Hayashi who was staring intently at me back. The bar reached 100% and in the same font, words popped up that I knew would forever change my world.

Welcome to the Accelerated World.

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