I stared at the screen that popped up before me. For some reason my insight was telling me that this is the dawn of a new day for my life, that everything was going to change. The room was silent for a moment. Chika was staring at me and I was just staring at the words before me.

"Did it install properly?" She asked me breaking the silence in the room.

"It did." I said getting right to the point.

I open up my apps to find the Brain Burst program but for some odd reason there was no launch button. Did it install correctly? Was it a viris? The odds are pretty high that it is since I did just come to a strangers house and installed an unknown app through a XLB cable.

"Trust me it installed correctly." Chika replied to my thoughts. Damn I hate this XLB cable, she can read all my thoughts. I better ask if I can-

"Yes you can take it off, we don't need it anymore." She said while taking off the XLB cable from her Neuro-Linker.

I do the same and pass her the XLB cable. "You said it installed correctly. How do I launch the game then?" I again just want to get to the point and figure it all out.

"Well you can't go into the fighting game until tomorrow. You can however use one feature of Brain Burst, repeat after me. Burst Link!" Chika announced.

"Burst Link!"

I was still in the same room but everything was now a weird blue colour. I look around the room and see me and Chika sitting on the couch frozen in place. I immediately looked at the clock to see it was frozen in time. Does Brain Burst freeze time? No that is impossible, however judging by the title and the term acceleration then I can take the assumption that right now time is still moving but a lot slower. No, even that should be impossible. This has to be a frozen picture of the room or something. I can't actually be accelerating.

"Surprised Ito-kun?" She asked me

"Sort of, from what I can tell we are in a 3D image of the room and apparently our brains are accelerating, also please just call me Akira." I stated my hypothesis.

"Wow, you sound just like Ken-sempai. I can't believe that you figured out the secret that fast." she sounded genuinely surprsied.

When I took a closer look at Chika I notice she is in a old fashioned dress again. I look down and see that I'm also wearing my wool suit.

"So we can can walk around this environment with our duel avatars." I stated

"Yes, using the Burst Link command we can accelerate for 30 minutes and inspect the environment with our global connect avatars. But since we're accelerating that 30 minutes seems like 1.8 seconds to people who are not accelerating." Chika finally filled in the blanks for me to understand this feature.

"Okay, I know how this works but what about the actual game feature?" I ask another question wanting to have all the answers.

"You can't play the game until tomorrow, you need to wait for your duel avatar to be constructed. Tomorrow after class's meet me in my classroom, room 1-A. Burst out!" she requested as her avatar disappeared

"I see...burst out!"

We were back in our bodies and the room was back to its normal colour. My first reaction was to look at the clock. It was true, not even a second passed by even though we had a 5 minute conversation. We really were accelerating.

"Oh yes one more thing, do not take off your Neuro-Linker and do not go on global connect, I wouldn't want you to lose all your points on the first day." Chika warned me. Wait a minute...

"Points? What points?" I asked

"Make it until tomorrow and I'll tell you."

Yea like that explains a lot...

I was back in my room. I could hear my Mom still up watching TV from her bedroom. The time was 11:30 at night. I wasn't allowed access to the global network so I decided to just play tetris through my installed apps. I played it for several hours and I went to bed by 1:30am just from being bored.

I was sitting in pitch darkness. I spot light was shined upon me almost singling that I was the only one that was here. I heard a clicking noise and another spot light was on, my mother was underneath it.

"Why...why do you have to have his face, your only just a reminder of my past mistakes." She spoke

I could only stand there and just take the statement, I was cold and didn't have the energy to react to that statement. Another clicking noise was heard and Sora was underneath it.

"You poor bastard, the only reason I talk to you is because I pity you. You were cast out by your own family and everyone around you. Someday I will move on from you and find myself a better life. You can't blame anyone for being cursed with his face." Sora said while smiling like he usually does.

I could still only stand there and take it. I had no reaction. I didn't care what was said about me. Another clicking noise was heard and a spotlight revealed a man. He said nothing but he had a face that resembled my own.

Just seeing him made me want to puke.

"You son of a bitch! You dare show your face to me? After cursing my Mom!? After cursing me!? And all you can do is sit there with that face!" I lost it, all sanity left my mind, because after seeing that face.

Even I broke down.

I charged at him but went right through him. That's right, this is just a dream. My senses return to me after this realization and I was back to my cold state.

Everyone disappeared and another click was heard. I turned around to look at the spotlight and saw myself inside.

"Having doubts about the people around you? Ito Akira." He was smiling, sinister and completely not like myself, in fact he was the the complete opposite. He was who I was afraid to become.

What he said was true. I had doubts about everyone. I had no idea what they were thinking and that thought scared me. I bore the face of that man, Sora knew, mother know and he knew it too. It was the face of a man who betrayed everyone and left us to die. He took everything valuable to me and left.

"Yes." I replied. "I'm scared of them, scared of the future, scared that they too will leave me, but I will prevail, I must prevail. I gave up on everything in my life but I can't let this down. The essence of Ito Akira must be solved, I will not allow myself to become like him. I will stick to my friends and family as they stuck out for me. I will find a way to break his curse." I replied not with a emotionless voice like I usually do, but with resolve in my heart.

"I will find the truth."

I awake in my bedroom to my alarm. I do not press the snooze button but I get out of my bed and greet the new day.

Author's notes: Sorry that this update has been a bit slow. A lot of things have happened in the past week that even mind boggles me. A vacation that was suppose to be 1 night lasted into 4 days and 3 nights, I had a funeral to attend and I had paramedics come to my house because of my abnormally high heart rate. With all this going on I could really only publish the first half of the second chapter. The third chapter will have more development for Chika (though I said that last time) and I will show Akira's duel avatar. I will have the chapter published friday or saturday of this week so look forward to it.

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