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This is when the wolves are communicating with each other

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Sasori's POV

'So you're in love with a guy?'

'Yes,' the redhead said annoyed. They've been over this for several hours now. Maybe he should've just kept his mouth shut. He probably wouldn't have wasted so much time otherwise.

'And he's also human?' Hidan asked the same question he's been asking for the past hour.

'Yes, now are we done here?' Sasori growled.

Hidan burst out in laughter. 'Shit man, Pein's going to freak out when he hears about this.'

Sasori knew that already. That was exactly the reason why he hadn't said anything, but he just couldn't keep his mouth shut anymore. He had been gazing at the blonde for months now and has been caught staring many times by said blonde. He was normally so careful, but he just forgot when he saw the beauty move. Now he got a smile every time their eyes connected and he couldn't help but smile back, even blush a bit. He was so weak around the blonde and it annoyed him greatly. Damn it, he didn't even know the boy's name.

'You know, I've never heard of a gay werewolf before,' Hidan said, pulling Sasori out of his thoughts.

Sasori punched the bigger guy in the chest. 'You know it doesn't work that way. It's the human me that's gay. The wolf me will always like females.'

'Right,' Hidan responded skeptically. 'So you're that you're not attracted to the guy when you're in your wolf form.' A huge blush spread in Sasori's face. Yes, he had even stalked the human when he was in his wolf form. 'Thought so,' Hidan said before he got up and walked off.

So yeah, he was the first gay werewolf ever. He couldn't help it. He was just born this way. Or maybe the blonde put a spell on him. He was told wizards didn't exist, but hey, who knows really? Even werewolves existed and the world didn't know about them. It wouldn't surprise him at all.

It was still so strange how he actually fell for the blonde. He didn't really remember when it happened, just that it did. It was the blue eyes that pulled him over the edge eventually. Icy blue, so unnatural in wolves' eyes. Their fur could be white as snow, but their eyes would never be lighter then yellow or a light green. Blue meant blindness to wolves and for them it would be a weakness, but for the human it could only be described as beautiful.

Maybe it had something to do with him never being around humans much. He was born as a werewolf and had always belonged to the pack. Of course he had never seen blue eyes in the pack, but he didn't see a lot of humans either. He just never saw blue eyes and it could be the reason why he was so obsessed with it now. In his dreams they hunted him and by day he would just think of them on his own. Clearly he had gone mad.

What would his mother even think of him? Born as the son of the alpha male and alpha female put a certain degree of responsibility on him. Of course he really looked like his dad, which didn't help. Even in his wolf form the reddish fur stood out. It was not as bad as his father's, whose fur reached the color of a fox, but it was still red. Why he couldn't have the dark grey fur like his mother, was beyond him. He loved the bluish glow it sometimes had. He would also love to have Hidan's fur color, the light grey, sometimes appearing like silver. He wouldn't be so special then. Why was it him who had to be so special? Why couldn't just one thing be normal? Oh, how he hated life right now.

He glanced up at the sky and all his worries were forgotten again. It was time. His blonde would be done with school in about fifteen minutes.

He got up off the forest floor and ran, the wind blowing through his messy red hair, twigs crunching under his feet and trees flashing before his eyes. Usually he was a lot quieter, but when it came to the blonde, soft footsteps were forgotten.

He reached the edge of the forest. The place where their territory ended. Public places weren't for them to claim and other packs could run into each other here, but no other pack had been seen for years, so Sasori didn't really need to worry.

Out of the forest he walked slow, trying to appear as normal as possible. This was difficult with him flashing his eyes from left to right, not trusting a single human being. Luckily for him the school was right outside of the forest. The reason he had seen the blonde in the first place. He had been patrolling the border of their territory and when he reached the city side, the blue eyes flashed at him. Ever since then, he had been lost.

As every other day he was standing at the gate, leaning into the cold metal. The bell had already rang and the school was emptying quickly, but his blonde was always late, so he was still in time. The rest of the humans he ignored, they didn't matter to him.

His eyes only flashed up when he saw the long blond hair, flowing in the wind and a cheerful chatter filling up the silence in his head. The blonde was always talking and it didn't even matter to him if his friend was listening or not. But then the blonde fell silent and the blue eyes shot towards him. The smile appeared immediately and even a slight blush followed. Sasori's heart skipped a beat as he smiled back at the human. It was like time had stopped and they could stare at each other forever.

It was the blonde's friend who broke the silence. 'So, are you gonna ask Deidara out or what?' This got the raven a slap against the head and let Sasori know the blonde was called Deidara, a name he had never heard before.

The words scared the redhead though. He couldn't just ask Deidara out, he wasn't even allowed to. 'I-I can't,' he spluttered out. Sad blue eyes shot back to him and it made the redhead feel so guilty. 'I'm sorry,' he offered before he turned around and ran back to the forest.

Deidara was sure the redhead would come back, at least to offer his own name in return. He seemed polite like that.

What they both hadn't noticed were the raven's black eyes narrowing at the fast retreating back of the redhead.

Deidara was right in the end. Sasori couldn't stay away, even if he wanted to. He was still obsessed and as a true predator he was again stalking his prey. This one he wouldn't eat though, ever.

He decided to watch the blonde from afar. Maybe he wouldn't get noticed this time and he wouldn't hurt the blonde again. Another reason for staying away was that Hidan had tagged along. The idiot couldn't stop grinning and yelled out at every human guy he saw, 'is that him?!' Yeah, so much for keeping a low profile.

Of course Deidara hadn't come out of the school building yet, being late as always, but it shouldn't take him long now.

And that's when he heard the lovely bubbly giggle rippling through the parking lot. Right after that Deidara walked through the iron gates, looking a bit distressed as his eyes shot from left to right. So Sasori was missed when he wasn't standing by the gate.

Hidan didn't even have to ask to know if this was him. The smile on the redhead's face said it all. Soon Deidara's eyes went further and further, scanning the parking lot and his eyes literally shone when they finally settled down on the redhead. Without thinking Deidara walked towards them, an annoyed looking raven tagging along.

Both werewolves started to get nervous, shuffling their feet. Humans were getting closer and closer and their instincts told them to run. They barely stayed put as the two humans were now before them.

Deidara just stood there, looking at his stalker. He felt this weird attraction towards the redhead and he was afraid he would disappear the way he had suddenly appeared before the blonde just a few weeks back. He remembered when he had first seen the redhead. His fiery red hair taking his breath away and those deep brown eyes. There was just something about this guy.

Sasori and Deidara were staring at each other again and all Hidan could do was raise an eyebrow. This was just weird, especially for a wolf. Eye contact with someone greater than you, showed defiance and a human daring to stare at Sasori like that was just plain dangerous. He was the most wolf out of all of them, but still he didn't show any anger. Hidan himself wasn't born a werewolf like the redhead, but changed due to being bitten by one. He had been very little, but he still could behave like a normal human being. Sasori couldn't, always preferring fur over skin, except for the last few months.

'Dei, I need to go and I'm your ride home, so hurry up,' the raven boy said. He had been ignored the entire time and only now did the two werewolves look at him. Two pair of eyes narrowed and both took a step forward, instincts telling them to show dominance over the human. Trust was something they didn't do easily except for pack members and this human was high on their list of not trustworthy people. He looked at them like he knew what they were, but nobody knew, right?

Deidara let out a sigh, making the two werewolves look back at him. Hidan had to admit there was something special about the blonde, but he didn't feel the same thing Sasori did. He didn't quite understand how you could lose yourself like that in a person. How could this boy have so much power over Sasori?

'Okay, Itachi. Just give me a minute. I only want to know his name.' Deidara looked up at the redhead, pleading for an answer. His blue eyes pulling it out of him.

Sasori shivered before he really could answer. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to appear as human as possible. 'I'm Sasori and this is Hidan.' He nodded his head towards the other werewolf, knowing it would be polite since they knew his friend's name now.

A gorgeous smile appeared on Deidara's face, taking Sasori's breath away completely. 'Very nice to meet you, Sasori. Now do you have a phone I could borrow?'

A bit taken aback by the sudden question, he clumsily fished his emergency phone out of his pocket. His father had given him the phone so he could always get in touch with the pack, even when he was not in his wolf form.

'Thank you,' the blonde said when he received the phone. He flipped it open and stared at the image for a while. Sasori's heart skipped a beat right then and not because of Deidara himself. No, because his background picture was a picture of him and Pein, in their wolf form. 'So you like wolves, huh? Strange color though, but they are very pretty.' Happily Deidara continued doing whatever on the phone, while Sasori cringed at the word pretty. So wrong. But at least Deidara hadn't noticed anything funny about the picture. How the wolves looked bigger than normal and how it was just a patch of woods very close to the school.

In the mean time Hidan had been staring at Itachi and noticed how the raven's eyes grew wide at the word wolves. Hidan was sure Itachi knew, but he would keep this information to himself for now. He was sure the blonde didn't have a clue and he wanted to keep it that way.

'Here you go.' Deidara gave the phone back and received a questioning look from Sasori. 'Now you can call me to confirm our date next Friday,' he said happily, not noticing the growl both Hidan and Itachi elicited. Sasori did though and knew they had to get out of here.

Sasori was about to respond and say this couldn't happen, but Deidara shushed him before Sasori could say anything, waved and left the two werewolves alone.

Rage was seeping off Hidan's body and Sasori knew they had to get out of there quickly and get back into the woods. He just ran, not caring if anybody noticed them. The world flashed before their eyes until they reached the soft forest ground.

In a hurry they stripped out of their clothes, Hidan more agitated than Sasori. They weren't ashamed of each other's naked bodies, too used to seeing it all the time. Even women bodies weren't unknown to them, although Sasori never really had been interested in them. Maybe he had been gay this entire them.

They both dumped their clothes in a little pouch and strapped it in front of their chests. It would give way when they changed, giving it extra room. Something Sasori's mother had created and was loved for it by all. No awkward moments when they again had to buy new clothes and the store lady would give them a funny look.

Sasori's muscles started itching as soon as his body was ready for the change to take place. Dark fur started to rise out of his skin and bones cracked as they grew or took on a complete different form. His nose grew longer and longer, his mouth doing the same until a snout was in its place with sharp teeth decorating it.

Slowly Sasori's thoughts started to change too, becoming more primitive. He wouldn't think of Deidara as the beautiful boy he was, but instead he would remember blue and blonde, those images flashing before his eyes. His wolf grew angry sometimes due to the fact that the blonde clouded his mind. He would snap at the other wolves, but still he would never attack Blue, it was too precious for that.

The reddish wolf looked to the side and noticed the slightly taller silver wolf standing next to him. Angry thoughts flooded his mind, but Sasori knew they weren't his. In his wolf form they could feel and hear each other's thoughts, but only of pack members and only if the other was a wolf too. It was how Pein gave them orders or how they knew when someone was in danger. There were only small words exchanged, never full sentences.

Wolf Sasori had forgotten why Hidan was angry and didn't really bother with it. He just watched the silver wolf disappear in the woods and then took off himself.

His ears kept going back and forth, every sound finding a place in his mind. He could hear the other wolves enter his mind, them noticing his change. He was just running home and didn't want to be bothered with it, but you get bothered when a small wolf jumps on your back without warning and forces you to play with them.

Sasori threw the little light grey wolf off and immediately the little one got up and took on a threatening pose. Sasori bared his teeth at the little wolf, trying to scare him off, but the little one was oblivious to it, as usual.

Naruto, Sasori thought threateningly and that got the little one's attention. Ears peaked up in curiosity and the head hang to the side. Sasori just pushed passed him and kept walking towards the house.

Naruto of course followed him, playing with whatever fitted in his mouth and he could somewhat carry. Sasori got thrown off his feet once, because Naruto had decided to trot passed him with a huge stick in his mouth. The boy could be so annoying.

Finally they had reached the house and Sasori's mother was leaning against the wall. Naruto jumped forward and licked her human face. He saw her as his mother too. All the wolves did who were part of the pack. It was just how things worked. The two alphas were the leaders and the most important part of the pack. Sasori was the Beta by nature and stood high above the others too, but it was still different. The pack wouldn't listen to him if he gave them orders and it was something he admired in his father.

Konan walked towards her son and stood before him. 'How has my son been today?' she asked.

Unable to really understand the words, let alone answer the question, Sasori cocked his head to the side. Konan just smiled and patted him on the head. They both looked to the side when someone come walking out of the woods. A young lean woman stepped out, revealing her long blond hair and dark grey eyes. Somewhere she looked similar to Deidara, but she was just not as breathtaking.

Sasori looked away, ears drooping. He knew who she was and who she was supposed to be. His father wanted them to be mates, but he had refused. He did not like that girl and he didn't want to be forced to love her.

'Ino!' Konan exclaimed. 'Did you find the herbs you needed?'

Dark grey eyes were fixated on the reddish wolf, still hurt because of the rejection. She wanted to be his mate. It would bring her so much higher in the pack and Sasori was quite a catch too.

'Yeah, some of them. I'll go a little further to find the remaining ones tomorrow,' she answered.

Konan nodded and petted her son again. 'Don't go too far though. I want you to stay on our grounds.'

Ino waved her off and walked towards the huge house. She disappeared inside and left Sasori and Konan alone again. Naruto had already run off somewhere, bored out of his young mind.

Sasori changed back, everything going in reverse now. Soon he was stark naked, standing before his mother. He took his clothes out of the pouch and put everything back on.

'Hello son,' Konan welcomed Sasori.

Sasori's hand glided in his front pocket and started fumbling with his cellphone, again remembering what had happened today. He gave his mother a small nod and then looked away in the distance, thinking about his special blonde.

They were both silent for a while, Sasori looking into the woods and Konan staring at her son. At some point the redhead was done with it and walked towards the house. Konan didn't turn around, but did call back at him. 'Your father wishes to speak to you,' she said. 'About something blue and blonde.'

There he stood in his father's office. Well, it was sort of an office. It didn't have books in it or even a computer, just a desk with some stacks of paper. Sasori suspected those were even for decoration, never seeing Pein use any of it.

The orange haired male was staring at his son, trying to force answers out of him without asking the questions. Sasori didn't budge though. He was so used to his father's stares, he often didn't even notice them anymore.

Pein eventually gave in, not having the time to continue these games. 'Are you aware of why you're here?' he asked.

'I have some ideas,' Sasori shot back. Both males kept staring at each other, wanting the other to break first. Like father, like son, Konan always said about the two.

Pein started to shuffle around some papers on the desk and narrowed his eyes at a particular letter that laid on it. He needed to hurry this father talk up. He needed to talk to Sasori as his alpha. Why couldn't Konan just have this talk herself? There was no other way then to just spill his thoughts, more like Konan's thoughts, and get on with this conversation. Sasori was never going to give in otherwise.

'Your mother has this crazy idea that you have found someone you want to be mated to and she wants to know who it is.'

Sasori raised an eyebrow, not entirely sure what was just asked. Apparently his father didn't really want to know what's going on. 'No, I haven't found my future mate,' he answered. He didn't really lie. It wasn't like he could actually be mated to Deidara, so no problem there.

Pein let out a relieved sigh. 'Good, now I can calm your mother's nerves. She annoyed the hell out of me with all her questions.' Sasori laughed a bit. His mother could fuss a lot about things, especially about her precious son. 'Now I need to discuss something else with you,' Pein continued. Sasori immediately felt that this was from alpha to beta, just because of the tone Pein used. 'I got a certain letter from a fellow alpha.' Sasori nodded, taking in every word as he was afraid to miss something important. 'It seems my old friend Madara is coming to visit us.'

Sasori didn't need more words. He knew about his father's problems with Madara. The other didn't really live by the werewolf rules and was caught attacking a lot of humans. Of course his pack was not the biggest one around due to all the attacks and creating new werewolves. No one dared to stand up to him anymore, so he could do as he pleased.

Sasori had already learned the rumors that none were quite happy in the pack and a lot of them died at a young age.

'He's paying part of his family a visit who live in town. We just need to keep an eye out. Who knows what he has planned.'

Sasori nodded once more. 'When will they be here and for how long?'

Pein smiled at his son. He was really growing up into a fine young man and soon he would be able to become alpha himself. He couldn't be more proud. The smile disappeared as soon as he answered. 'In three days and he will stay for as long as he pleases.'

So he would arrive on Saturday, the day after his date. Wait, what was he even thinking? He wasn't going on that date.

'Now prepare yourself as best as you can and we'll plan more on Saturday itself,' Pein finished, dismissing his son.

'Yes, alpha!' Sasori called out and left.

Two days later and Sasori still didn't have the guts to call Deidara about the date. He had still visited the school every day, but the blonde had completely ignored him. He had to call him today, just to say the date couldn't happen. There was just no other way.

Sasori made sure he had gone deep into the forest, so no one would bother him during the call. He took a deep breath and pressed the dial button.

The phone had rung twice when Deidara picked up with his overly cheery voice. 'Hello, Deidara speaking!'

Sasori stayed silent for a while, unable to really speak to the blonde. He didn't know what to say. He had never been good with words.

'Hello?' asked the still cheery voice.

'H-hey,' Sasori stammered. 'I'm calling about the date.'

'Oh, hey,' Deidara said in an incredibly happy way. 'I was wondering if you would still call. Now that we've confirmed the date, we can plan the rest. Let's say nine p.m. in front of 'X' tonight?' X was a popular place to go out, Sasori knew that much. A weird place to take a date to though.

But that didn't matter, he couldn't go on the date anyway. 'I can't go out with you,' he answered.

'Good, I will see you at nine!' The blonde hang up immediately. Now Sasori had to go and meet the blonde, just so he could reject him again. Why didn't Deidara understand that it could not happen!

And now Sasori found himself in front of X, waiting for a certain blonde to arrive. It was way too crowded for the redhead's taste and this was only outside the building, inside would be even worse!

He didn't have to wait long, his blonde coming around the corner with a broad smile plastered on his face. Again he took the redhead's breath away.

When Deidara was close enough, he grabbed Sasori's arm and pulled him into the club. Just to make sure the redhead wouldn't leave him immediately.

Sasori took a careful look around, not happy with the fact that he was not inside the club and not outside in the fresh air anymore. He wasn't human enough to act normal around this many people and his sensitive ears began to hurt due to the music that stood on way too loud. How could this even be fun?

Deidara didn't even notice something was wrong, too happy with the fact Sasori was actually here. That would show Itachi! He wouldn't be stood up by the redhead like Itachi had thought. It was just not in him.

They made their way to the bar and Deidara ordered them both some sweet drinks. Sasori wasn't sure what it was, but he felt a little lightheaded after he had taken a few sips over the pinkish colored drink. The club became also less bothersome. The people were just lightly moving around and the music got actually a bit entertaining.

'Are you enjoying yourself?' Deidara yelled in Sasori's ear. Somehow the blonde's arms had wrapped themselves around his neck and his own were around Deidara's waist. He blinked a couple of times, truing to remember when that had actually happened. He wasn't a touchy feely person, but he actually didn't mind this. When he noticed the blonde looking intently at him, he just nodded, not sure what he was agreeing to. At least he had made Deidara happy, who was smiling brightly.

A few songs later and they were on the dance floor, slowly moving to the beat of the music. It was the only way Sasori could move to music, because dancing was something he did not get. He also didn't remember this happening, but Deidara's head lying on his shoulder felt really nice actually.

Another song later and Deidara's nose was pressed against his, his breath ghosting over Sasori's skin. Somewhere his wolf side started to come up, not liking how close the human actually was. When he was about to snap at Deidara, suddenly a pair of lips were pressed against his. Every angry thought vanished and all he could think about were those lips moving against his.

He had never kissed before, but somehow he knew exactly what he was supposed to do. Vaguely he remembered his mother explaining to him that when you meet the one, you know exactly what you need to do.

He pushed the thought aside and instead melted into the kiss. He let his tongue glide over Deidara's bottom lip and the blonde opened his mouth eagerly. The tongue slipped inside and roamed through the wet cavern. He tasted something sweet and it was quite nice. When both tongues found each other, the kiss became more passionate. They fought for dominance, stirring something awake in Sasori. He growled and grabbed a hand full of blond locks. He pushed Deidara's lips harder against his own and the blonde surrendered then. Sasori's other hand went to Deidara's little ass and he gave it a tight squeeze, pulling a moan from reddened lips.

Sasori was so lost in the kiss, that he didn't even know what he was doing anymore. He didn't even notice when he swept away the blond hair, revealing a bare tanned neck. He didn't even notice when he pulled the head to the side, giving him easier access. And he didn't even notice when his mouth latched onto the neck, first nibbling and sucking, but ending with a harsh bite, marking the blonde as his future mate.

Then he did wake up as he heard Deidara scream. He looked up at blue eyes, them looking back frightened. His eyes widened when he noticed the red mark on Deidara's neck. Thankfully he hadn't drawn blood, so the blonde wouldn't go through the change. But the mark itself said enough. It wouldn't fade for over a month, telling other wolves he already belonged to someone.

'I'm sorry,' he said, meaning it in every way.

Deidara nodded, calming down already. The two tanned arms were wrapped around Sasori's neck once more. Deidara forgave Sasori for biting him. He had been lost in the moment as well. It was just strange how badly they were actually attracted to each other. Deidara himself had never felt like this before. Hell, he might have bitten Sasori right back if he had gotten the chance, how strange that might even sound.

It didn't matter anymore. Deidara just pulled Sasori in for another kiss and both got completely lost again.

Sasori couldn't even begin to think about what really had happened last night. Today he had to focus on the other pack crossing the border, which was really hard considering he was in his wolf form and all the wolf could think about was his future mate. He had a tough time keeping it a secret from the others and some seemed to suspect something already. He just hoped his father wouldn't find out.

After the first high had settled down between Deidara and him, they had gone outside to cool off. He remembered still wanting more from the blonde, truly making him his mate, but after a firm no, he had cooled down. It had been so strange. He had never listened to others before except his parents. Maybe this was something that happened between mates.

Around two in the morning they finally said goodbye to each other, taking a long time over the goodbye kiss. Some words were spoken, mostly by Deidara, and Sasori remembered something about the blonde not being available today, but Sasori forgot why. It didn't matter anyway. There was no way he could leave the pack unnoticed today and spend some time with Deidara. He didn't even want to, the pack was his everything.

He had been patrolling the southern border for hours now, going back and forth, sometimes running into other wolves who were doing the same thing as he. It was just a precaution multiple wolves were on the same part. Nothing could be missed today, not with Madara's huge pack.

At least they knew that Madara's pack had arrived. The smell hang thick in the air. It smelled like smoke and fire. They hadn't crossed the borders yet, but they stayed close to it. Some wolves already became fidgety, ready to protect what belonged to them. Hidan was one of those hot heads, his growls resonating through the woods.

He ran into Ino again, her almost white fur standing out in these dark woods. She just had a few grey spots here and there. They greeted each other for a second, sniffing at each other's fur.

Ino sat down for a second, tongue dangling from her mouth. She wasn't thinking much, just resting. Sasori did the same and both sat in peace for a while, trying to catch their breath.

A loud howl shot through the forest and both wolves quickly got back onto their feet. Their ears shot up and they listened, waiting for more. The wolves closest to the source howled back and then the next wolves who were closest howled. Soon it was their turn already. They were very close and as the beta, Sasori needed to be there. They both howled, snouts pointed towards the sky. Both got an answer in their heads from the alpha.

South-east border, and the voice vanished.

Sasori started sprinting right away and the soft footsteps behind him, told him Ino was right behind him. Trees flashed before their eyes and little animals shot out of the way for them. They were so close, but still not close enough.

Thoughts of other wolves flooded his mind. Some were already there, but he didn't quite understand what they were thinking. He heard a lot of wrongs, but what would a werewolf find wrong?

Then he heard Hidan's voice rising above the others. The anger had disappeared from his thoughts and had left something else. Sadness maybe or fear. He heard his name, Sasori and then something he had never expected to hear. Blue.

He was finally at the place where the first howl had come from. His eyes searched the area, but couldn't find Blue. Why had Hidan said it then? What was going on here?

Then he realized they were still all on their territory and the other pack had not crossed the border. They were not at the place where it all had happened, but right behind it.

He saw the alpha pacing in front of the group of wolves and when their eyes met, Sasori shot forward to stand next to him. Immediately he was guided through the trees towards the real end of their territory. He walked passed Hidan who lowered his ears in sadness. Sasori was confused again and his pace quickened, just so he could get there faster. He could smell blood in the air and he heard barks, howls and whines coming from the other pack. He could also hear a human cry and scream which freaked him out even more. Was the human Blue? It didn't sound like blue.

Pein growled at his son. The weird thoughts he was having, were clouding his mind. He needed to focus and Sasori did.

The first thing Sasori noticed was the chaos. Unknown wolves were circling around a treeless spot, looking at whatever laid between them. Some howled at it and some were silent. There were a few sitting at the edge, as far away as possible. Some growling in annoyance and some whining in fear, not daring to look anywhere near the circling wolves.

But the most frightening part were the two humans standing in the middle. The larger one was smiling, almost maniacal. The smaller one was crying and screaming, trying to kick his way out of the larger one's arms and fling himself between the circling wolves. The two humans looked sort of alike, but only one was familiar to Sasori. The smaller one, the raven who always hang around Blue.

Sasori's eyes shot back to the circle of wolves. He needed to know right now what was between them. Luckily one of the wolves got attacked by another, creating a clear vision of what had been behind him.

And there he was. His beautiful blonde was displayed in the middle, dirt covering his clothes. Blood was gushing out of a wound on his arm and he was shivering badly. But that would be over soon as the change sets in.

Many thoughts were clustered inside of Sasori's mind. His wolf couldn't handle that much, shaking his head to get them out. He needed to help Blue, but he couldn't take action since it wasn't on their lands. That's why no one had helped Blue already. The other pack was aware of their presence, but didn't care about it. Sasori's pack wouldn't attack them anyway.

But Sasori had to do something. It was Blue for crying out loud! He was special! What if the change took away the blue eyes? What if the change took Deidara away completely, because he was joining Madara's pack? Sasori would never see him again!

'Sasori,' someone whispered, but it couldn't be Deidara. He was unconscious. He glanced to the side and saw Itachi looking at him. Of course the raven knew who he was, he had known this from the beginning. 'Sasori, help him,' the raven whispered again, pleading Sasori to do something and that was all the redhead needed. He jumped forward and landed between the other foreign wolves. He picked up Deidara with his mouth and flung him on his back. Then he ran as fast as he could. He ran passed the whole pack who were looking at him as if he had gone mad. He probably had gone mad, but it didn't matter. All that mattered now was that his mate was safe. He would make sure his mate would be safe, forever.

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