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Sasori's ears were flat against his head and he crouched down to make himself as small as possible. Deidara first kept staring at him, those deep blue eyes piercing through the muddy brown ones. Sasori held his breath, not knowing how Deidara would react to the others around them. Many of them were in their wolf form, ready to protect Sasori when needed. The white wolf was towering over Sasori. He was leaner than Sasori, but also a lot taller. He was almost feminine like, but oh so beautiful. The white fur shone in the soft moon light and it was almost like Deidara was glowing himself.

As if awakened out of a trance, Deidara blinked once, the blue eyes now glancing through the crowd. It frightened him, but he wasn't sure how to react. His instincts told him to step back, so he did and then another step until his behind came in contact with the wooden house. Sasori stood back up straight and watched the white wolf carefully. This was Deidara's first time as a wolf and he didn't belong to the pack yet. He could hear no voices and was all alone in this really. There had to be another way to learn Deidara how to be a werewolf.

Sasori had two options. Try a human approach, which wasn't his strongest point, or try a wolf approach, which he could do perfectly. It all depended on how Deidara behaved. Human like or wolf like. His brown eyes focused on every move the white wolf made and so did the rest of the pack. His mother was still in her human form, looking down from the house at Deidara. She had opened the door for them apparently.

Heavy footsteps behind him notified Sasori that his father came up behind him. Was he going to teach Deidara instead? Sasori could not deny his father, but he would be so mad at him. He didn't have the right to teach Deidara.

Deidara also noticed the bigger reddish wolf coming closer to him and he felt cornered. He didn't know where he had to keep his blue eyes. On which wolf should he focus on? He pressed his body closer to the house and bared his teeth to scare the others off. He growled lowly, wanting to be alone. Why were to so many of them and why were they so focused on him? One wolf came to close and Deidara snapped, lashing out at him, but not touching him. He was only threatening. Deidara just needed a way out.

And now Sasori knew what he was supposed to do. Deidara wasn't acting human at all, his every move based on instinct and not based on thinking. Deidara needed someone to be dominant over him and Sasori would be that wolf. Sasori made himself bigger, broader, the hairs on his back standing up a bit. He walked towards Deidara, making sure his father couldn't go passed him. This would be his chance to show he would be a good alpha, that he would be a good leader. He wouldn't disappoint his father again.

Quickly the blue eyes shot to Sasori, the growling now focused on him. The reddish wolf came really close to Deidara and he could feel the teeth of the white one going over his soft fur. Sasori's tail was wagging from left to right, showing off he didn't mean any harm. His eyes weren't looking at Deidara, avoiding eye contact on all times, but making sure they weren't pointed lower than the blue ones. He needed to be bigger in everything, forcing Deidara to be submissive. Sasori had seen his father do this so many times and his father sometimes got dominant over him when he tried to eat alone.

Slowly and carefully Sasori dared his nose to go down, trying to smell Deidara's fur. First the white wolf lashed out again, but Sasori only pulled his head away, forcing his chest closer to Deidara's body. Deidara could feel Sasori's energy now and how calm he was. Deidara's breathing came in slower puffs and after a while the white wolf sat down, seemingly calmed down. Sasori again tried to sniff the white fur and this time Deidara let him. Had he really done this?

Deidara sighed, lying down completely calm now. He licked his lips and closed his eyes, now perfectly calm. He didn't need to think anymore. The reddish wolf could do that for him now. Sasori glanced down at Deidara, a bit stunned at how well this went. He looked back at his father who only gave him a nod. On the inside Sasori was screaming in delight. This had gone perfectly! Sasori was vibrating with excitement, wondering what else he could do.

He leaned down to nudge Deidara against his side, so he would stand up. But before he could do that, he was jumped by a different little fur ball. He fell to the ground with a smaller wolf on top of him, a tongue dangling out of its mouth. Naruto, he thought angrily, but the smaller wolf only barked happily at him. Right until another wolf growled at him, blue eyes narrowed at the young wolf.

This wasn't allowed and Sasori had to teach Deidara that. He nudged Naruto off his body and stood up again, baring his teeth at Deidara and pushing his body against the white fur again. He could hear Deidara whine softly, giving up immediately. Why was this so easy? This wasn't how it normally went. He had seen his father struggle for days sometimes, but Deidara gave up in mere minutes.

'It's because you marked him. He will always listen to you, because he belongs to you,' his mother called down to them from the house. She was leaning out the window, still looking down at them. 'You did a wonderful job, Sasori and I'm very proud of you.'

Since Sasori was now sort of the boss over Deidara, they were actually able to communicate through their thoughts. It didn't work perfectly like in the pack, but the few things they could say, were enough. It still wasn't clear if Deidara could stay with them and when Sasori had changed back for a little while, he had heard his parents talk about how their borders were slimming. Madara's pack really tried to come across them now, getting Deidara back into their pack.

And they also had the problem with Deidara not being home for a while. He had just disappeared at some point and they hadn't come up with an excuse for the way he had died. They had to convince his parents of that, how horrible that may sound. But Sasori couldn't be the one to arrange it now. He had to look out for Deidara, making sure he was alright. But if he had been the alpha, he had to do this all at the same time. That job was a lot harder than he had thought at first.

A cold nose nudged him against his neck, trying to gain his attention. Out of the corner of his eye Sasori saw that it was Deidara who wanted his attention. Hungry. Sasori sighed softly. It was only a matter of time before he needed to teach Deidara how to hunt. Of course it was partly instinct, but pups got this taught by their mother as well. Sasori would have to do the same. Slowly he started walking towards the edge of the forest, glancing back to see if Deidara was following him, but the white wolf was already standing beside him, excited about what was about to happen.

Sasori chuckled in his head. He always loved to hunt, so hopefully he could show Deidara how fun it really was. He pushed himself off the ground, flashing through the forest at a fast pace. He could barely hear Deidara running behind him. Something the white wolf had understood perfectly. How to be as quiet as possible. Sasori was proud of that.

The reddish wolf took a right, almost skidding over the forest floor. He could hear Deidara tumble over, but he wouldn't wait for him. The white wolf needed to be ready for moments like this and quickly get to his feet again. The soft footsteps were back and he heard a low growl directed at him. Sasori could only laugh at that. It was a tough world.

Soon they reached a thick part of the forest, somewhere in the middle of their territory. This was a good place to hunt, so Sasori lowered his pace and came to a complete halt. His ears twitched back and forth, trying to pick up soft noises made by small animals. His nose went up in the air, trying to sniff out the small animals as well.

Curiously Deidara looked at him and started copying him like a young pup would do. When Sasori reacted to a noise, Deidara acted like he had heard the same thing, sprinting after the reddish wolf. He was so excited! His tongue was dangling out of his mouth and he wanted to make more noise to show off how excited he really was! But he knew Sasori would get mad then and he didn't want that.

Sasori stopped again and laid low behind a green bush. Deidara got behind him as well, but Sasori knew they couldn't stay hidden for long. Animals might not be so smart, but they could see a white wolf hiding behind a green bush from miles away. They had to capture this rabbit fast, also because they couldn't outrun the rabbit. The small animal was digging a hole near a tree, trying to find some edible roots. Sasori shifted a little, getting a better grip on the ground. Watch was what he said to Deidara, wanting him to stay right where he was.

The reddish wolf jumped forward, landing right behind the rabbit. He needed to be quick now, because the rabbit already started running and in a few paces he would've lost him. Pearly white teeth were bared and he held his mouth open right above the rabbit's neck. With one more pace he snapped them closed, shaking his head fiercely so the rabbit's neck would break in an instant. It wasn't a big kill, but wolves couldn't go hunting for bigger animals all by themselves. Hunting for a deer couldn't be done alone.

Deidara immediately came running towards him, sniffing the dead rabbit in his mouth. Drool was already dangling out of the white wolf's mouth, signaling that he was really hungry and needed to eat that rabbit. Sasori was fine with that. He wasn't really hungry himself. Too bad he had to make an example. The leader would eat first, so that was what he did. He growled when Deidara tried to pull the rabbit out of his mouth and walked a few steps away from him. There he laid down and ripped some of the good parts out of the rabbit, like the kidneys. He consumed them in delight and then walked away from the rabbit, signaling Deidara that he could eat.

Sasori was still impressed with how well Deidara listened. Immediately Deidara picked up he had to wait, otherwise he would be punished. This made it so much easier for Sasori and that was good, he still needed to learn all this stuff as well. He watched Deidara eat the whole rabbit, even the small bones disappearing. Eventually only an empty skull was left and Deidara stood up to go back to Sasori. Never eat too close to home, otherwise the enemy knows where you are staying at. A weird rule, but it worked.

Deidara was so ecstatic that he was actually playing with Naruto and of course the little wolf was very happy with this. He finally found someone who was dumb enough to play with him! They were running around the house, literally around it. It was driving the other wolves crazy and many of them had left for the forest. Unfortunately Sasori was forced to stay, just to keep an eye on Deidara. He might suddenly snap at Naruto and then Sasori had to be there to put him in his spot again.

Naruto ran practically over Sasori's head, who was lying on the ground to rest. Sasori growled at Naruto, lifting his head up to make sure the little wolf knew it was directed at him. But then Deidara also came towards him and he tripped over Sasori's raised head, landing completely on top of the reddish wolf. This only angered Sasori further and he stood up immediately, barking loudly at Deidara. The white wolf first cowered away, but then liked this little game. He walked around Sasori and then jumped him from behind, his teeth grabbing a mouthful of fur and his paws poised on Sasori's back. He was growling playfully, having the best time. Eventually Sasori just let him do as he pleased, knowing he wouldn't shake off a stubborn young wolf now.

Not fair! Naruto shot at him, but Sasori didn't care. Deidara was special, so of course he got treated differently. There was no denying there and he didn't have to. His father treated his mother differently than the other females, so Sasori would treat Deidara differently than the other wolves as well.

Heavy footsteps came from behind and Deidara quickly got off Sasori. He made himself smaller than the reddish wolf, almost disappearing behind him. Sasori only gave the white wolf a funny look, telling Deidara he shouldn't be afraid of his father. His brown eyes then went up to the other reddish wolf, the fur a little lighter than his. His father passed him, glancing his way only once. Sasori knew this meant he needed to follow, so slowly he started walking, leaving Deidara with Naruto for now. This shouldn't take long anyway.

Pein stopped walking when they were behind the house, it being completely deserted of wolves. He sat down and Sasori did the same right beside his father. Sasori wasn't sure if this would be a father son moment or an alpha beta moment. He stayed silent, his body completely still of any movement. He would wait until his father started talking. Only his father could think complete sentences, unlike Sasori who was doomed to only communicate with a few words.

His father glanced down at him, but Sasori wouldn't meet his eyes. Always avoid the alpha's eyes unless if asked to look at him. I'm meeting Madara today, his father thought. Sasori's body only reacted by stiffening, but no words formed in his mind. What was he supposed to think? We're going to talk about Deidara and how this will continue. I should find out if Madara will let Deidara stay with us or claim him as his. Sasori's eyes narrowed. The thought of Deidara leaving him was just unbearable. The bound they shared only got stronger these past few days. I expect you to handle accordingly and will not go against my will. If you will, you know what the consequences are. Pein stood up again and started walking towards the forest, never looking back at his soon.

And Sasori knew the consequences. Someone who didn't listen to the alpha and actually decided to disobey, would be thrown out of the pack. He would be alone then since Deidara would already be gone. Sasori didn't even know what he really would do if he found out what his father had agreed on when he came back.

It was already getting dark, a soft orange light shining through the forest. Sasori had left Deidara and Naruto alone for a little longer than he first wanted to, but it had all gone fine. Sasori just needed some time alone to think and he did enough now. More wolves had come back to the house and some had changed back into their human form. Hidan was actually trotting around naked, glancing around the female wolves to see if he was getting some attention. Idiot.

Deidara's ears shot up when he heard Sasori in his head, happily looking at him with his tongue dangling out of his mouth. Idiot? He asked curiously, his head cocked to the side. Sasori only shot his eyes back at Hidan and Deidara understood enough. The white wolf ran towards Hidan and started jumping around him, chanting in his mind. Idiot, idiot, idiot. Sasori could only chuckle in his head, shaking his head at the silliness. Deidara was now so busy with Hidan who was shouting profanities the wolf's way that Sasori could take his eyes off him again.

His eyes glided through the pack of wolves, everyone seeming to be enjoying themselves. Sasori was still a bit on edge, only the thought of the meeting his father was having driving him crazy. But then his eyes fell on something else. A black Range rover was driving through the forest, its headlights blinding the reddish wolf. Who in the world would be crazy enough to drive through a forest and go to a werewolf pack? Well, the latter he probably didn't know. Other wolves were now also looking at the car, which had stopped now, and Sasori knew he would have to be the one to go there first. The others might attack the person on sight.

Sasori trotted towards the car and stayed a few feet away, sitting down in front of the car. At first nothing happened, but then a car door opened and someone stepped out. When the door was shut again, Sasori saw who it was. Well, that was unexpected. What was Deidara's friend doing here? The reddish wolf glanced over his shoulder. No one was looking at them right now, so it was safe for Sasori to change back without being suspicious.

Completely naked he stood before Itachi, his arms folded together in front of his chest. His eyes were looking lazily at the raven as if he didn't care Itachi was here. Of course he did since it could be very dangerous for him. 'What do you want?' Sasori shot his way.

Itachi was fidgeting with the sleeves of his coat, his eyes unsure of what to focus on. The forest floor, Sasori or the dangerous looking wolves behind Sasori. 'How's he doing?' the raven asked.

Sasori's eyes slightly narrowed. 'He's doing fine. He went through his first change already. Now what can I do for you?' Sasori leaned against one of the trees, appearing very relaxed.

'Deidara's parents are looking for him. They know he disappeared in the forest and they're having a big search. It's only a matter of time until they will stumble upon this place,' Itachi said. The black eyes now were focused on Sasori and it really seemed like Itachi wanted to help them, but Sasori didn't understand why.

Sasori stayed silent for a while, but then nodded his head. 'Thank you for telling me this. I will warn the others.' He turned around, wanting to walk away from Itachi again. If that was what the raven wanted to share, then they had shared a lovely moment together.

'Wait! I need to tell you something else!' Itachi yelled desperately. Sasori slowly turned again, seeing the black eyes completely dilated. He nodded, urging the raven on further. 'D-Deidara was in the forest because I asked him to come,' he started. 'My uncle always asks me to visit him when he's in town. I always have to come, otherwise he will stop by the house. M-my parents and him aren't really friends even though my father and him are brothers. Uhh, my father and he actually got in a big fight once and since then there is some sort of rivalry.' Itachi stopped talking for a second, collecting his thoughts. 'It's about the whole werewolf thing. Madara got himself bitten, because he wanted to and that was something my father couldn't understand. My uncle asked him to join the pack and become the ultimate alpha with him. My father said no and my uncle didn't really like that. Now Madara is on another kind of mission. If he couldn't get my father to join his pack, then he would make his son join his pack. Me.' Itachi suddenly fell to the ground, tears streaming down his face. 'Madara thought only I was coming to visit him, but then he saw that I had brought Deidara. I was just so afraid and I didn't know what to do. Madara took his revenge on by changing my best friend and I've felt so guilty about it.'

Sasori was staring at Itachi, but he didn't know what to say about this all. This was just all so strange. A man who wanted to change? Well, maybe that wasn't so crazy. Sasori loved being a wolf, but he didn't know any better. 'I can't be angry for you being the cause of Deidara's change. This makes it a lot easier for me. But you have to know that him being here now, doesn't mean he will stay here. My father is now talking to Madara as we speak about what will happen to Deidara and I might still… lose him.'

Itachi was looking up at Sasori, the tears still streaming down his face. He felt so guilty and it was tearing him apart. Why did this all have to happen? He just didn't want to be a werewolf, that's all.

Suddenly someone came running towards them and tanned arms wrapped Sasori's waist, sparkling blue eyes looking at him. It was about time Deidara changed back again. It had been days since he last been a human. 'Whatcha doing?' Deidara asked him, a broad smile on his face until his eyes fell on Itachi. The blue eyes widened and he took a step back.

'Deidara, I'm sorry!' Itachi called out, but the boy had already run away. So many memories suddenly came back from the night. How anything had been fine and how suddenly a man disturbed their camping trip. And then the pain, the searing pain. It was Deidara's turn to cry now, anxiety filling his body until he changed back into a wolf, disappearing in the woods.

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