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It was evening now, but the sounds had yet to subdue. Even while it was dark they continued their hunt. So they should be equipped with night vision goggles. Which was rather frightening. How long would this hunt last? If they couldn't even go out during the night and this would go on for days, surely some of the wolves would snap. They were already on edge, pacing around the house, trying their best to get rid of this extra energy and most of all their nerves. Bodies were tingling, skin itching to change into something else. They wouldn't last long, definitely not.

Sasori wasn't doing so great either. He was born a werewolf and the only way he knew how to escape such things was carrying his wolf's skin. Deidara worried about him. He could hear the words that were on Sasori's mind, but they were so primitive. Mostly it was just the word run. But Sasori couldn't run, he had to stay, here where it was safe. But how safe would it be if the hunters got closer? Deidara was the only one who was sort of level-headed. He hadn't been wolf long enough to only base decisions on instincts. He understood better that in their human form they could reason, they would be able to explain, they could hide their true nature better. Of course the others realised that, but didn't want to admit defeat to that. The wolf had the upper hand.

The most frightening part was that Deidara could see the tension in Pein's body and that was what made this worse for the pack. They reacted to his body language and if that wasn't calm enough, then the whole pack would be ready to burst. It could even end up in a fight for dominance if some male wolves didn't see Pein as a fit leader anymore. But Deidara couldn't blame the man. This was something you couldn't have been prepared for and it was all Deidara's fault. If he hadn't focused too much on what was happening to him and had called his parents, then they wouldn't have come looking for him. How could this ever end up well?

A soft whine rose up from his throat, feeling rather guilty about this all. Muddy brown eyes snapped towards him, but when they noticed it was nothing to worry about, Sasori turned away again, continuing his pacing through the room.

All the sounds rising up throughout the house was what made it all worse on Sasori. He could hear the soft growls and the howls that showed how much of a mess the pack was currently. He was afraid, very afraid. Because he didn't know what would happen next. There was no predicting this. They could prepare for one thing and then have the other slap them in the face. He knew all this, trained perfectly by his father to be the successor. But how could he ever lead the pack out of a situation like this if his father didn't even know how to? So Sasori felt like running, moving away from all the problems. First Madara had gotten in the way, changing Deidara and claiming him and when he finally had come to terms with that, something new happened. Why? Why did this all have to happen?

And then the gunshots got closer and closer, seeming to come from right outside the house. Every werewolf in the house stilled, waiting on what was going to happen. Would they be found out? Would this be their end?

Everything turned silent. The guns weren't fired anymore, but there was also no animal making a sound. No birds singing. And then they could all hear the footsteps. Ears were pricked up, focusing solely on the people outside their house. Voices then rose up, getting louder and louder, but they couldn't make out words. And then everyone in the house jumped at the sudden knock on the door. They all held their breaths, waiting on what happened next. Even Pein wasn't sure on how to react, but then the door was knocked on again, a little louder this time.

Pein motioned for everyone to stay silent and forced everyone to get out of the living room, other rooms getting even fuller now. Sasori had no idea what would happen next. No idea who those people were at the door, but they were part of the group of hunters. What would they do if they found a house filled with far too many people? They had never been inside before all at the same time.

The door creaked open and that was the moment of truth. What would happen next?

All the doors had been closed by Konan, making sure no one could listen in to the conversation they were currently having in the living room. One party's voice sounded louder than the other's, a bit more heated and maybe even a little desperate. It was funny how you picked up on things faster with your wolf instincts. Deidara had never imagined he would be able to hear the difference between a casual walk and someone who was trying to catch up to someone. But he did hear it now and he did hear someone walking towards their door.

Sasori was looking up expectantly, knowing exactly who was going to come in. And when the door opened, it revealed his mother who quickly closed it again, making sure they couldn't look through the gap to see who were inside, or rather the people wouldn't see who else were inside.

Her eyes scanned through the room until they eventually settled on Deidara. Gracefully she walked over to him, acting like nothing was the matter. Even the serene look didn't give anything away, except for Sasori. He could see it in the twitch of her hand where she forced all her emotions in. He understood perfectly how she kept that look and why she was such a good alpha female.

'Deidara,' she started softly, sitting down beside him and laying a hand on his shoulder as a sign of comfort. 'There is something you need to know.' The whole room was now focused on the pair, Sasori the most of course. If there was something Deidara had to know, then surely he would have to know as well. He needed to know everything that involved Deidara's life. So he listened intently, eyes transfixed on them as if to pull the answers out.

'Pein is currently talking to your parents.' Shock ran through Deidara's body and his blue eyes snapped to the door, feeling the pull towards it. His parents were right outside that door. He hadn't seen them in so long. He hadn't even been able to say goodbye. He could do that now, right? 'They have been traveling through the woods with the hunters and they had finally stumbled upon our house. You can imagine that finding a cabin in the middle of the woods is rather strange, so with very suspicious and desperate people they immediately assume you would be here. In this case they aren't mistaken.' Konan blinked her eyes at Deidara once, grabbing his chin and forcing him to look back at her again. 'I know this will be very hard, but if you wish to stay with us and not have to go through the trouble of hiding your true nature from your parents, then I need you to change into a wolf right now.'

That was a rather strange command and it wasn't like he had to listen. He wasn't part of the pack, so he could deny the alpha female. But Konan would have a good reason for him to change, right? 'Why?' he only questioned, unsure on how to even form his question.

A sad look crossed Konan's eyes and she lowered her gaze for a moment. 'They want to search the house, so we already had to come up with an excuse why there are so many people here. But if they see you, well, we will be in a lot of trouble,' she explained. 'We can't risk that. So either you change now and we'll act like you are our family wolf. You will need to behave accordingly in this case. Or you come out and say you ran away, but want to go home now. We have no other options. They will otherwise find out who and what we are.'

It stayed completely silent after that. Sasori's heart clenched. Was Deidara going to go home and live with his parents? Would he leave him and choose the love he held for them? That would still mean he would die now that they were truly mates and this time he couldn't blame anyone except the blonde himself. His muddy brown eyes stayed clear of emotion, looking down upon Deidara, but of course Deidara had heard some of the things Sasori had been thinking about. They stared at each other for the longest moment, decisions flowing through either mind.

'I'll change,' Deidara stated resolute, standing up and slowly undressing. Sasori let out the breath he had apparently been keeping in and felt his heart to beat at a steady pace again. This really couldn't be good for his heart.

The decision had been made and pleased Konan stepped out of the room again to accompany her mate. They would start leading them through the house and then get to the last room, where Deidara would be in his wolf form.

'I can assure you that this is the last room,' Pein started to say to the loving couple currently standing beside him. He could feel his heart clench at the thought of losing his own son, but if Deidara would return, he actually just might. So hopefully Deidara had stuck to the plan and was a wolf. Sometimes you could be a little selfish, right? 'But there is a bit of a surprise here. I didn't want the hunters to find out, so that is why I haven't told you yet,' he explained. 'But we have a pet wolf in here. If the hunters found out, they would claim he was dangers and still put him down, so I do ask discretion on your part.'

The man of the two grumbled a bit and then nodded his head. 'Understandable with your research on wolves and all.' He didn't say more, not really loving the idea of a large group of people investigating the wolves. It could mean they could get a lawsuit for even hunting them from these people, but for now they seemed friendly enough.

Opening the door Pein stepped in first, followed by Konan and eventually Deidara's parents. Immediately their eyes landed on the completely white wolf sitting in the middle of the room, a redheaded boy standing beside him, kneeled down with an arm protective around the wolf's shoulders. It was a strange sight to see a wolf so casually sitting between so many people, not seeming to be the least bit of scared or aggressive. The others they had stumbled upon were nothing but threatening, baring their teeth and growling at them until they left. Most had gotten shot for just that reason.

'My son is closest to the wolf as you can see,' Pein started out, seeing the woman move closer to the wolf, staring rather intently at him. It worried Pein. What was she going to do? Try and get a rise out of him so that he would still be shot down. He assumed Deidara would recognise his parents and the wagging tale said he did, but when agitated, a wolf could attack anyone, no matter who it was. He had gotten in rather bad fights with Konan just for that reason. 'They really are inseparable.'

The woman kneeled down right in front of the wolf, her hands slowly reaching up and cupping either side of his head. She really was crazy for doing so and her husband tried to tell her to stop, but she wasn't listening. 'His eyes,' she suddenly said. 'His eyes look so familiar.' It was the blue that had captured her attention. Of course it was something she would notice. She was his mother for god's sake and his eyes were the one prominent thing. The brightness of them. 'Deidara?' she suddenly questioned and the wolf reacted by whining softly.

A confused look covered her features, but Sasori was just in time to stop her mind from connecting the dots. 'His name is Fang,' he responded smoothly, his hand sliding over the soft white fur to get Deidara's attention back to him and calm him down. 'Not a very original name, but I was only eight when we got him. My first idea was Batman, because I was such a fan, but my parents didn't agree to that. In the end it became Fang,' he lied and Deidara barked in responds, understanding he should give some sign of recognition.

The woman smiled a little, but it seemed sad. It was still like she knew, but accepted the lie. Call it mother's instinct. She stood back up and went to her husband. 'I think we should leave them alone now, hun. We've given them enough trouble already with our hunting spree and search for our son. Obviously he's not here. Let's just go and search some other parts he might be in.' Her husband nodded and turned towards the door. As she was about to follow him and step out, she glanced over her shoulder for a moment, murmuring the words, 'take good care of him.' And with that they left, never to return again.

In the days that followed the gunshots got softer and softer. Of course the hunt hadn't stopped, but they had moved out of their territory and slowly some of the pack members had decided it was time to change again, the feeling exhilarating. Never should wolves be in such a close space together. Some really had felt like they were going nuts. They had snapped at each other, fights had roused up and it had been Pein's job to calm everyone down.

But there was other stuff to do for him besides getting his pack back into order. Now that the hunters had moved out of their territory, the surviving members of Madara's pack were hiding on their grounds. They hadn't dared to come close to them yet, but they were slowly inching their way towards the house, feeling the protective vibe coming from Pein as the alpha male. The needed someone to lead and that had a significant meaning to the redheaded wolf. Madara had either abandoned his pack and had fled, leaving them all behind to take care of themselves or he had actually been found by one of the hunters.

It was Hidan that had found out what had happened. Somewhere very close to their border they found a completely black and rather large wolf, his eyes opened slightly, revealing a strange red colour. Pein knew who it was as soon as he saw the body. He had been shot in the stomach and had bled out. Not a nice death, but none of them had one. You could only pray that when they shot you, they would shoot you in the head.

But this meant that all the wolves that were alive and moving through these woods, were all without an alpha male and that was a big problem. Wolves without a leader were not good and when they were with this many… Pein was terrified that this could harm his own pack soon enough. It could happen that one of the other wolves of Madara's pack decided he could become alpha and then he would fight the rest for the position and what followed would be him trying to get some of Pein's wolves to join his pack. That was what they had been taught. That a pack needed a lot of wolves, not a stable pack.

Therefore the next few days had been hell for Pein. Sasori wanted to help, but he couldn't. The alpha had to deal with it and it wouldn't look good if his son was there to help. So Pein dealt with every wolf that trespassed and if they caused trouble, he would dominate them, he would pin them to the ground and have them whine for mercy. In no time their pack had grown much larger and another decision had to be made. The pack wouldn't survive long like this and with this many werewolves on such a small piece of ground, they would get agitated quicker and other wolves would try and grab the alpha spot. There was no calmness in the group.

There was only one thing Pein could do and he did it with pain in his heart.

Five years later Sasori had finally become the alpha male. He stood at the top of the pack and Deidara was right there beside him. No, not as the alpha female, but as the beta male. They just couldn't have an order like that. Ino had actually fought for the place and had won and now the three of them easily arranged everything beside each other.

The decision Pein had made was to move away and leave the place they had known for such a long time. It was easier in the end and Deidara felt better that way as well. They would never be haunted and if his parents ever came to find him again, they wouldn't know where to look.

And it was a beautiful place they had found. The high mountains made great caves and that was where they lived now. They managed to even build rooms in them and get electricity. It had been a lot of work and they had to start all over, but as soon as they had covered the grounds and had found something much bigger and secluded, the pack had started to relax again. Even the new wolves had settled in rather quickly. They weren't as aggressive anymore or nervous as some had been when they first joined. It had never been Pein's wish to have such a big pack, but now they were the famous one among the others. The one that had overruled Madara's pack.

Rumour has it that it had been Pein's pack that had made sure hunters had come to their woods and had wiped out half of the pack, including the alpha himself, but they all knew it wasn't true. It had been his own fault.

And after all the drama had been washed away, Pein found it was time to retire. Of course he couldn't give up his role without a fight, so Sasori and he had clashed for days until finally Pein had collapsed out of pure exhaustion. Sasori knew he wasn't stronger than his father, but he was young and full of energy and of course a lot more flexible. His strategy had worked and he had won and that was how all had come together.

Sasori was standing on one of the mountain sides, glancing out over the running wolves, crashing through the grassy fields. They were having the time of their lives there and everything was at peace. And then a familiar presence was next to him, the soft white fur brushing against his belly as Deidara laid down, following his line of sight.

They're having fun. Deidara simply stated, following the two youngest members of the pack, growling and biting at each other's fur as the played.

It had been about time that Naruto had found himself a playmate and who would've guessed it would be him. Deidara had received a rather strange phone call a few months back from Itachi. It was a question. If they would take his little brother in, because he desperately wanted to become a werewolf, always having admired his uncle. It was crazy that little Sasuke wanted to, but after a lot of questions and even having discussed everything with Sasuke himself, they had agreed. It also had helped that Naruto and he had hit it off immediately.

They are, Sasori simple responded and then laid down beside his mate. I wonder how their friendship will grow in the years to come.

That was the big question. Since Sasori wouldn't be having any children of his own, Deidara unable to get pregnant of course, there would be no family member to follow in his footsteps. But it wouldn't surprise him if Naruto ever would challenge him and that Sasuke would be his beta. But they would find out in a few years or let's make that a lot. Sasori definitely wasn't done yet with being the alpha. He had just gotten the position.

Let's go inside. It's going to rain. Deidara nuzzled him lightly and then stood up, walking towards their home. Sasori was a little confused until a certain image was send his way and he quickly got up trailing after Deidara with a very pleased smirk lingering in his mind.

I love you, Sasori said before racing off, getting to their bedroom as soon as possible, leaving Deidara behind, shaking his head mentally. His mate truly was silly sometimes, but it was times like these that he was reminded that Sasori still was human deep down and that his love was as strong as ever.

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