A Puppeteer's Heart Strings


"Hey, did you hear? About the curse of Alice Academy?"

"Curse? That's ridiculous, I can't believe you still listen to those myths."

"It's not her fault, I've heard about it too, from the others in my class. Apparently it's some sort of love curse."

"What?! A love curse?"

"Yeah. According to what I've heard, when a blue heart appears on your wrist you've been cursed to fall in love with the person who has the same tattoo within six days. Creepy, huh?"

"B-But… it's impossible right? I mean, what happens after?"

"No one really knows. All we supposedly know is that none of the couples actually date afterwards."

"Wow… I certainly hope it isn't true."

"Says the person who was so against the concept two minutes ago, of course it isn't true. It's just a myth, after all."

"Y-Yeah, you're right. How silly."

The mahogany-skinned demon gnawed his fingers expectantly as he overheard the conversation between the female students. He was surprised that word of his deeds had spread throughout the school grounds and into the naïve minds of the high schoolers. Though their explanation about the myth was not completely accurate, he was rather impressed that they had discovered this much.

Knowing it was about time he found a new target before his current victims - of whom he was disappointed in due to the lack of twists and turns he was expecting from them, since he only committed these deeds for his entertainment - snapped out of their curses of which he had placed on them, he climbed up the building towards the glass roof of the school cafeteria. The pint-sized demon struggled to reach the top due to his stubby legs and fingers, and after what seemed to him as hours of hardship he successfully sculled the brick building to observe the happenings inside the cafeteria.

It'll be the same as usual. As soon as I see two people - male and female - I will jinx them to fall in love in six days… then on the seventh day, the curse will break and ruin their young minds! The demon snickered at his musings, gleefully expectant for the post-curse 'syndrome' which usually resulted in breaking down the minds of the children along with the curse itself.

He was, in one word, sadistic. Especially when it came to the complex minds of teenagers.

No one from Hell knew of his endeavours. The concept of manipulating the mindsets of humans was forbidden among all demons, but he could not halt his way of satisfying his secret pleasures on Earth.

It was his secret, and his secret alone.

His curiosity immediately sparked at the sudden entrance of a girl. Her wavy chestnut locks hung down to her waist, but the tangles at the back of her head as well as her uneven socks which were evidently pushed down her leg by some sort of sudden fall completed her dishevelled look. The demon was very interested in how she had turned out to look like this, and when she suddenly confronted a handsome, dark-haired boy at the other side of the cafeteria with a sharp peg to his head by a clown doll - in which the demon noticed looked similar to himself - he knew the identities of his new target.

Perfect… this will be eventful. But perhaps… he thought back to the conversation the students were having in his presence. Perhaps I should do things differently from now on.

An inattentive brunette doodled aimlessly on paper as her mathematics teacher drawled on and on about calculus formulae. Instead, her eyes continuously darted to the scratched water bottle by her foot, in which she was planning to use at the beginning of lunch break. Grinning excitedly at the imagined outcome of her upcoming prank, she picked up her teddy-bear pacer and began to mark circles in the corner of her blank, lined page.

She hadn't noticed the many students seated behind her observing her every movement, glancing suspiciously at any object or person around her - most particularly the oddly juxtaposed bottle on the ground. Most could tell that it was a prank, but were not completely sure of whom had set it up until she glanced back down at it and smirked once again.

Other than the small doodle of a bear with oddly-shaped eyes and the water bottle, she noticed something odd. Her seat was strangely crooked, as it kept rocking back and forth from her every movement. Unlike the usual person who would stand up and wedge an over-folded piece of paper underneath one chair leg, she continued to rock back and forth curiously, dazed as she glanced at the back leg of her seat.

As soon as she did so, one seat leg collapsed - as if it was designed to do so. She squealed in shock at the sudden movement, and before she knew it she was on the floor with her legs in an awkward position. What in the world...? The students watching understood what had happened and sneakily brought their phones out to notify their friends, only to be stopped by a harsh glower from their teacher.

One particular girl - a baby pink haired student who was a close friend to the stunned brunette - was the only girl to immediately leave her seat to help her friend up, since the brunette's raven haired best friend was scoffing at both her stupid image and the idiotic culprit. However, as her friend attempted to help her up by holding her arm tightly, she sighted something within the space underneath the desk.

A high-pitched screech emitted from her throat as she backed away hastily from the scary item.

After a few seconds of immense shock and goosebumps, her fear was replaced with outrage as she gripped the broken seat hard.

Damn him... is that how that moron is going to play this game?! Because I'm going to kill him today.

In another classroom, the whole class flinched at the sudden shriek emitting throughout the school grounds.

However, one boy in the back seat - a ebony-haired student with his legs placed upon the table, snickered quietly in understanding.

She's going to come get me today for sure.

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