Christian had been sitting in his office at the top of the Grey Enterprise building on a Friday afternoon when Reception had called up telling him that his mother was there to see him. Obviously he had allowed her up but glanced at the time- it was 3.45, midway through her shift at the hospital. He didn't know why she would be at his office and felt uneasy, sitting back in his chair as he waited for her to come up.

Grace was looking a little wary 'Christian, dear, you remember that you put yourself on the donor list for organs a while ago?' he absently nodded, flicking through his blackberry, reading an email that had just pinged up. Grace sighed, taking a second before speaking.

'Well there's been a match. A man in Ruston- it's in Washington- he needs a kidney'. Christian glanced up, seeing the expression on her face 'what is it? You're doing a face that is clearly about something more'. Grace looked uncomfortable 'promise you will keep calm?' he nodded slowly and she sighed 'he has another possible match, his daughter, but they are looking for other possibilities as she is under 18...' there was a pause and Christian simply waited for her to speak 'the blood tests also showed us that the 17 year old girl is, uh, well she's your sister Christian'. There was an extremely long pause and he nearly dropped his phone in surprise '17- but my mum had been dead for about six years when she'd have been born...' Grace blinked 'no, dear, you share a father apparently'

Christian had stood silently staring at his mother for nearly ten minutes in a shocked, dazed silence. Grace had said nothing, waiting for him to speak first, watching as he sat back in his chair, running a hand through his hair, sighing and looking amazed. 'A sister…and my Father…I never thought…' he shrugged vaguely and Grace nodded 'Ivy Rebecca Van Rensberg, she's eighteen fairly soon but her father- your father- would need the transplant before that. Obviously she is fully capable and within her rights and within the law to donate her own kidney, but she's underage, so they are going to try and ask you to do it instead'. Christian seemed vacant and was staring at his mother, slightly open mouthed 'Ivy…Ivy Van Rensberg?' Grace nodded, glancing at the papers in her hand that he hadn't even noticed before. 'Does she…does she know about me?' Grace half shrugged 'I don't know dear, I wouldn't think so. Your father has medical records from all over the States and all over the world, I wouldn't think he even knew your mother had been pregnant'. Christian said nothing and held out his hand for the papers. Grace reluctantly handed them over, knowing that by the expression on his face, he would have got the information with or without her help.

Grace had followed Christian the whole way down the Grey enterprises building, pleading with him not to do anything stupid. However, this was Christian, and he left his mother beside her car in the lot, getting silently into his own as Taylor nodded politely at Grace, before speeding out into the City.