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Christian had stormed back into his office, Elliot following him quickly, closing the door behind him as Christian threw himself into the large chair. 'Bro, what the fuck just happened? You can't just beat someone up for fucks sake'.

'Elliot, he's been fucking my sister, what do you expect me to do?' Elliot shook his head in exasperation 'she's not a child Christian, she can do what she wants and she can date who she wants'. Christian banged his fist onto the table 'she's my sister, I didn't know she existed for ages and now she's fucking one of the few people I actually trusted. The fucking idiot. I'll destroy him, I'll kill him'.

Elliot looked shocked at his brothers reaction 'Daniel reckons he loves her, you better hope you haven't messed up her chance to be happy, or she will never, ever forgive you'.

Christian paled visibly 'He loves her? God...why the FUCKING HELL didn't he tell me about this? Why didn't SHE tell me?'. Elliot gave his brother a sour look 'because she probably knew you'd react like this'.
Elliot left without another word.

Christian had decided to go home early, calling Ana on the way. She had heard the news at work, agreeing to come home in a few hours when she could finish up a report.

Gail was cooking something when Christian came back into Escala, looking weary and tired 'Gail, have you seen Ivy?'. She shook her head 'Not since she left a few hours ago. She uh, she saw the morning newspapers'. Christian sighed, sitting down heavily at the breakfast bar 'Hmmm, I didn't take it well to be honest'.

Gail tried to hide a smile 'I can imagine. How badly?' Christian ran his hands through his hair 'well I punched Daniel in the face- Elliot had to hold me back'. Gail looked shocked 'oh...that really is bad. You should talk to them both, try and make it better'. Christian nodded, looking distant.

Gail went out for groceries a few hours later, and Christian was left alone in Escala. He'd tried calling both Daniel and Ivy but there was no response from either. He found out why from Welch- Ivy's phone was in the apartment lounge, casually discarded on the table.

He knew she had done it on purpose so he couldn't trace her. Daniel's phone had been discarded in the parking lot at Grey Enterprises.

Christian wanted to make amends, he wasn't yet ready to forgive Daniel but he wanted Ivy to forgive him. He'd spent a long time thinking an decided to go and get her a present, actually picking one out himself for once.

Christian came back to Escala an hour later. Gail was still out in the City and Taylor and Sawyer were both out either with Ana or Gail. He was humming to himself, personally very proud of himself for the choice of stunning photo frame that he was still holding.

He wandered out into the main area and saw a hastily scrawled note on the countertop with an envelope beside it. It was Ivy's handwriting and he read it quickly:

I heard what you did to Daniel- why do you think I didn't tell you we were together.
I was going to go away for a few days and I was looking for the key to the loft space above my room to get my guitar. I found this key and take a wild guess what I found.
Don't ever contact me again Christian. We're family in DNA and nothing else. And to think, I was actually starting to trust you. Freak.

Christian was breathing heavily in shock, the elegant photo frame in his hands falling to the floor and smashing everywhere into millions of pieces. He knew before he opened the envelope what was in it- the playroom key fell out as he tipped it.

Christian hurried into Ivy's room and saw immediately that it was empty. The walk in wardrobe doors were open and he quickly saw what she had done. Ivy had taken the items she has brought with her from home and everything she had purchased herself; anything Christian had brought with his money was still hanging in place.

Christian called Welch immediately but inherently knew that he wasn't going to be able to find Ivy. The Porsche key was sitting on the made bed. He wasn't going to be able to trace her, Ivy was gone.

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