Christian and Daniel were getting on fairly well and it left Ivy at something of a loss of what to do. Christian's presence along with Daniel's high profile case coming to a close and her recent acquisition of a huge portion of the Asian market meant that she couldn't travel around the City freely.

Frankly, over the next two days, she began to feel stifled and homesick for Washington State, hating the fact that there was always a photographer behind her somewhere. Sometimes they hid better than others but most of the time they didn't even bother trying.

Christian was staying in their apartment and was finally interacting with Milo when Ivy sat down opposite him on the sofa. 'Christian, when are you heading back to Seattle?'.

He looked a little affronted and Ivy shook her head, trying to explain 'I'm not asking you to leave, I was just wondering because...I'll come with you when you go...I...I want to-no I NEED- to go back for a bit, sort some stuff out in my head'. He nodded 'oh that's fine, my jets here so whenever you want to go? Just let me know?'

Ivy nodded 'I've got a meeting tonight at 7.30, I can go after its done?'. Christian frowned 'you're doing meetings at 7.30 on a Friday?'. She sighed slowly 'It's a meeting for people who used to use drugs, Christian, it's not business. It's like alcoholics anonymous but for drugs'.

Christian raised his eyebrows in shock 'oh, okay. I didn't think your usage was as bad as that?'. Ivy shook her head, looking at him warily 'it wasn't, thankfully, but I don't want to have a slip up...I haven't felt tempted but I want to make sure'. Christian nodded, looking happier '.

Ivy found Daniel sitting on their balcony at the table, going through some notes 'uh, Dan?'. He glanced up 'yeah?'. She sat down opposite him 'I want to go back with Christian tonight, after my meeting'.

Daniel frowned slightly 'is everything okay?'. Ivy nodded 'I just want to see everyone again, they're basically the only family I have'.

Daniel leant over and kissed her gently 'I can't come until Saturday, if that's okay?'. She nodded and kissed him again.

Christian had begrudgingly allowed Ivy to bring Milo with her on his jet but she could see how much he was slowly warming to the small Labrador. By the time they were over Washington State, the little puppy was asleep in his lap, sleeping gently as Christian stroked him absent mindedly.

'thank you, Christian' he looked up 'for what?' she shrugged 'for not giving up on me'.

Ivy hadn't even gone to Escala, asking Christian to take Milo and her things and making an excuse that she wanted to see some friends.

Grace was working late and had been told that she had been specifically requested by a patient who wasn't in her paediatric ward. She had looked at the file and was more than a little surprised by the name on the front.

Ivy looked worn and tired, sitting in one of the waiting room seats with her head back against the wall, eyes closed.

Grace looked up from the chart with clear surprise on her face 'Ivy?' she opened her eyes and pulled her head up, looking in surprise at Grace who motioned to the door behind her 'shall we do this in here?'. She nodded and in a slight daze, walked into the room.

It was a small consultation room and Ivy awkwardly sat on the end of the examination bed as Grace shut the door, a huge smile on her face. 'When Christian told me you were coming back to Seattle I almost didn't believe him...I must say I'm really glad to see you again'. Ivy smiled 'it's good to see you too, yeah, I think there's some future there for me and Christian now'.

Grace looked relieved and sat down opposite Ivy 'so, what were you here for?'.

She sighed 'I can't go to the doctors in San Francisco...not for...'this'...the press are all over me and it's only been worse since Daniel's last two cases were in the public eye, he was all over the news...there was no way I could do this in California and you're the only person I trust up here Grace'.

She frowned, looking into the grey eyes identical to her sons own 'what's wrong?'.

Ivy swallowed 'I, uh...I think I'm pregnant'.

Daniel made it out to Seattle a few days later, and it was clear he had some plans ready. Within about an hour of landing he had whisked Ivy off to a ludicrously expensive French restaurant in the City, dressed in a black suit with a dark blue shirt.

After their romantic meal Daniel led Ivy out onto the balcony of the tall restaurant, which was covered in flowers and empty apart from the two of them. The lights of Seattle were twinkling in the darkness and he slipped an arm around her waist.

Daniel smiled, eyes shining at her 'Ivy, I want to ask you something, and I know it's going to seem-'.

Ivy looked up and he stopped, seeing the worry in her large grey eyes and the lip she was biting warily. 'What's wrong? Honey is everything okay?' his imminent proposal was all but gone from his mind as he watched a line of tears spring in the edges of Ivy's eyes as she murmured

'I'm pregnant Dan'

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn. How will Christian take this? How will Daniel take this?

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