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Ivy was sat on the couch in the great room; elbows on the edge of her knees and resting her head on her hands, deep in thought.

Daniel had finished making some calls and came back into the main room, sitting on the table in front of Ivy, taking her hands gently, rubbing his fingers gently over her knuckles.

'You aren't going back to California are you?'. It wasn't really a question, more of an observation on what he already knew. Daniel had been watching her in the hours since Zara had left, and he knew that she wanted to stay here.

'Dan…this is where the only family I've ever known is…I can make a life with you but I want to be back here, everything I've ever known is back here'. Daniel kissed the back of her hand 'I know, are you going to open Van Ransburg Inc. up here? Operate from both cities?'.

Ivy shrugged 'I guess so, looks like I've got no other choice. I can't have a baby hundreds of miles away from my family and everyone I know'. Daniel smiled and kissed her hand again

'I know, I was on the phone to Harper and Cole, they said I could go back to them if I want'. Ivy smiled, a slightly relieved look coming over her face.

Harper and Cole was the law firm that Daniel had been a part of when he wasn't working for Christian, and they were based in the middle of Seattle.

The following day Daniel was out for a meeting with his old work mates from Harper and Cole at a French restaurant in the City to work out the terms of his return.

He just wanted to get his position back, and unbeknownst to him they wanted to offer him a partner position within the practice.

Ivy had been feeling incredibly nauseous all morning and told Christian after he found her violently vomiting in the toilet.

He'd held her hair back for the duration and called Grace to arrange an appointment for Ivy, to check if everything was okay and if they could calm down the violent vomiting.

Ivy was sitting in the waiting room on an uncomfortable plastic chair, doubled forward with her arm across her belly. 'Ivy?'.

She glanced up and saw Grace standing in front of her with a kindly smile on her face 'do you want to come in to my examination room?'.

Ivy was sat on the examination bed as Grace wrote up some notes 'so you've been vomiting a lot today then? Christian said it's been pretty bad?'.

She nodded 'please don't remind me, I'm barely keeping it down now to be honest'.

Grace smiled kindly and started writing again as she spoke

'well, until we do some more tests we can say this is the beginning of a nasty bout of morning sickness that you'll have to ride through, there's not a whole lot we can do for you with that though dear'.

She grimaced slightly 'I'll ask Gail to stop cooking chicken, that's what set me off'. Grace glanced up 'how long are you and Daniel staying in Washington?'.

'Well, we spoke about it…I want to stay here. I'll miss the California weather of course but I want to be back here to raise my baby'.

Grace beamed, looking happy 'well I can't pretend I'm not happy about that Ivy. Now, as you're here, I may as well do a quick ultrasound to check everything is alright, if you want to lean back and lift up your top a little'.

When Ivy had gone to grace before, she had only had a blood test to confirm she was pregnant, as it was assumed she was too early to properly date the pregnancy, Grace decided to have a quick check regardless.

Grace poured the cold gel on Ivy's stomach and rolled the ultrasound wand over her stomach for a few seconds. 'So, you said you wanted to stay in Seattle to raise your baby?'.

Ivy nodded and Grace smiled, looking up from the screen in front of her 'well it looks like you've got twice as much reason to stay here'.

Ivy glanced up in shock, looking at the screen where two little grey outlines were visible.

An hour later Ivy was walking through Seattle in something of a daze. She'd decided to walk, rather than drive. She needed to think and her head was spinning at the news she'd received.

As she headed off towards the market, Ivy received a rude awakening in the form of her mother, who was standing across the road.

Ivy hurried across the road with the eyes locked on her mother, who was talking to a tall, attractive man in a sharp suit, even from meters away, Ivy knew she was shamelessly flirting with him.

Ivy stood between them, her smile sickly sweet 'If I was you I'd stay away from her, don't get taken in by the accent, she's got three kids that she doesn't care about and a string of ex-husbands'.

The man blinked, looking at Zara with a wary look on his face, though Ivy didn't wait long enough to see it, stalking off down the street.

Zara followed her quickly, literally fuming with anger as she hurried after her eldest daughter, both of them unaware of the silver Volvo that had jumped a red light in the drivers attempt to get home quicker.

In Escala Taylor suddenly hurried into the room 'Christian' he literally threw a jacket at his boss who caught it in confusion

'Ivy's been in an accident, we need to leave now, I've contacted the Sullivan's already'. Christian looked shaken and stood up, pulling the jacket on quickly 'what happened? Is it bad?'.

Taylor looked grim 'we need to go to the hospital now'.

Christian knew that Taylor's lack of informative response meant that he should prepare himself for the worst, and that his sister was probably in a very bad way.

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