Daniel received a call from Joseph Van Rensberg who had asked to meet him at a café just a few doors down from Daniel's Hotel, and he knew full well that they must have found out where he was staying.

An hour later, Lewis was sat glaring at something just past Daniel, clearly not wanting to look directly at him for fear he would shout at him. Jacob glanced at his brother and rolled his eyes before looking back to Daniel

"You can't see why Ivy is doing what she's doing?"

"Enlighten me"

"For someone so intelligent you're very blind to this"

Daniel shrugged "Well clearly I'm an idiot" he was clearly annoyed, voice biting as Jacob sat forward a little

"She is absolutely terrified, and when she's scared, Ivy fights back, you know that as well as I do"

"Right, what is she scared of?"

"Daniel, you have two young children, and Ivy has always said that she was going to work despite having the twins. Now that she's taken the company back from her mother, she doesn't have to work ever again – why do you think she did that? It isn't because her mother is a meddling, selfish bitch"

Daniel looked as though he was slowly understanding and Jacob sighed "She said two was enough"


Lewis chimed in, still looking distinctly unimpressed "We don't know for sure, but the signs are there, refusing alcohol, she's been sick twice, and this whole thing with her mother means that she can stay at home if there is another one on the way. That's why she's done this, not because she doesn't want to be with you"

Jacob nodded a little and Lewis exhaled deeply "You're going to have to fight tooth and nail to be in with even a chance of getting back with her"

Christian was in his office at Escala when he had a skype alert come through and was initially surprised to see 'Ivy V.R' calling but quickly answered. She was sat cross legged on a bed with her long black hair in a messy topknot and she was wearing denim shorts and a delicate white strappy top, clearly having caught a slight tan in South Africa.


"Christian, are you free for a few minutes?"

"Of course, is everything okay?"

"Uh… not really"

"I spoke to Jacob two days ago, he explained about your mother, why didn't you tell me?"

"Because it was my problem to deal with and not yours, it doesn't matter, it's sorted now, she's out"

"And what about Daniel? How did he take what you did?"

"Not well, said that maybe the drugs had messed me up more than I thought, and then said we're over"

Christian raised his eyebrows "God, and how are you doing?"

"Um, not good Christian, if I'm honest"

He sat forward quickly, hearing the break in her voice "What's wrong?"

"I uh… I think I'm pregnant again"