((Disclaimer: I do not own the Bible, neither have I written the Bible. I do own this preaching although, please enjoy it.))

A simple man am I, bearded and shady eyes.

Weary are my bones; wrinkled is my skin – pale like the milk of the Holy Land and honey with the imprints of the blazing sun.

With feeble steps I take, following the path of sin, I turn to You My LORD, with unseeing eyes opened by Your gentle fingertips.

My problems are gone with a wave of Your hand, like water evaporating into the clouds.

Cleanse me, Almighty LORD, with the sacred water of purity, wash away my sin.

Teach me and fill my mind with wisdom, so I may learn to be cautious and praise Your holiness.

Love me Dear LORD as I love You, and in return I shall smile with the joy of a brilliant bright sun.

With great chews, I taste the pallet of your love and hope. With a fluent tongue I drink up the blood of bodily wine, the sacrifice of your SON, JESUS CHRIST.

Preach me to do right and follow the footsteps of You, Heavenly FATHER, so I may join you in heaven, after a life of preach and morality, when my knowledged blissed soul comes to pass.


((I hope you enjoyed this, it's my first preaching on this site – thankyou.))