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The first thing he noticed was the warmth. He was far too tired to pen his eyes, so he decided to burrow further into the soft heat that surrounded him, moaning softly when he was pulled closer in.

He absently registered the soft, tickling puffs of air that landed on his cheek in steady, even intervals. There were fingers resting heavily on the small of his back, warm skin on his where they connected.

Oh yeah. Derek.

A faint smile lifted on the corners of his lips. He burrowed his face into the hollow of Derek's neck, feeling the boy move so his chin rested on Stiles' head. He brought a hand to stroke softly on Derek's chest and felt the fingers on his back massage soft circles at the base of his spine.

That soft, glazy heat settled over them, but they didn't speak, even knowing that both were awake. Stiles focused on the steady beat of Derek's heart.

"Stiles." Derek's voice was rough and low with drowsiness.

Stiles kissed the skin on Derek's neck and pulled back slowly, resting his head on the pillow next to Derek's. The hazy light in the room signaled that it was almost noon, and Derek's eyes were focused on Stiles', gold speckled green eyes gazing into his own. His lids were at half-mast, a sleepy grin on his slightly chapped lips. Derek pulled him closer and they rested their foreheads against each others, warm breaths mingling in the interim between their lips. Derek looked so… open and vulnerable, as if he had let down his guard for the first time in so long.

"Um. Was-last night-I" Derek averted his eyes and Stiles' heart swelled at his insecurity. He brought a hand to rest on Derek's cheek, rubbing softly. Derek looked at him with a gaze full of affection. "Last night- it wasn't a- a mistake, right?"

Stiles could tell Derek was trying to school his voice into the steely tone it took when he didn't want his feelings hurt. Stiles smiled and leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to Derek's lips. The boy moaned lightly in response.

"Was it a mistake for you?"

Derek looked almost offended. "What-what? No-I-"

"Well it wasn't one for me either."

Derek smiled a smile that Stiles had rarely seen before, one so wide and open and honest that it made Stiles smile in return.

"I love you," Derek whispered, locking eyes.

"I love you too."

Stiles smiled. "So we just gonna lay here all day?" He rubbed a slight massage into Derek's temple. "Because I am totally down with that."

Derek smiled. "We should probably talk to my parents/"

Stiles stilled, furrowing his brows. "Why?"

Derek's face shifted into one of unease and awkwardness, as if he had something to hide. Stiles narrowed his eyes and slapped him lightly.

"No more secrets right?"

Derek sighed and rolled his eyes. "Part of being a werewolf is having… advanced senses."

Stiles nodded in understanding, so Derek kept talking.

"Smell, vision, hearing- everything is enhanced."

"And that has to do with it how?"

"… they probably heard us."


"And smelled us?"

"Derek!" Stiles shot up, throwing the covers off the upper half of his body.

"Privacy isn't really a thing that exists in werewolf homes."

"That doesn't excuse the fact that your parents heard us having sex!"

"Babe," Derek said, sighing, reaching out a pleading hand to Stiles. "It's not really that big of a deal."

"Says you! I was raised in a home where I could jerk off in the privacy of my own room without anyone knowing."

"It's not as awkward as you think it is. We all heard it when my sister first-"


"What I'm trying to say is that it won't make them love you any less." He grabbed Stiles' arm and pulled him close again, nuzzling into his neck. "I promise it's nothing serious."

Stiles frowned. "And they can hear us now?" Derek hummed an affirmative.

"Are you always this cuddly after sex?" Stiles mused. He felt Derek smile against his neck.

"Wolves are pack animals- we like affection. Especially from those we hold dear. And plus you smell really good."

"How so?"

"'Cuz you smell like me." Derek nipped at the skin on Stiles neck and he chuckled.



"Last night when we were… in the throes of hot passion, and I don't know if you remember because you were pretty wolfy at the time-"

"I remember all of it."

Stiles swallowed. "Well, you said something about… a mate? Specifically me? What did you mean?"

Derek stilled for a moment and pulled back, looking stiles in the eyes. He took a deep breath.

"Every wolf has someone special that's just for them. Almost like a puzzle piece that just sort of… fits and makes everything better. That someone is their mate."

"And I'm yours?" Stiles asked, voice drenched in awe.

"Yeah. You are."

"Since when?"

"Well, technically since we were born. But I first realized it back when we were kids."

"You hated me." Stiles laughed.

"With good reason." Stiles hit him playfully. "I thought I did. I thought I hated how loud, obnoxious, talkative, confusing, clumsy and annoying you were-"

"Wow, thanks."

"But. I found that I didn't hate those things. Those things made you… you, and as I grew older it just sort of became an obsession. I hated it when you weren't around. Hated it when I didn't have your attention. You became the center of my world, and I love everything about you. Wouldn't change a thing. So I've been in love with you since I was like, seven."

Stiles cheekily poked his tongue out with a smug grin. "So does ever werewolf have a mate?"

"Most people never really find theirs. It's common but uncommon at the same time to actually meet your mate. But when they're finally in your life- it's like you're a whole new person."

Stiles aww'ed. "Derek, are you proposing to me right now?"

Derek smiled and kissed the tip of Stiles' nose. "Nah. I'll save that for later."

Stiles' eyes drifted toward the alarm clock on Derek's nightstand and sighed when he saw the time. Even though it was a weekend, his father had to be wondering where he was.

"I guess I should probably go home." His voice was heavy with regret at the statement.

"You could just stay here forever." Derek suggested.

"As much as I love this state of post-coital bliss, I have an outside life that needs tending."


Apparently Stiles' outside life could wait a little longer because they consummated their newly created relationship dynamic in the shower once more.


Stiles walked down the stairs slowly, following Derek's footsteps as they made their way towards the door. He was hoping that he could sneak out without facing the awkwardness that was the good-evening-after-I-fucked-your-son-and-you-total ly-were-aware conversation that was bound to happen.

Derek didn't mind the talk, but Stiles reasoned that was because his weird wolfy instincts told him it was perfectly fine to talk to the parents of the boy you just blew in the shower when they probably heard all of it.

They were walking past the empty living room, only a few feet away from the front door when-

"Good evening!" Ms. Hales' voice rang out. Stiles let out an inner groan and plastered on a forced smile. He turned on his heels to come face to face with Derek's mother. Derek, the smug asshole, didn't look a bit perturbed by the oncoming train wreck of a conversation.

"Evening, Ms. Hale. How are you?"

"I'm perfectly fine, but can't say the same for my husband," she said, a smirk reminiscent of Derek's rising on her lips. "And yourself?"

Well your son just had his amazing fingers in my ass so I'm great.

"Um. I'm good- yeah, that's it. I'm good." Derek chuckled and Ms. Hale had on a knowing smile.

"I'm sure you are sweetheart. So look, let's just drop all the pretense."

Stiles tensed in fright of the next words.

"I've known you two were mates since you first met-"

"And you didn't bother to tell me?" Derek asked.

"What sense would that have made? You were seven. You could barely write your own name. But anyway- I'm happy you two are finally in your damned senses- making me worry like that."

Stiles narrowed his eyes. "So you're not angry? Even though we-"

She rose a hand to stop him. "I understand all of the implications of being mates, dear, and like Derek told you, werewolf homes aren't a hot spot of privacy and secrets."

"So you heard us?"

"Oh, god, no! As soon as we got the first hint of what was going on I forced Derek's father to take me on a date night. Knowing that you do it is enough, but hearing it? Did Derek tell you about the time Laura-"

"I really don't want to know." Stiles said. She laughed and smiled at him.

"Look, I just want you to know that the Hale family adores you and we're extremely happy to welcome you into the family.

She pulled him in close with a surprising amount of strength and hugged him tightly. And, shoulders decidedly less tense, he hugged her back with a real smile.

"Now, if you break my baby's heart I'll tear your throat out myself, okay?" She said with a smile. Stiles' smile faded and he quickly nodded his head, glaring at Derek who was currently laughing.

"Same goes for you Derek. You do anything to hurt him and you won't be having children." She looked between the two of them with a smirk. "And I want grandkids. Okay? Tons of 'em."

Stiles was confused at the statement, but Derek just narrowed his eyes at his mother. She shook it off.

"Anyway- I have to get back to taking care of your father. He got a little bit too into the wolfsbane whiskey last night." She walked off muttering about irresponsible wolves.

Derek shook his head with a smile and turned to him to kiss him softly. "See? That wasn't so bad."

Stiles rolled his eyes. "Yeah, except for the part when she promised to murder me if I broke your heart."

Derek chuckled. "She won't."

"And how do you know that?"

Derek pulled him close. "Because you would never do that to me."

Stiles couldn't help but smile and he wrapped his arms around Derek's neck. They stood there for a few moments before Stiles pulled away and led Derek out of the front door with the complaint of his father sending out a search party.

They stopped in front of the driver's door. Derek pushed Stiles against the car and settled against him, slipping his tongue between those soft lips. Stiles indulged him, kissing back with equal enthusiasm.

Eventually though, they had to break away for a breath, and as their chests heaved Stiles laughed.

"What?" Derek asked.

"Just laughing at the fact that I'm in love with a werewolf."

Derek smiled. "And that werewolf loves you back."

Stiles shoved Derek off him in a playful manner and slid into the driver's seat, starting the rumbling vehicle.

Derek leaned on the open window and gave him another kiss. "I love you."

"I think that's already been established."

Derek rolled his eyes. "Way to ruin the moment."

"Stiles Stilinski, reporting for duty."

Derek chuckled. "Go home Stiles."

"I love you too, you know." Stiles beamed.

"Yeah. I know." Derek didn't give him another kiss, but instead took a few steps away from the car, waving at Stiles to go. He lingered for a moment but put the car in reverse and backed out a little so he could turn around.

"See you later!" Stiles yelled as he began to drive away.

"I'll call you!" Derek screamed, and Stiles laughed, finally pushing down on the accelerator, watching the rearview mirror as Derek waved and got smaller and smaller until he was gone. Stiles pulled out into the street with a smile on his face and warmth heavy in his chest, mind on thoughts of when he would next meet his amazing, awesome, werewolf boyfriend. As he wondered what excuse he had not yet used on his father, something jumped in his memory- something Ms. Hale had said.

How did she expect grandchildren?