She Don't Like The Lights

"Come on buddy it's time to meet your baby sister" Christian beamed at his three year old son who looked up at him slightly confused. He had just collected him from Elliot & Kate's place and got tackled the minute he walked through the door by his son who dived into his arms. Ana and Christian had been explaining to him for months that he was going to have a baby sister but he was still so young and could not comprehend that in fact this new person would be a big part of their lives even his from now on. Christian lifted Teddy in his arms as they neared the delivery room. Christian opened the door and stepped in quietly as Ana shifted with the new bundle in her arms to give room for her son to sit with them "Teddy meet your new baby sister Phoebe Grey" Christian said placing him beside his mother who was slightly tilting the sleeping baby girl towards a curious Teddy who was now on his knees, peering over at the baby before him. He looked back at his father who was proudly smiling and then to his mother who had tears in her eyes. He gently took his sister's hand and almost examined it when he looked between his ones and then hers when a cry startled him.

"It's okay Teddy Bear" Ana reached for her son who moved away from her and into his father's arms "Christian will you take Phoebe?" Christian understood his son was slightly jealous that Ana was cuddling the new addition and not him so he happily took his daughter into his arms "Careful have you got her head supported?" Ana asked as Christian took the new born gently into her arms "I've got her baby" he smiled down at infant he could now call his daughter

"Come to mommy" Ana then turned her attention to Teddy who was standing by Christian clutching his pants leg tightly in his little fist. He was a small three year old but he was healthy so they didn't mind. "Teddy Bear can mommy have a hug?" Ana looked over to Christian who managed to scoop his son into his arms and place him back beside his mother on the bed. "Mama" his bottom lip quivered as his eyes began to water. "Aww Teddy it's okay mama's here baby" she kissed his head as he curled up on her lap with his head against her chest. Both baby's were fast asleep so Christian placed Phoebe back in her hospital crib and switched the tv on low. He changed the channel as a picture of the three of them and only last week at a restaurant was plastered across the screen with the big headline "Welcome Baby Grey No.2" accompanied by a video of Christian carrying Teddy from the car into the hospital today.

"Christian? How did the press find out so fast?" she asked as she stroked the brown mop of hair on her son's head as he was fast asleep. "It's invasion of privacy" she frowned looking between her two sleeping children.

"I don't know but I think it's the fact we were able to keep all of this away from Teddy and they are taking advantage of the fact they never got any pictures of him until he was 4 months old the time he was kidnapped" Ana grimaced at the thought of that "I'm sorry for bringing that up baby"

"I don't want them in the limelight all the time I just want to raise them as normal as possible Christian" she sighed as she continued "I knew life with you we would be in the limelight often but I want to keep our kids away from it I don't want what happened to Teddy to happen again" she held Teddy that bit tighter as she lay back in the bed.

"I know baby I will get it sorted don't you worry" he kissed her forehead "Now I have to get this little guy home but I will be back later, Gail and Jason offered to look after him" he said as he scooped his son up in his arms. "Phoebe looks like him doesn't she?" he smiled in at his daughter

"She does only she is more like you she has your eyes, hair colouring, the whole package deal. I didn't get a look in on baby number two" Ana smiled at her husband "I bet she has you wrapped around her finger and she is only a few hours old" Ana grinned at Christian who couldn't take his eyes of his new baby daughter "See I have proven it, just wait until she starts stomping and screaming when we're out shopping, I bet this little one will be some daddy's girl" Christian's eyes twinkled with excitement, he experienced being a father to Teddy but with a daughter it was a whole new experience for him. "Let me give my son a kiss before you head off" Ana leaned up kissing her three years old's cheek as she smiled sadly at his actions earlier "Do you think he will be like that for long? I know he is probably over whelmed with the attention Phoebe is getting from us bu-"

"Ana he will be fine just because we have another child doesn't mean we don't love him any less he just doesn't understand it yet, after all he was the centre of attention for three years" Christian smiled at his son who was fast asleep with his head in against the crook of Christian's neck. "Give him a bit of time"

"We should probably get him a gift and say Phoebe got it for him, I was talking with some of the older mother's who have four children say they did that when they had theirs" Ana said looking at Christian.

"We could do that, It seems like a good idea. Just wait until we get both mommy and baby home before we get him something"

"Alright, I'll see you later?" Ana asked

"You will. Laters, baby" he kissed her lips and carried his sleeping child out of the hospital to be swarmed with the press. Ana watched from her tv screen and became slightly worried at the thought of all this when she was to take Phoebe home. She sighed a breath of relief when Sawyer and Taylor came to his rescue and helped him into the car as they drove off. This is only the beginning she thought as she looked over to her daughter who was unaware of the things going on around her

So this is the first installment for the new story. It's the sequel to Holding On & Letting Go so if you haven't read it you won't have a breeze what's going on.

You guys are lucky I came up with this so quick but I wouldn't go and jump for joy just yet I haven't came up with any other ideas for the next chapter so I'll see what I can do for you all.

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