She Don't Like The Lights

Nothing tore Christian up more that day than watching a teen boy grieve over the loss of his mother, he can remember faint memories of his own mother when the police came to take him away from the dead body, of course he would cry, he was a child, he was scared and for the first time in his life he felt alone.

Leon was in a complete daze, he was barely speaking. Ana had led him away from his mother's bedside and back to the car, he wasn't going to be staying. He was traumatized enough. Christian stayed a few moments looking at the lifeless woman who looked as if she were asleep. She was at rest and in no more pain. He left a small rose on the bed before making his way to the car. It was now both he and Ana had to make a life changing decision, there was no one else Leon could turn to he only had them and his father whom he had still yet to meet.

"Leon I think it's best if you come live with us now. You dad wants to meet with yo-"

"I don't want to, I want to go home" he said not lifting his eyes from his lap. He hands became quite interesting all of a sudden.

"Leon I know your grieving badly now but I am just trying to help" Christian stated as he went to place his hand on the teens shoulder. It was a vulnerable age to lose a parent especially his mother.

"No you don't. You were a kid losing yours I had my mom around for years and she cared about me she didn't let some asshole beat the living shit out of me, she stayed even though she was really sick and she looked after me because she loved me. You don't know so just leave me the hell alone. Leon shouted as he jumped out of the car and began running. Christian was dumbstruck at his words but when Ana panicked and ran after him, Christian then took after both of them. He spotted Ana out of breath and swarmed with cameras and came to her side aiding her back to the car. He was furious now, if Leon hadn't of ran off then both he and Ana wouldn't have had to chase him. He could be anywhere now and not even sure where to even start looking.

"Christian we have to find him, he could do something stupid in the state he's in" Ana cried over her kid brother and the thoughts of anything bad happening to him, Christian was to damn furious at what he said and the fact he ran off forgetting he was once his age and a troublesome teen at that.

"Ana, baby I know, I have already called in several people to help us look for him"

"It's late Christian I just don't want anything bad happening to him he could be anywhere now" she wiped her tears looking at her husband "Oh god I am such a terrible sister"

"No Ana you're not a terrible sister. He's grieving in his own way and he is pushing us away because he feels alone, he barely knows us and we barely know him" Christian tried explaining to his frantic wife but she couldn't stop crying. He held her in his arms until she eventually passed out from all the crying, Christian was livid but the fear and sympathy was kicking in for Leon and he needed to find him. He didn't like not being in control of the situation and with Leon missing at the moment he felt helpless.

It's a very short update until the next chapter i'm afraid because today my best-friend's boyfriend was killed in a car crash at 21 years old at 4 am this morning. He only celebrated his 21'st birthday last week. She's extremely upset and I want to be there for her. I wont take long for my next update but the rest of the week is being dedicated to her.