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It wasn't his first time to Japan.

In fact, he had been to the eastern Asian country many times, mostly for business, though a few times he had went simply for his own pleasure.

Even so, he still wasn't too sure why he had been called out to Japan in the first place, but apparently, it was very 'urgent', and Tony was respectful enough of the head of the Stark Industries' Japanese Branch that he dropped everything to see what this 'urgent' business was.

"Mr. Stark." He turned at the lightly accented voice, quickly recognising the woman as Dr. Chika Tanaka, one of the supervisors at the Japanese Branch and he immediately threw her a charming smile.

"Tanaka, can't say I was expecting you," Tony murmured, giving her an appreciative look, which went ignored by the woman, "Where's the old man?" Of course, he was referring to the directer of the Japanese Branch.

"Yamamoto gives his sincerest apologies that he could not make it to meet you," Tanaka said, keeping her voice strict and professional, "It is good that you arrived so quickly before this could get out to the public."

Tony raised a brow, "What exactly happened?" He asked, not sure how he should react to the intent stare that Tanaka was giving him, "The Arc Station here is not coming along?"

"The Arc Station is fine," Tanaka answered, "Mr. Stark, Yamamoto has called you here because we needed to inform you of a death."

"Okay?" Tony blinked, looking a little confused, unsure why the Japanese Branch couldn't have just called him to inform him of this.

"Do you remember Nodoka Higurashi?" Tanaka asked, and she could easily guess by the blank look in Tony's eyes that he did not, "Due to your... 'reputation', Yamamoto has always tracked your movements when you come to Japan. Nodoka Higurashi was one of the women you have had intercourse with. She, unfortunately, died very recently in a car crash."

"Right...?" He still didn't understand what one of his one-night-stands had to with this, so he let her continue.

Tanaka glanced behind her, gesturing with her head and Tony looked up when a man walked toward them, yet none of his attention was actually focused upon the man.

The man was holding a hand of a timid-looking little girl and it felt like the breath had been knocked out of him as big blue eyes blinked up at him.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what Tanaka was leading up to.

"This is Nodoka Higurashi's daughter, Kagome," Tanaka said, watching closely at Tony's wide-eyed reaction, "Mr. Stark, Kagome is also your daughter, too."




And for once in his life, Tony Stark was absolutely speechless...