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"Sesshoumaru Taisho."




Well, fuck...

"Please tell you're pulling one on me, JARVIS." Tony ran his hand through his unruly hair, knowing just how ruthless Taisho was as a businessman. He had stayed away from Taisho, knowing better than to partner up with the man because Taisho had taken over partner companies in the past while leaving the former owners and executives in the mud.

If CEOs were considered psychopaths among normal people, then Taisho was easily the most psychopathic among them all.

"I am unable to 'pull one on you', Mr. Stark, as it is not in my programming," JARVIS said in an almost dry voice, if that were even possible, "Sesshoumaru Taisho is now the owner of all the property that Nodoka Higurashi had in her possession."

"Damn," Tony muttered, turning to the chair where he had placed Kagome and seeing that she had a bright smile on her cute little face, "Kid, do you know Sesshoumaru Taisho?" He sincerely hoped she did not...

"Yes!" Kagome said excitedly, hopping in her seat, "Sesshou-sama came to visit me lots at home!" She giggled at Tony's look of horror.

'How...' Tony flopped down on the seat beside Kagome's, 'Why the hell does the kid know someone like Taisho?' He flipped his head back, suddenly having a very strong urge for a drink or maybe a gorgeous woman to sit on his lap.

"Kagome is going to marry Sesshou-sama when she gets older too!"

It took a moment for it to fully register in his mind and when it finally did, Tony Stark had only one option to follow.

He blacked out.


His head ached when he came to and he vaguely noticed that there was a light weight resting on his chest, "Papa, are you awake?" There came the sweet innocent voice of his darling kid and suddenly his eyelids were bring pried oped by said darling kid, "Papa's awake~!"

"Stark, what could possibly cause you to faint like that?" Bruce asked and Tony sat up slightly to see he was lying on one of his couches with his teammates all sitting on other seats in the room.

"I didn't faint," Tony huffed, feeling Kagome hug him around his neck and he patted her head in response, "It was an extremely manly loss of consciousness."

"Stark, what happened?" Steve asked a little impatiently, worried (though he would never admit it out loud) for Tony because it had been out of the blue.

"Why did Papa suddenly fall asleep like that?" Kagome asked, blinking her big blue eyes curiously and Tony could only hug her closer to him at the very thought of her previous words.

"Sorry, Kid, but Papa could never let you marry Sesshoumaru," The words left a bad taste on his mouth, but the look Kagome gave him was even worse and he panicked internally when her eyes began to shimmer with tears, "That, errr, you... you can't marry Sesshoumaru because you can marry Papa instead!"





Just wow.

That pretty much summed that up and the looks that his teammates were giving him went beyond summing that up.

"Kagome can marry Papa instead?" The kid blinked, looking childishly thoughtful, "But Kagome likes Sesshou-sama... Sesshou-sama really likes Kagome when she talks like this."

Tony patted her head while muttering a quick 'great' and winced when the stares seemed to pierce into him.

Where was Loki's silver tongue when he really needed it?!