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Well, Tony couldn't exactly blame his kid for saying something a little crazy because she was just that, a kid who probably did not fully understand the concept of death, "What do you mean your Mama isn't dead?" He asked in a strained tone.

"The lady in Nihon wouldn't believe me either!" Kagome pouted, puffing her cheeks like a chipmunk's, "She said Mama was in a car accident, but Mama wasn't!"

That certainly got Tony's attention, "What are you saying, Kid?" He asked, unsure how he felt about this situation. If Kagome's mother was still alive, then...

Where did that leave him?

"Mama said she was going on a vacation!" Kagome cheerfully answered, "She and Grandpapa! She went with her friends," She suddenly frowned, "But I never seen those friends before."

If that didn't sound suspicious, then he didn't know what did.

"What 'colour' were they?" Clint asked, having stayed silent until now, "The friends of your mother's – what colour did they have?"

"They were like Sesshou-sama!" Kagome said after a moment of thinking, "They were red like Sesshou-sama!"

Well, fuck...

"And your Mama, did she want to go on vacation?" Tony asked, his mind going over a number of different scenarios that could have went down.

"Mama did look a little sad," Kagome looked down and her cheerful demeanour was quickly gone, "I wanted to go with her, but Mama said I couldn't and I would see her again soon." Kirara was butting her head under Kagome's chin in an attempt of comfort.

Clint pulled Tony away from Kagome and he didn't bother to fight it, "It sounds like her mother's death was a set up," He said with a frown, "And possibly by these demons at that."

"If it was, what the hell for!?" Tony grit his teeth and his thoughts were suddenly back on Sesshoumaru, "Taisho said something about making an oath to protect the kid, but why would be even need to that to begin with?"

"There's something we're missing," Clint noted, "Unless these demons found out she is your daughter. This could be a ransom."

"It still doesn't explain anything," Tony frowned, "I just found out that demons existed today. And if it was a ransom, why take the kid's mother and not her?"

Clint gave Tony a look, "To let you get to know her. Would you really wanted to do anything about an illegitimate child you were just told about and never even met?"

Tony had to admit the archer had a point, "But that's only one possibility," He stated, "It might have nothing to do with the fact that I'm the kid's father."

Clint looked grim, "I doubt there's anything we can even do," He said lowly, "These demons are completely under the radar and only Kagome can tell them a part from normal people."

Tony ran a hand through his hair in frustration and took another glance at Kagome, who was now playing a little game with Kirara.

"I hate to say it, but I might actually need Taisho's help."