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He didn't like this.

He didn't like the fact that he had to go to Taisho for more information about demons, but what other choice did he have? If he could help it, he certainly wanted to rescue Kagome's mother if she was still alive.

"I'm coming with you," Clint stated, quickly following after him after he reluctantly left Kagome in Bruce's care, "I need to gain as much intel I possibly can on these demons."

"We don't even know if Taisho will tell us anything, so don't be disappointed if you get nothing out of this." Tony said, looking rather frustrated with the entire situation.

Honestly and to put it bluntly, it would have been easier if Kagome's mother was actually dead as she was thought to be.

The two men walked briskly towards the front door and Tony was not expecting to see Pepper standing with another woman in the foyer, "Ms. Potts," He spoke out, gaining her immediate attention, "What can I do for you? Any problems at Stark Industries?" He asked casually, keeping his eye on the other woman, whom he just so happened to notice was Japanese.

"Mr. Stark," Pepper nodded and she gestured to the woman who was standing beside her, "There's no problem at the company. I came here so I can introduce a new executive assistant that I've hired."

Tony tensed, remembering what he had said to Taisho earlier as the woman (who was absolutely gorgeous and easily the type he would normally go after) stepped forward, "A pleasure to meet you, Miss...?"

"Kagura Kogarashi," She answered in a naturally husky voice and he was almost drawn in by her brown eyes, which seemed like they were tinged with red, "I... look forward to working at your company, Mr. Stark."

If he had been a little more focused, then he would have noticed the secretive side to her proceeding smirk, "Sorry I can't stay and chat, Ms. Potts, Miss Kogarashi, but there's someone important I need to go see."

Pepper hid her surprise at Tony's quick dismissal as she was expecting him to hit on the new assistant and smooth talk her into dinner, "I'm not aware of any meetings you have scheduled today, Mr. Stark."

"Emergency," Tony ran a hand through his unruly hair, "I'll make sure to drop by the company tomorrow, Ms. Potts." With that, he and Clint moved past the two women and were out the mansion within seconds.

"You'll have to forgive Mr. Stark," Pepper sighed, "But he is a busy man." She attempted to defend his apparent rudeness.

"It's not a problem," Kagura answered, "I'm just glad I had a chance to meet him," She followed after Pepper after she gestured for her to do so and her smirk only seemed to widen when no one could see it, 'It really is pathetic how Stark does not know his precious company has already been infiltrated.' After all, it was Sesshoumaru's will that one of his own people had their eyes on Kagome at all times.

It was only a matter of time before the little Miko was back where she truly belonged...