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"Why did Papa leave me behind?"

Bruce glanced down as Kagome pouted, hugging Kirara close to her chest, "He's going to make sure you see your mother very soon," He answered, "He'll be back soon enough."

Kagome sighed, but then looked up at him curiously, "Why do you have Big Green Man always standing behind you?" She asked, surprising him with the unexpected question.

"He's... a part of me, I suppose," Bruce brushed his hair from his eyes, "He's a different side of me." He would have never had said that in the past, but since staying at the Avengers Mansion and spending time with Tony, he had learned to accept the 'Other Guy' just a bit more.

"Oh," Kagome blinked, looking rather fascinated, "Is Big Green Man a Youkai?" She asked with a tilt to her head, "He looks like an Oni."

"No, he isn't a... Youkai," He reminded himself to go look up Youkai and Oni later on, "It's... rather complicated how he came to be." A child this young certainly wouldn't understand, even if she was Stark's child.

"Okay, when can I meet Big Green Man?" She asked excitedly, "Because I really want to!"

"That's not the best idea," Bruce couldn't think of anything else to say and he sighed at her disappointed pout, "I'm sorry, but he can very easily hurt you without meaning to."

"But Big Green Man doesn't feel mean!" Kagome exclaimed, causing Bruce to smile at her enthusiasm, "And I will meet Big Green Man one day!"

"Somehow, I don't doubt that." Bruce murmured, though he would try to prevent that from ever happening as best as he could.

Children really shouldn't be around the Hulk.

The following silence was comfortable and Bruce went back to observing the hairs of the little demon cat through a microscope while Kagome placed Kirara on the ground.

"Kirara, can you make Onibi?" Kagome asked, "You can make fire since you're a nekomata, right?"

Kirara blinked her large red eyes, letting out a chirping mew and daintily stepped away from the little girl. Kagome watched curiously, wondering what happen next.

Neither Kagome or Bruce saw what was coming.

In an abrupt flash of fire, the small twin-tailed cat was enveloped red flames and seemed to grow marginally in size before the blaze disappeared, leaving behind Kirara's much larger form.

"Sugoi!" Kagome gasped in awe, stepping closer and Kirara lowered her body to the ground so she could climb up on it.

And she would have had it not been for the pained grunt that Bruce let out and she glanced back, hesitating when she noticed his trembling body and pained face, "Big Green Man?" She asked quietly, taking a step back when he finally lifted his face.

His eyes were a bright abnormal green...