karkat nuzzled into jake in his sleep clutching his shirt. he turned onto his side and wrapped his tail around jakes waist and sort of purred softly. " soft" he murmered out. Jake did his best not to giggle and he rubbed Karkats bellyside softly "yup a soft puppy" he cooed to his sleeping roommate, he couldn't help but show gamzee a true miracle so he had ella send their robot gaurdian Otto in and he took a photo of the two of them Jake was waving at the camera smiling, after otto took the photo Jake texted 'behold a very true miracle he fell asleep, btw Ella says hi' he sent the message and he stroked karkats bellyside some more. gamzee felt a buzzing in his pocket and pulled away from tavros breaking their kiss. " one sec tavbro.." he pulled out his phone and read the message and a huge grin stretched across his face. " motherfucking miracles." tavros gave him a quizzical look and peeked at the phone. " his eyes went wide and teary " o-oh my god" he said in a sqeaky voice. he was smalling and crying at the same time and gamzee hugged him, " miracles hmm?" tav nodded. gamzee texted him back. - ThAtS sOmE mIrAcUlOuS sHIt rIgHt tHeRe bRo. yOu gOt tAv aLl uP aNd cRyInG. hOnk. :o) - 'Oh god I didn't mean to' Jake replied gently itching karkats back with his claws, Jakes tail wagged in contentment and he smiled lightly playing with Karkats hair it was like black satin between his paws he smiled down at his friend watching him sleep. gamzee smiled and replied before shoving his phone back in his pocket and wrapping his arms around tavros " where were we motherfucker?.."

karkat clicked his tongue and rolled onto his stomach in jakes lap wrapping himself around jake. like he was a big pillow and nuzzled into his neck. he inhaled deeply and sighed he whimpered softly. Jake giggled ever so slightly karkats breath had tickled his neck, he massaged Karkats back softly he was curious on if Karkat was hungry so he listened to hear if karkats stomach would growl"Karkat" he cooed softly husing his own tail to lightly dust the sole of karkats foot in a soft attempt to make him stir "you should get up so we can eat dinner" he said softly. it did. ever so slightly but it did. and karkat licked his lips in his sleep brushing jakes neck as he did. he made a small squeaking noise and twitched before leaning in and licking jakes neck again this time continuing.* karkat leaned forward and licked the icecream again, it was his favourite flavour, rasberry. he suck on it and likced his lips, he wasnt quite sure where he'd gotten it from but hell it was good he bit into it and it yelped. he jumped and dropped it and shook his head* karkat opened his eyes slowly and blicked a few times he was back in his room and he no longer had iceream but jake . "woah!" he stumbled back off the bedd and fell onto his but on the floor. jake giggled at the neck licking due to it tickling his arms shot out and he caught karkat around the middle before he hit the floor "you alright Kar?" he asked holding his dazed roommate. "what sounds good for dinner? cause from the size of this mark" he giggled putting a hand on his bitemark, "I'm not feeding you enough" he teased Karkat. karakt was panting hard and his eyes were wide " what jus- you- i was eating icecream and then.. what, you- .." he paused and stared at him very confused "why was i biting you?" "you kept licking my neck then you nipped me" he told karkat shooshing him softly. karkat narrowed his eyes slightly he was still kinda out of it " you taste like rasberries. .." he shook his head lightly again and yawned stretching, " woah that was so weird.." he looked up at jake snapping back out of karkat land. " what happened.. awe shit did gam give me his meds again?" "no you fell asleep" Jake said with a wagging tail he laid karkat down on his back on the bed then went to the kitchen to start dinner, "what do you want for dinner?" he smiled lightly. karkat was in shock, " i-i what?! " he bit his lip and sat up. he was consentrated for a while and then he looked back up at jake. " i was ... sleeping," tears pricked his eyes and a look of relief and pure happiness washed oveer his features. " oh my god.." he smiled and looked at him regaining his composure " u-uh yea. hm, just some sauseges would be nice.. then i wanna go out and get some icecream.. to celebrate, plus im just craving icecream.." jake laughed and hugged Karkat his tail wagging fast "I'm surprised too" he had tear pricks in his eyes and a big doofy smile on his face, "sure thing" he smiled sizzling them some sausages. karkats eyes widened at the hug but he smiled and accepted it happily. when he smelled the sausages he stood up, he was really hungry. 'guess sleeping does that to you' he srugged and walked into the kitchen his mouth was watering "mmm smells good" he sat on one of the stools by the table. " how long was i out for.?" he looked at the clock, it was 8. am or pm he didnt know. there was no window in the kitchen. he shrugged. "3 hours you knocked out at about 5 and it's 8 pm now" he told karkat dishing them each two sausages. he smiled 3 hours. " sweet." he felt so light and refreshed. he sighed happily. this was like the best day in his life., the heat was over finally and he had slept! actually slept! he couldnt help the big grin that passed over his face. the expression was new but enjoyable non the less. " thanks" he said digging into his food. "anytime" he grinned eating too his tail wagging. karkatstail tapped lightly against the floor. he gulped the rest of heis food down and sat back in his chair after putting dishes in the sink. and walked over to his bed picking up his phone and a wallet shoving them into his pants pocket. and then sat on his bed with his legs crossed like a little kid waiting to go to the park. Jake laughed putting his plate in the sink "come on let's go eager beaver" he teased pulling his beanie on. karkat threw on his own hat hitting jake on the arm playfully for the tease. " im allowed to be happy!.. i think." he shook his head walking out the door his tail flicking around happily. " c'mon i know this awesome place for icecream... not that i ate it alot but gamzee and tav brought me there alot. his brother works there when he's not at the vet." Jake whimpered at the words vet, suddenly his ears perked "hey wanna meet my sister? since your done" he offered grinning with a wagging tail he slid his boots on. karkat nodded excitedly " of course!" he grinned if she was anything like jake he was sure they'd get along perfectly. Jake smiled and went across the way knocking on the door "hey Ella we're heading out for ice cream you should come with us" he smiled, Ella smiled coming out of her dorm tying her hair back in braided pigtails. karakat smiled and waved at ella. " hey" she was pretty ans looked just like jake too. " yea you should come along with us, this place i know is really good for icecream and there are some friends i want you to meet." "nice to meet you" she smiled walking with them to the bike, "f they're anything like Gamzee I'm looking forward to it" she giggled. karkat chuckled. " so you met gamzee huh?" he tilted his head " no i dont think its rwally possible for anyone but gamzee to be gamzee but they're still really awesome." he looked at the bike and then looked between all three of them " uh im the smallest so ill take the side cart" he nodded getting into it. "you sure Kar" Jake asked while Ella ties the laces of her hiking boots tighter, "it'll actually help to go faster" Ella told Jake lightly hopping up on the back. Jake shook his head at his sister and got on in front and kicked it to life, "tell me what turns to take Kar" Jake said down at his roommate once he'd started out of the parkinglot. karkat gave jake the directions as the drove along the streets and with one last turn they stopped at a small icecream parlour karkat smiled softly he used to come here with gam and tav all the time and they would get it free sometimes too because of tavs brother. " alright this is it" he said before standing up and hopping out of the cart. Ella smiled hopping off and adjusting her socks, Jake smiled and got off going over to karkats side with ella on his other side "let's go" he giggled excitedly. karkat ran off to the door like a small child on christmas morning swinging open the door. he looked at the shop owner. " hey old man is rufio here?" the shop owner smiled and nodded calling for his from the back. he walked out in an apron and looked at karkat and cocked his head to the side in comfusion. " wheres gam and tav?" katakr smiled " they didnt come today, i brought some other friends though " he gestured to ella and jake. Ella smiled and waved softly at Rufio lightly "hi I'm Ella" she introduced herself, "and I'm Jake" he smiled with a happy wag to his tail. rufio looked at the small kids. he raised his eyebrow and smiled " well nice to meet you then!" how old are you guys anyway? looks so young!" "I'm 21" Ella informed him looking slightly offended, Jakes ears flickered under his beanie "I'm 18 I'll be 19 in a few days" he explained, karkat looked up " 19 i'll be 20 soon" rufio smiled you guys are just too adorable. heheh o relax im only teasing, tav gets all flustered when i call him little too. " him smiled brightly " what can i get you guys?" Jakes ears flickered "chocolate" he smiled his tail going faster, "likewise" Ella smiled at down at her brother. karkat licked his lips " rassberry for me if you will" rufio smied and nodded " sure thing, today its on the house because youguys are new friends! annnnd because you slept karkat thats like woow!" karkat stared a bit comfused " how did-" rufio smiled heartily " tav called me earlier congrats by the way" Jake slowly shifted so ella was now between him and karkat "i'ma friggin kill gam" he whispered not really meaning it, "you're an insomniac?" Ella asked lightly. rufio handed out the icecreamand walked out from behind the counter taking off his apron to reveal his .. intresting choice of clothes. he was different. so he chose to stand out. he smiled at them " good?"karkat nodded " yea. miracles huh" he laughed slightly. "yeah thanks" Ella smiled lightly, Jake grinned he'd dug into his his tail going crazy. "Ima regret letting you have sweets" she laughed at Jake, "it's nice to meet you in person" Ella smiled at Ruffio. he nodded at her " likewise!" he sat down on one of the stools across from them " so what have you guys been up to hm?" "well I just moved in across the hall from Jake and Karkat, I already got the room tricked out" Ella smiled lightly finishing hers already, Jake smiled his tail still wagging "I've been laying down for three hours resting after a long day of school, it was me Gamzee and Ella today" he smiled. rufio looked to karkat ".. and what about you? you're never this happy. as in like physically impossible. what happened?" karkat stared at jake for a moment and then looked back to rufio. he paused and then looked confused." i guess it's cause i finally slept, and well ive made some pretty kickass friends. " he nodded his head at ella and jake. Ella and Jake smiled and Jakes tail went faster, "god Jakey settle down" Ella laughed watching his tail basically a black blur behind him. karkatk giggled " man you are hyper! shouldnt have given you icecream before bed." he finished his own icecream and stretched out. " yep that was good. so what do you guys wanna do now?" "don't worry I got a trick for tiring him out" Ella laughed ruffling Jakes hair being sure not to knock off his beanie, Jakes face flushed but he couldn't help but smile at her and bat her hand tail swayed softly. "it's getting pretty late" Ella commented looking outside. karkat stretched and nodded looking out side as well. " yea looks like it.. we should head back.." he looked at rufio. " thanks for the icecream," rufio smiled and scratched his head. " it was my pleasure you guys! thatnks for the company." he got up and wiped down his pants. " come visit again!" he said cheerily before waving goodbye. Ella smiled softly "thanks Rufio g'bye" she waved lightly leading a hyper/tired Jake out to the bike, "Ella you drive" he told her wagging his jumped i to the side car. and sighed happily. " ahh, i dont think ill be able to sleep for a while again, that nap gave me too much energy.." he wraped his tail up around jakes arm and threw him a small smile. the bike kicked to life and they were off. Jake smiled and wrapped his tail around Karkats then hugged his sister and laid his head on her back as she drove them home, "I'm sure Jakey will be able to get you asleep he's got that affect" she chuckled getting off once they arrived. karkat smiled at the thought. " hmm" he hummed contently. " i hope so.." he hopped out of the side cart and stretched before waling over to the door and opening it for jake and bella to come in before walking up to their rooms. he looked at ella smiled waving " well g'night" Ella chuckled "sweet dreams boys" she smiled pulling Jake into a hug planting a kiss on his cheek blowing air out on his face, Jake blushed giggling "come on, G'night El" he smiled heading inside Ella went to her dorm across the hall. "let's do something karkat" Jake grinned his tail wagging he was abit excited the hyper wearing off he looked like an eager puppy. karkat blushed and nodded "o-okay " he smiled and follwed jake into their dorm. " so what do you wanna do?" he asked sitting on his bed kicking off his shoes and flopping back down onto it. Jake took off his boots and his top cause the dorm was really warm "anything let's snuggle or something" he smiled stretching and itching his ear. karkat blushed again ever harder " u0-uhm ,,, okay" god he sounded like tav he shook his head and took a deep breath. he smiled lightly and held out his arms like a small child. and giggled softly. Jake giggled and curled up with karkat cuddling his face into the smaller males stomach as he snuggled againsts him his tail resuming its position of wrapping itself about his leg. karkats face lit up like a light. he nervously wrapped his arms around jake and ssighed bitting his lip. he looked sideways to the bed. he closed his eyes tight and opened them again. "... u-hm. jake?" "yeah?" Jake asked againsts his stomach before looking up. karkat didnt look up from the bed but continued talking. " i-i.." he looked at jake and his tail flicked nervously beside him. he exhaled deeply." when im around you, i get all happy. and my heart pounds like crazy,-" he blushed hard again." and when you said i was your best friend, it hurt. it hurt here -" he reached up and gripped his looked at jake , he looked confused and sad and happily and nervous all at the same time. he looked away again and chewed his lip. " jake whats wrong with me?" Jakes face darkened softly and his tail swayed lightly "K-Karkat that means you're in love" he blushed harder but had a softly smile on his face, "I feel the same way my tail goes crazy when I'm around you I've never been this snuggly with ANYBODY other then Ella before. I don't let anybody ever pet my ears or anything" he blushed looking more so at Karkats chest then his face his face was burning red. karkats eyes widened and he looked at jake. " l-love?" he stared at jake for a minute and then looked surprised " s-so you too-" his eyes widened again " so are we like-" Jake went to reply but instead his face burned brighter and he pushed his lips against Karkats his tail wagging abit faster the tip in the exact same spot as usual. karkat gasped lightly and his eyes went huge before relaxing again and nervously kissing him back. his tail was going crazy and his heart was pounding like mad. " i-i think i love you.." he whispered softly into the kiss. "I love you too" Jake whispered laying beside Karkat and resting his head on his chest his tail wagging againsts Karkats foot due to it being wrapped around his legs, "you make me so happy" he smiled. karkat blushed lightly and smiled wide hugging jake and nuzzlin ginto his chest sighing happily. " gamzee's gonna love this.." he giggled out. Jake giggled too "so will everyone he tells" he laughed burrying his face in Karkats hair his tail was going crazy and his heart was beating. " hahah.. miracles" karkat snuggled into jake and yawned. " mm i dont get ho you do that.." he mummbled out from jakes chest before popping his head up and looking at him blushing he bit his lip again. he was embarassed a bit ".. could . could we do that again?" he asked witha big blush. "what kiss?" he asked softly grazing his tailtip down Karkats sole softly trying to spook a squeak out of him. karkat shivered and eeped softly looking down at his feet. " h-hey! not nicee" he pouted before blushing.." uhm y-ea.." he giggled lightly "not my fault you got ticklish feet" he giggled before hugging Karkat and kissing him softly giggling abit into the kiss. karkat closed his eyes and smiled softly too. he wrpped his arms around jake and hugged him before breaking the kiss and blushing. he put his head against jakes shoulder. and squeezed lightly. " my eyes are getting heavy again.." he drawled out. "go to sleep then" he said taking one of karkats nearby socks and throwing it hard and the switch with the right angle it turned off the lights, "I'll sing to you if you want" he offered rubbing Karkats back gently running his dull claws around on his back. karkat purred softly and nodded " that would be nice.." Jake smiled and sang a lullaby to Karkat stroking his hair tenderly. Jake grabbed the comforter and covered them with it. karkat yawned again and smiled contently. " night jake.." he closed his eyes as the warm and fuzzy feeling of sleeping with the one he loved wrapped around him. Jakes tail wagged and he laid sleeping holding karkat to him he enjoyed having his boyfriend in his arms. karkat rolled over and smiled as memories of last night were brought back to him. he yawned and stretched out his legs. before looking up at jake and giving him a soft kiss on the nose. " morning.." he whispered out. Jakes taill wiggles softly "good morning" he smiled kissing Karkats lips. karkat giggled softly. and hugged jake. " what do you want for breakfast?" he looked up and then let go of the hug so he could sit up a bit and look a the clock. today was a saturday, so really it didnt matter but he was still curious to see how long he had slept. his eyes widened slightly as he saw it was around 9am already. he smiled lightly " i slept all night, no issues." he looked at jake and a bout of giddiness washed over him as he jumped on the other boy grinning like an idiot. " thanks jakey." he said softly into his ear. Jake smiled and his answer was cut off by a startled yip from karkat pouncing on him, "anything for you" he smiled cuddling his face into karkats face brushing their noses together. "How bout we have some eggs something easy" he suggested lightly. karkat nodded "eggs sounds good.." he got of of jake and jumped off the bed. walking into the kitchen, his tail swishing happily behind him. he opened the fridge and pulled out some eggs. then walked to get a pan. he cooked up the eggs for breakfast ans set two plates down on their small table. Jake smiled excitedly and he ate his tail swaying behind him, "so what should we do today?" Jake asked shifting his position to nuzzle karkats cheek lightly. karkat leaned in slightly. " hmm, well we should probably start off by telling everyone the news.. and then perhaps later we could throw a party... believe me, with a group of friends like ours.. shit always gets awesome at our parties." he chuckled lightly. and finished up his eggs before throwing his plate in the sink. " but, im going to shower first.. three days of not moving really does a number on a guy.." he shook his head and grabbed some clothes before heading off to the bathroom. "okay I'ma gather the stuff for the laundry" he commented stripping their beds and gathering their dirty clothes he headed down to the laundry room down the hall. karkat stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around his shoulders and a pair of loose black jeans on. he threw the towel onto his bed before going through his drawers and finding a black tee with a green trim. he smiled pulling it over his head and the flopping back onto his bed. he picked up his phone and texted gamzee letting him know they were going to stop by and most likely bring ella, so he had to tidy up and bit. gamzee replied with his usual 'sure thing bro' and the phone was set down onto his bed. Jake came back singing lightly to himself he smiled seeing Karkat, "so you tell Gamzee yet?" he asked curling up on the bed next to Karkat his tail wagging happy. karkat shook his head. " i want it to be a surprise once we get there and no telling ella yet either, " he smiled rubbing jakes head. and sighing softly before frowning slightly. " gamzee is at his dad's place. are you cool with that?" he looked at jake worriedly. he didnt want his to be uncomfortable. Jakes ears lowered abit, "I should be with all of you guys there is El coming?" he asked his tail swaying. karkat nodded " if she can yea thatd be nice" karkat pet jake again. " dont worry you should be fine. i'll invite Rufio along too, considering Tav is already there anyways." he looked at jake. and then tilted his head smiling. " Zil and Rufio are like water and oil. they dont mix. mostly because gam and tav are together. so if he's around gamzee's dad will bug off.. " "cool" he smiled his tail wagging softly like a puppy in a shop window, "want me to go get my sister? she can put Otto in sleepmode while she's out" he said stretching softly. karkat nodded " mihgt as well come with you so we can lock up hm?" he stood up off the bed and stretched before pocketing his keys and his wallet. he looked at jake while pulling on his beanie. "ready?" Jake pulled on his beanie and slid on his boots "yeah let's go" he smiled heading out the door. karkat locked up and put the keys back into his pocket following jake across the hall to ella's dorm. " do you think she's up yet?" he didnt want to be rude and just barge in. he looked at jake. Jake smiled and nodded "Ellas always up early, Ells it's Jake" he called lightly drumming a peculiar beat on the door, Ella opened the door wearing a blue shirt and black pants. "Morning boys, so Kk did Jakey lull you into sleep again?" she smiled. karkat blushed a bit. " yes i fell asleep again last night" he smiled lightly. " your're brother seems to possess magical proerties" he chuckled lightly. " hey we're going to head over to gamzee's, you wanna tag along?" he looked up at her smiling softly. " im going to see if Rufio can make it as well, for means of company and as pest comtrol" he looked at jake and grinned. "sure" Ella smiled, "Otto fixed my tire lastnight so I can ride my bike there" she smiled grabbing her keys and there was a garbled mechanical whirring the sound like a loud computer shutting down and she came back out. "He's not too happy about you wanting to go out yet?" Jake asked following her out his tail around karkats. "not without him" she chuckled. karkat smiled once they got down to the bikes karkat gave ella the directions to gamzee's place " see you in a bit then.." he waved. then pulled out his phone texting Rufio, - HEY WE'RE HEADING OVER TO GAMZEE'S PLACE. WANNA COME?- he sat down on the back of jakes bike and got comfortable when his phone buzzed. - yEA SURE,, iLL BE OVER IN A BIT,, jUST HAVE TA GET THIS LITTLE GUT PATCHED UP- karkat nodded. " alright Rufio will be there soon he's just finishing up at the vet."