Hey guys I'm back for a while. Sorry for not updating FitF but my computer caught a virus and I had to completely reboot my computer :( It'll be awhile before that gets finish but in the mean time enjoy this short series based of the events in NovelistoftheSky's Networks of Shadow (which I highly reccommend you guys read its AWESOME) Anywho here's the story!

Seven years had passed since the final battle with MaloMyotismon, and the world of Digimon is in constant chaos. A new yet ancient evil has risen up; Omega Strikemon, the once second-in-command of the sixth Digital Sovereign, Alpha Strikemon. He, with a force of loyal Digimon and Digidestined, took control of sixty percent of the Digital World under the yellow flag of the Omega Empire.

Digidestined all over the world have broken up into different fractions, all fighting for or against the Empire. The Odaiba Digidestined along with a team of Digidestined, known to many as the "Heroes of the West", led the main strikes against the Empire. However, as the death toll rises, people begin to lose hope at the chances to win this war…

"Damn it! Where is she with our back up?!" A young man swore through gritted teeth. He ran a bandaged hand through his short black hair. Around him, battles raged on outside a small town. Digimon and Digidestined alike were attacking each other mercilessly. They were falling on both sides of the battlefield, yet Omega Strikemon held a slight advantage with more Digimon than Digidestined in his army.

He ducked down behind a fallen limestone wall as another explosion shook the area near him. He reached into the pocket of his tattered black combat pants to pull out a sleek black Digivice and a small headset.

Putting the headset in his ear, he called the Digivice number of his companion. After a few rings she picked up.

"Hello?" she answered, slightly out of breath.

"Leya, where are you?! We're pinned down here!" the young man yelled over the roar of another explosion.

"Well hello to you too, Trace," She answered sounding slightly offended, "If you must know, I had the idea to flank Omega Strikemon's men. It's more strategic than just charging head on."

Trace couldn't help but agree with Leya's method. He, along with Taichi Kamiya one of the original Digidestined, hadn't advanced much since attacking. If the enemy's attention was diverted to a surprise attack from behind, the front line could advance much more.

He sighed, "Okay, but you still could've called to tell me!"

Leya giggled, "Aww…what's the fun in that? You know I've been more partial to surprises anyway, like the one you're about to see! Look up!"

"Huh?!" Trace looked up into the sky to see two figures plummeting to the ground. As his eyes adjusted to the sudden change in light he saw what Leya was talking about. As the figures got closer, Trace saw that it was Leya and her partner, Komodomon Samurai Mode, skydiving onto the battlefield.

"Leya! What the hell are you doing?!" Trace yelled into the microphone.

She laughed, the wind swirled around her voice, "It's called a surprise attack! And now for the fireworks…rangers, FIRE!"

Upon her command, several hundred orbs of fire flew up into the air and collided with the back lines of Omega Strikemon's army, deleting most of the Digimon. Confusion rang throughout in the ranks as the bulk of the army turned towards the rear. From the forest behind them, more orbs of fire shot at the army deleting more of the Imperial Digimon, and a force of a hundred and fifty strong ran out from the shadows attacking the remaining Digimon.

"Gale Force Blade!" Komodomon unsheathed his swords and unleashed a whirlwind of razor sharp wind that decimated the Digimon below and softened his and Leya's landing. Leya swiftly ran into battle punching the first Digidestined she saw in the back of his head while Komodomon took on five enemies at once, his midnight black and gold armor glistened in the light. Trace watched in awe as Leya and her group turned the tide of the battle so easily.

"Trace!" Trace turned away from the battle to see Tai running up to him. The elder Odaiba Digidestined looked no better than Trace himself; the shoulder of his shirts was torn and cuts littered his body.

"Thanks to Leya, the front lines are distracted with the attack from behind, we can win this!" Tai said with obvious excitement in his voice. Trace nodded and looked back on the field. Leya was taking on several Digidestined at once. Her fighting style mimicked that of a dancer; she was light on her feet but strong with her attacks. Far off in the distance Trace saw two large orbs of red and dark red light exploding upon contact with a target creating a large debris cloud.

'That's gotta be WarGreymon and BlackWarGreymon…' Trace thought, 'but what's out there?'

Time seemed to slow down as thick trail of sickly green flame shot out of the cloud and towards Leya's group, setting the land ablaze. In the center of the emerald inferno laid WarGreymon and BlackWarGreymon, their armor was badly damaged… blood and data poured from their bodies. The fighting stopped as all eyes turned towards a figure that appeared in front of the crater.

A tall knight with sickly green armor and two huge metallic green, tinted gold wings spread across his back, stood menacingly in front of the fallen dragon warriors. In his right hand, a long slender gold and tinted green blade with digital symbols that ran the full length of the blade.

"O-Omega Strikemon…" Trace's voice quivered as a single thought raced through his mind, Omega Strikemon hadn't been leading this attack and hadn't been seen in this area, so why was he here?

The green knight turned towards Leya's group. Fear paralyzed them as Omega Strikemon stared them down. A vile grin crept on his face as he raised his blade and brought it down sending another wave of green flames, engulfing most of the terrified group.

"NO! You bastard!" Leya screamed, running towards the knight in the flames. Her eyes were filled with an unforgiving fury. Omega Strikemon struck down her men, young men and women that she trained herself. She pulled out her Digivice, a sleek almost cellphone like light green and white device, and pressed a button on the side. The Digivice shone in a marvelous white light and from the screen emerged the black and gold handle of a sword.

Leya pulled the handle out of her Digivice to reveal a lustrous black steel katana. Holding the blade down towards the ground behind her she charged at the green knight in blind rage, wanting to make him pay not just for the deaths he caused here today but all the ones ever since he started this war.

Her body froze before she could get close to Omega Strikemon. While she struggled, Komodomon appeared in front of her, holding one of his swords in his hand. The other was planted into the ground behind Leya on her shadow.

Leya realized that this was the doing of Komodomon's Phantom Slash attack; one that rendered the target immobile and if necessary used the shadows to slice an enemy to pieces as long there was light to make the shadows.

Komodomon looked at her, his dark green eyes were the only thing visible under his helmet, and shook his head in disappointment. Leya understood what he meant without him having to say anything. She let her body relax; her long brown hair fell in front of her face, and dropped her sword. She would've gotten herself killed if Komodomon hadn't stopped her.

Omega Strikemon scoffed and glared at Leya, "Just like a weakling human, fighting on emotion," He stated taking flight hovering above the ground; malice soaked his voice, "One day soon, I'll drain the life out of your pathetic little body, and then I'll take the lives of the rest of this weak army." With that Omega Strikemon flew off into the distance, his army following him abandoning the battle.

Komodomon released Leya's shadow and she dropped to her knees trembling. This had been the closest she had ever been to Omega Strikemon and his aura petrified her. Even as angry as she was she couldn't stop the wave of fear that overwhelmed her body when she neared the green knight.

Trace walked up behind Leya and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. He could only imagine what could be going through her mind; out of their close group of five friends, Leya had been the least exposed to horrors wars bring.

Leya stood up shakily and stared into the eyes of the remaining members of her group. She could see it in their eyes; they wanted to go home, pleading almost, so they could stay out of this so far fruitless war and avoid the sweet hand of death just a little longer.

She said nothing; she simply nodded and walked away. Her feet felt heavy and her whole body ached. The war-torn girl walked past Trace without a word; there was nothing to talk about anyway. There was too much work to be done. The families of the fallen needed to be informed and a burial was in place. But most of all, Leya needed to find a way to stop Omega Strikemon once and for all.