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Several large, shadowy clouds rolled across the sky rapidly; ominous signs that an impending storm was on the horizon. Leya stood in middle of a forest clearing just outside the border to the Royal Knights territory, the last battleground she will ever step on. Her partner stood a ways off behind her perched in a tree, his spiky black hair ruffled in the wind behind him as he mentally prepared himself for the battle to come. Leya clenched the small white memory stick like shape in her hand; it was warm and relaxing in her grasp. She ran her thumb over the inscribed Crest of Compassion at the base of the D-core. It caused her heart to race in anticipation; it was her turn to save everyone.

"Will…Trace…Alex…Elegon…They all have risked everything to save the ones they loved and both of the worlds." Leya reflected on all their battles over the years, "I've only managed to delay Millieniumon's attack on the Real World four years ago; Trace was the one to really take him down in the Secret War…In all the wars and battles we've been in together, I've been nothing except the backup but now… I'll pay back everyone that ever saved me; ever worked with me…I'll pay them back by giving them time...time to strike back hard and secure peace for both worlds."

Thunder rolled across the sky as rain slowly started to fall from the heavens. She wasn't sure if it was just a storm or Azulongmon's final goodbye, either way Leya smiled. She looked up into the sky to watch a green streak fly towards her. This was it; her final stand and she was ready to end it. Leya slyly activated her Digivice that sat idly in her pocket and placed the D-core in there as the green knight landed in front of her practically towering over her.

He looked over her and scoffed, "This is Azulongmon's champion? The same girl that couldn't stand to watch her precious team burn in my flames? HA!"

Leya said nothing but glared at him with a cold vengeance in her eyes. Omega Strikemon smirked, "That look in your eyes…it's practically murderous. Do you plan on killing me when your friends couldn't even slow me down?"

"So what if I do?" She spat, materializing her ebony katana, "I'm simply here to defeat you and win back the Digital World."

"You really believe you can defeat me?" Omega Strikemon sneered, "I'd love to see you try!" In a flash Omega Strikemon unsheathed his sword and darted at Leya bringing down his blade upon her. Much to his astonishment, Leya had (by some means) blocked the strike with her own sword and pushed him away from her. He staggered from bewilderment.

"H-How did you block me? You…you're just a human!" He bellowed.

Leya smirked, "Simple really…" She stared, "I'm not completely human anymore." Then the knight saw it. What appeared to be normal clothes was actually light grey scaly armor. A slim dragon's tail slid into view along with a small pair of dragon wings that unfolded from behind her. The Crest of Compassion, a -golden V in front of a light green upside down T with four small triangles around it- emblem, glowed brightly on Leya's right shoulder guard and a silver face guard slid up to cover the lower half of her face.

"What…What are you?!" Omega Strikemon exclaimed angrily. Leya stretched nonchalantly and grinned under her mask.

"I'm considered a hybrid now." Leya explained, "You know half human, half Digimon. I'm actually surprised you didn't notice earlier. In this form, most people and Digimon know me as Komodomon GX." Leya flashed in front of Omega Strikemon and kicked him in the stomach, knocking him through several trees. He staggered to his feet, wrath quickly built up in his body. He actually got struck by a human…A measly human! Omega Strikemon took flight high into the air and dived bombed towards the hybrid, his jade green sword igniting in an emerald blaze.

Just before he could reach her, a black blur flew in front of Omega and smashed him into another tree. He stood again to see Komodomon hovering in front of her. Yet he too had a new appearance; his samurai armor was more jagged and his face mask had shorten in length, two jet black wings that kept the dragon samurai afloat branched out from his back and a blue crystal glowed faintly in the center of his chest plate.

"Ah I knew I was forgetting something!" Leya said with an amused look, "When I'm Komodomon GX, Komodo here digivolves to X-level. We each give the other power to digivolve, think of this as our version of X Digivolving." Leya materialized another sword and dropped into a fighting stance along with Komodomon X.

"Now…let's see if you can take us both on." With that both the dragon warrior and the dragon hybrid flew at Omega Strikemon. Omega Strikemon flew back into the air and unsheathed a second vaguely shorter sword. Blades crashed in the air, each collision seemingly synchronized with the lightning strikes of the storm. The intensity of the downpour increased alongside the potency of the three warriors.

"Emerald Slasher!" Omega Strikemon, using the second blade, unleashed an immense blast of green searing energy at the two dragon warriors.

"Darkness Slash!"

"Gale Force Blade!" Komodomon X countered with a stream of shadowed energy backed by a cyclone of razor wind created by Leya. The three attacks collided in a magnificent explosion that was louder than that of the thunder above their heads and blew the combatants away from each other. Omega soared through the debris cloud and struck Leya in her shoulder, sending her hurling towards the ground.

"Green Fire!" Omega Strikemon turned around swiftly and swung his sword, unleashing a wave of dark green fire directly hitting Komodomon X. Komodomon had managed to barely deflect the brunt of the attack, but still earned a few good scorch marks on his armor and got blown back. Before he could attack the samurai again, the green knight winced in pain; for a small blade had lodged itself into his right wing, leaking a small trail of blood. Below him, he saw Leya's smirk and two other blades in her fist.

"I've had enough of you girl, Feather Bombardment!" Omega Strikemon shot thousands of emerald tipped feathers at the hybrid. She moved out of the way but her speed had suddenly decreased allowing her to still get hit by almost half of the feathers. Her GX form momentarily flashed back to her human form.

No…not now! I can't be reverting already! Leya sliced at the feathers that had lodged under her armor and ran deep into the cover of the woods.

Omega laughed as he watched Leya's fleeting body. "What's wrong girl?!" he boomed, "Are you too tired to use the rest of your power already?!"

"Komodomon…." At her soft call, he appeared keeping pace beside her.

"I felt the link weaken," he stated, "We're running out of time aren't we?" Leya nodded forlornly, ducking behind a large set of boulders with Komodomon crouching in front of her.

"Yeah… you know we're gonna have to use the D-core soon." Komodomon looked away, sorrow filling his eyes.

"But that means…we have to…the seal…"

"I know, but we have to do this Komodo," Leya placed her hand on his shoulder, "This is for the others sake… we have to protect them."

"I know…" He looked back at his partner, his eyes smiling yet still filled with sorrow, "But who's gonna keep the others in line while we're gone?" he despondently joked.

She chuckled, "Well I know Trace, Will, and even Ely should be in check thanks to their lady friends, Alex on the other hand… Well I could just haunt him for a few months."

"Heh, yeah you could…"

The storm continued to pick up as Omega Strikemon made his way through the forest demolishing any and everything in his path.

"Come out, come out wherever you are!" His flames consumed the forest, crawling closer to Leya and Komodomon X. Leya looked into her partner's increasingly saddening eyes.

"It's now or never buddy…"

Komodomon stood up and nodded, "For both of the worlds…"

Leya pulled out the D-core and held it close to her chest. "I call on thy Crest to lend me her power, to assist me in the time of my final hour." She chanted, her voice slowly becoming more angelic and the D-core began to radiate in response to her chant. Omega Strikemon burned away at the army of trees that seemed to be protecting Leya during the incantation.

"Your time has come, you insolent little vermin!"

"As Child of Love and Kindness, Compassion watches over the lost, protecting those she loves no matter the cost." A golden aura surrounded Leya, emitting from the glowing D-core. Komodomon became engulfed in the aura his armor began to bleach to a brilliant white color. The emerald knight burnt down the remaining trees and laughed at Leya.

"And here I thought you were actually a challenge, girl…looks like I was mistaken." He raised his sword over his head, "Time for you to die."

"So now I call forth the Guardian to prevent a tragedy to befall, Heaven's Light shine down to help end this once and for all!" A lightning bolt struck Leya and Komodomon causing the aura to send out a shockwave and shine so brightly that it blinded and blew back Omega Strikemon a few feet.

The light died down and Omega Strikemon unshielded his eyes to see that his opponents had disappeared, replaced by two saintly warriors. To Omega's right stood a tall knight. His pure white armor with gold trim glowed in a heavenly light, his tanned skin and light green eyes sparkled from under his golden draconic helmet and two pairs of divine feathered wings rested idly behind the knight's back. The Crest of Compassion, now a sky blue color, shined brightly along with the knight's two Holy Rings that were infused in his gauntlets before dimming. Beside him stood a shorter, feminine knight with identical armor only hers was silver with a gold trim and she had only one pair of wings.

"Who are you?!" Omega demanded, "Identify yourselves!"

"I am the one of holy protectors of the five Sovereigns under the light of Baihumon," stated the taller knight, "I am the Super-Ultimate form of Gilamon, Guardian Komodomon."

"And I am Leya Hayato, the Child of Compassion. With the power of my crest, I am now Guardian Komodomon GX, the protector of the hurt and guardian of the light." the silver plated warrior stated, "It is time for you to compensate for your sins Omega Strikemon, for all the pain and misery that you have caused for both the Real and Digital Worlds."

"HA! Just because you had a little light show and costume change doesn't mean you can defeat me!" Omega Strikemon laughed manically, "You insignificant little pest, I will strike you and your partner down for ever thinking you could defeat me!"

A sinisterly dark green aura exploded out and engulfed Omega Strikemon's body. "You should be proud. You will be the first to die by my hands at full strength." His body contorted and morphed allowing his wings and muscles to grow larger; his armor reconstructing itself to accommodate his new body. Omega Strikemon's new form was daunting and menacing.

Lightning struck down behind him and thunder rolled, "I've been lax with my attacks but I see that you need to be put down with the most extreme force." The knight beat his wings once and a whirlwind struck the holy guardians. Trees uprooted around them, yet they managed to hold their ground, only losing a few yards. Before their chance to retaliate arrived, Omega Strikemon shot a multitude of dark green orbs at them. Upon contact, the orbs exploded creating a nuke-like shockwave that decimated the surrounding one-hundred yard radial area. He laughed maniacally as the blast subsided and a large crater took the place of the two holy warriors with a dark debris cloud hovering above it. Yet, within the cloud a white light shone, gradually growing larger until a beam of energy shot out from the light striking Omega Strikemon in the chest and damaging his armor. The cloud dissipated to reveal in the center of the crater, the GX and Super Ultimate-level Digimon; unscathed and now armed.

Guardian Komodomon wielded a grand broadsword, rivaling the size and power of a Victory Greymon's Dramon Breaker. Its golden hilt had the Crest of Compassion engraved into it and a brilliant red sash flowed from the base of the hilt. Leya held in her hands her ebony bladed katana. However, the blade was larger and now had a silver etching of a dragon along the length of the blade.

"Nice try Meggers," Leya teased, "But now it's our turn." Leya flew up into the air and held her sword above her. Millions of tiny white orbs collected themselves around the tip of her sword.

"Stardust Strike!" Leya pointed the blade towards him and the orbs launched themselves from the sword and rained down onto Omega Strikemon, streaking the skyline like a meteor shower.

"This is nothing!" Omega flew up through the shower his eyes locked onto Leya, who held a combination of shock and terror on her face.

"You're not laying a hand on her! Golden Flare!" Guardian Komodomon flew up behind the green knight, igniting his sword in a golden inferno. Just before he got to Leya, the holy knight brought the blade of his enflamed sword on top of Omega Strikemon's head, hurling back to earth.

"He's not gonna stay down there for long." Guardian Komodomon stated.

"Yeah I know…" Leya clenched her fist, "Ugh, it sucks that we have all this power but we can't defeat him."

"It is not our destiny to have the final clash with Omega Strikemon. That battle belongs to the Protector." Leya looked at her partner. How does he know that? There's no way it could it really be...? She shook the thought away. He probably just made a wild guess considering they have fought with him several times. She took a breath and clenched her sword. Like him, she had a purpose too, one she had to walk alone.

"Well, it's my destiny to help them prepare for that final battle," She turned to Guardian Komodomon and hugged him tightly. "Thank you… for everything Gil…" A single tear trailed down her face as he returned the hug. He smiled solemnly.

"You're welcome Leya."

She broke the hug and glanced down to where Omega Strikemon laid. Guardian Komodomon's attack must have done a lot of damage because he was pretty slow getting up.

"Time to end this," Leya closed her eyes and took another breath. A thin white aura cloaked her body and her eyes opened to reveal that they now had a golden ring around her pupils blending perfectly with the original light brown. She bolted up higher into the sky, above the storm clouds to bath herself in the rays of the sunlight absorbing its warmth for one last time. And just as fast as she went up, she plunged back down to her target. Tendrils as white as the purest snow streamed off her body and trailed behind her. Omega Strikemon finally stood up from Guardian Komodomon's attack just to be met by a fist to his face. He fell back into the crater he had been in and Leya pinned his arms and legs down with the tendrils flowing continuously off her body.

"GRAH!" He roared, "Let go off me!" Omega struggled against his restraints with futile effort. Leya slid down the wall of the crater and stood in front of him. Without a word, she clamped her hands around Omega Strikemon's wrists.

"What are you doing?!" he demanded.

Leya smirked. "I can't kill you Omega Strikemon, this we both know. But I can seal you away." The tendrils restraining the knight extended and flowed out around them. They twisted and turned around the two for a few seconds before returning to the center and securing Leya by her wrists and ankles. From above, the seal could be seen in the form of the Crest of Compassion.

"I'm going down, but I'm taking you with me! Guardian Komodomon, NOW!" she signaled. From the sky, Guardian Komodomon rocketed down towards Leya, his sword extended out in front of him.

"You crazy bitch, he's going to kill you too!" Omega Strikemon shrieked.

"Heh, yeah I know." Leya smiled as the blade pinned her down to Omega Strikemon. Pain exploded throughout her body and red clouded her vision. Guardian Komodomon held the sword steady with shaky hands. Her blood spilled out onto the seal causing it to react and glow brightly. All three of their bodies slowly became incased in a silver crystal. However, a multitude of tendrils pierced through and wrapped around Guardian Komodomon's body.

"Huh?!" he exclaimed, "This isn't part of the ritual!" Leya glanced back at him.

"Gil…I'm sorry but you're not coming with me." She winced and coughed up blood.

"What?! Leya no! You can't do this on your own, you need my power!" He fought against the grip of the tendrils with as much success as Omega Strikemon.

"I'll use your power, but not your life." The tendrils jerked back and pulled back Komodomon back at Mega level in his Samurai Mode. The apparition of Guardian Komodomon still stood holding the sword in place. At this point, the crystal had completely in-cased Omega Strikemon and was now up to Leya's neck.

"Leya why can't I stay with you?" She smiled, tears welling up in her eyes.

"I need you back home Gil…I-I can't leave Dad alone. And I need you to watch over the others for me." white orb floated over to him. He took it in his hand and out dropped Leya's Digivice and silver heart necklace. The crystal started to close around her head and the storm started to let up.

"No…Leya please…don't-don't leave me." Komodomon pleaded in a small voice.

"I… love you… Gilamon and I'll… miss… you…" Another tear rolled down her face as the crystal closed her in. Her voice seemed to trail on across the field even after the crystal had encased Leya completely. The seal emitted millions of light fragments into the sky, as the crystal glowed softly and grew a dome above the main crystal. Komodomon dropped to his knees and sobbed. His best friend…his partner was gone from his life, yet she still wanted him to carry on without her. He looked down at the necklace in his hand, the same necklace that Leya's mom had given her before she had died, was now in his personal possession. He put the necklace on and stood up, clenching Leya's Digivice in his hand. He had a long journey ahead of him. He saw now that his own destiny was unfolding in front of him from the tangled network of destinies that the Digidestined and Destined Digimon all had.

Turning his back on the now crystalized shrine-like seal, he walked alone; onward to prepare the masses for the largest battle either of the worlds have seen and to relay the story of a young woman's compassionate sacrifice.

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