Numbness. I couldn't feel a thing. My dreams had been invaded - stopped altogether. But wait, was I dreaming? I tried to think, search my memories, but to my suprise, there was nothing. How can I remember nothing of my life? Was this a dream? I tried to move but I wasn't really awake yet. The emptiness inside my was scaring me. This just wasn't normal. Something bad must have happened but for the life of me I cannot remember what.

Bella. The name came to my head and I instantly recognized it as my own. I could feel the memories slowly glide into my mind, one by one. Not that there was many. I remember everything about myself, my looks; chocolate brown eyes and thick deep brown hair, my love for the forest and..the fact I was no ordinary human being. I was..what I think they call, a shapeshifter.

Any animal I wanted to be, and with no difficulties, I shifted into it. A memory made it's way into my mind. My parents? How could I forget them..but there was nothing there about them just a scene. I was nine and my mother and father were totally shocked when they saw me shift for the first time. Instead of my clothes being ripped to pieces they simply shifter with me and were no where to be seen. To say the least, my parents were shocked, but after awhile they counted it as a blessing. It hurt. That being the only memory of my parents. What happened to me? Where was I? It seemed like I was frozen. The numbness never stopped and I was feeling empty and alone. An image flooded my mind, bloodthirsty, anger filled deep red eyes.

Then I felt it, as the memory raced it's way into my mind like a bullet. The soaring pain and exhaustion as I flew away from..her. She was one of them. A vampire. The bloodthirsty monster knew what I was and was out to kill me. Luckily I was faster, much faster. It was like a game to her, she never got tired. After a couple hundred miles I noticed myself tiring and I couldn't see her anywhere. That's all it took. That millisecond I let my guard down. I felt a strike of pain on my back as I soared down to my death.

I couldn't understand. She was going to kill me, and she had said so herself. Why was I alive in this hell. The sound of a door and footsteps awoke me from my thoughts. What? A door? I registered the other sounds..beeping, talking in hushed voices, and birds chirping..something cold lifted my arm up and my eyed shot open to see the face of a doctor. A hospital? How the hell did I get from a forest to a hospital. And I was in my human form! The injury must have been so bad that I shifted back..I stared at the doctor in shock as he read from a clipboard. He looked up and spoke to me.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Smith, you're in St. Joseph's Hospital in Pheonix. I know this must be scary for you but bear with me. You have some serious injuries and you're in need of an operation in a different hospital. I need to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind" He spoke in a reasurring tone. Oh no. He was going to ask what happened. What could I say, I was flying in my bird form and there was a vampire out to get me? I had to lie. Say I don't remember anything. I merely nodded in his direction.

"Okay, the major question first. Do you have any idea how you got those injuries? They're pretty bad, we suspect animal attack, but it could be anything." He sounded concerned. One of the only memories I have and he asks a question about it?

"I..I don't remember. Anything" It was..a part lie. I remember how I got the injuries and shifting with clothes on but not anything else. It felt like that was my whole life. He looked at me strangely, but he bought it.

"It seems you lost your memory in the accident, do you remember your name?"

"Bella..I think" A cold memory entered my mind..the fact everyone I knew was dead. Oh, how happy. That was why I gave my name, because it wasn't as if he could track me down to anyone.

"Okay Bella. You're on some serious painkillers at the moment, you wouldn't stop screaming and thrashing, so dont pull any tubes out or you won't like the result. Tomorrow morning is moving day for you. You're going to Forks hospital, I know that's just a small town but there is an absolutlely highly skilled doctor working there..what he's doing there I do not know.."He trailed off in thought. So that's why I felt numb, but only part of it. My mind was numb too and I knew that had nothing to do with painkillers. said goodbye and walked out and I sat there processing everything. I was going to be moved to another hospital in..Forks? That place feels weirdly familiar..

I longed to feel the rush of wind against my fur or on my wings, just to be able to go outside and soar through the forest, drink from the untouched lakes. I've never had a day where I haven't enjoyed the fresh air and the cooling breeze. It's where I belong. Not cooped up in a stupid hospital..but I guess they're doing me a favour. I must be hurt badly as a shapeshifter normally heals up pretty quick, but did that work with organs an such? What was I having an operation on? I hope there's nothing weird that labels me different from other people, or with my luck I'll end up as a science experimentation. How messed up is my life right now?!

A nurse walked in, and desperately not wanting to talk I buried my face into my pillow and I felt my eyes dampen with tears. I managed to contain the sobbing. I heard her walk across the room and talk to someone. Woah, there were other people in here? I hadn't noticed..and I had been having nightmares. Would it be so hard to put me in my own room?

I soon realised why I was in here. The people here..they weren't all..there. I watched as a nurse tried to persuade food into one of them but they simply stared at thin air..I guess that's why I'm here. They couldn't care less if I screamed all night. I remember..sometimes when I slept..I used to shift in between the animals that I was dreaming of being. Well, it looks like I haven't done that hear yet..not that any patient in here would notice.

The nurse finished fixing people with their tubes and walked over to me, I lifted my head up and looked at her, she had short brown hair and wore thick rimmed glasses. She walked over to my side and started pushing buttons in a machine by me and I felt cold liquid enter my body and instantly felt myself falling into a sleep. I would soon find out if this sleep was dreamless or not.

I was walking through the forest, the branches cracking and creaking under my feet, when a noise came from behind was unnatural. A growl deep from the throat filled with anger. I spun around and saw her again. Oh no. I didn't feel strong, I felt vulnerable and weak and when I tried to shift nothing came. I was fixed to the spot and she was coming closer and closer. She gave me a look that seemed to dig deep into my soul, smiled her evil smile and the last thing I heard was my screams. I awoke thrashing and covered in sweat in the dim ward. Two nurses were trying to calm me down and they injected me with something, I mentally thanked them and I drifted off into a deep sleep..