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Summary: In the highlands of Scotland arrives an archeological expedition led by Wufei Chang in search of traces of a Germanic people supposedly long lost in time and history.

Pairing: Harry+Wufei+Harry (mild)

Warnings: SLASH. OOC(ness?), not-so-accurate-and-playing-around-with-history, switches between Harry POV/third person perspective. AU for HP after book seven and excluding the epilogue, and for GW after the whole series and the Endless Waltz OVA.

Author's Notes: This is the last one guys. The final chapter and the final conclusion. I hope you will like it.

Written in Stone

'A stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories.'

- Andy Goldsworthy

I pry my, still very much so sleepy eyes open, blinking and scrunching my eyebrows together in confusion.

Where am I?

Pushing myself up I yawn automatically and a white blanket tumbles down to pool in my lap. I touch it lightly, pausing to blink again, and then a big smile widens on my face as I trace my fingertips across the soft cotton. It wasn't a dream. I really can touch things again.

I swing my legs off the side, noticing curiously that I'm dressed in a pale pastel green pants and shirt outfit, before I splay my feet on the beige rubber floor. I stretch out my toes with a growing grin as the coolness of the floor seeps into the warm soles of my feet.

"I see you're awake." The soft tone of a woman's voice interrupts my musing.

I glance up, seeing an older blonde woman, dressed in a white muggle doctor's coat and a black knee skirt with a simple pale blue blouse on top.

"The floor is cold!" I say with perhaps embarrassingly childish glee, and she quirks one corner of her mouth in amusement of my reaction.

She comes up to the bed, pulling over a short metal stool on the way and sits herself down in front of me. A clipboard is picked up from a side table.

"I'm Dr. Poe." She introduces herself.


"I know." She replies with a small wink before adopting a more serious look. "You seem fine but I'm going to check anyway. Do you feel any tingles in your feet, or anywhere else in your body Harry?" She asks, motioning to me and I raise my foot diligently. She removes a pen from her chest pocket and then prods the skin underneath the foot.

I laugh lightly.

"That tickles. No, no strange tingles. I feel great. Really." I assure her.

A small nod and then she pricks me gently over the other foot, gesturing for a hand and repeating the motions. I shake my head at her questioning looks at which she always only give a nod. I take it as a good thing, even though she doesn't say anything while examining me. She pockets the pen and then stands so she can reach and place her hand on my temples, feeling around my head, behind the ears, the jaw and neck. I let her work obediently, remembering that muggle doctors don't have simple diagnostic spells at hand like us wizards so it will naturally take a longer time for them to check a patient.

About that, I wonder if she has been told any of that, as in my background. Would Wufei have told her because she was the doctor?

"I don't think I have had an examination like this since I was five or six years old." I say after while, almost as an afterthought.

She pauses and then eyes me with a small frown, before I realize how that must have sounded to her.

"You haven't been to a doctor since you were six?" She reprimands me while appearing mildly outraged at the same time.

"Not to a muggle doctor, no! But we did have a healer at the school." I reply quickly with a shake of the head.

"Muggle?" She asks confused, frowning more deeply.

"Uhm…" I flounder. Whoops, so she hasn't been told yet? Or maybe she wasn't supposed to be told? Great Harry. But she knew my name, but that didn't really matter did it. Didn't mean she would have been told everything.

Just as I start to think that I must have mucked up again she loses her frown.

"Ah," Her eyes light up, a small knowing smile seeing the look on my face. "This wouldn't happen to have something to do with this, magic thing, Mr. Chang's told me about?" She says while going back to the examination.

"So you know then?" I breathe out a sigh of relief. "Thought I mucked up royally just then. Uh, sorry." I add sheepishly.

"That's alright." She says with a laugh. "So what does muggle mean?" She adds curiously.

She pulls out a stethoscope and I pull up the shirt as instructed.

"Means someone without magic; someone who is not a wizard or witch." I recite from memory, and shiver lightly as the small and cold round metal lands on my chest.

She hums in acknowledgement, listening to the beats of my heart.

"I understand that you had a panic episode; where you experienced trouble breathing?" She says, moving the metal piece.

"Yeah, I'm not sure, but I think it had been so long since I actually breathed normally that I just sort of, forgot how at first." I say, taking in the infirmary room attentively now that I wasn't confined to just Wufei's office.

She looks at me with another expression of mild astonishment.

"You forgot how to breathe?"

I can tell she doesn't get patients telling her that often.

I shrug.

"It has been four hundred years." I say, pouting lightly.

"Right." She says at length. "I almost forgot about that for moment."

"Could you breathe in deeply for me?" She listens, having me move around so she can do the same to the back. "And one more time..."

I take a lungful of air and then let it slowly.

She takes out the stethoscope earpieces.

"Well, everything seems to be in order. You're a very healthy young man, circumstances and all considered." She adds with a quirk of the mouth, replacing the stethoscope to hang around her neck.

"So I'm free to go?" I ask, already halfway out of the bed before she raises a hand to halt me.

"Not so fast young man. I still want you under observation for a day or two, minimum. You could experience belated symptoms, there's the issue of diseases and flu viruses as well that you haven't come into contact before since you are quite a unique case." She gives me a certain look. "I would like to give you a couple of vaccine shots before letting you out into world. I wouldn't want you coming down with something we could have easily prevented."

I grumble and sit down on the bed again. Why did healers or doctors always have to sound like they were always right? (The fact that she happens to be right is just beside the point here.)

"But I feel just fine." I complain petulantly as she moves towards her desk and sits down in front of a slim computer.

"She will tell you 'because it's for your own good' Harry." I whip around and spot Duo with a large smile plastered on his face, leaning against the door frame, as he winks at the doctor. "Hi there Sally, how fares our little magic duckling."

The woman raises an eyebrow in response, somehow not seeming surprised at his prescence, while I frown at the nickname. Magic duckling? Really?

"Mr. Maxwell. Harry will be fine; I'm only going to give a couple vaccine shots and keep him for observation a day or two."

"Well, that sucks." Duo quips.

She levels a semi stern glance at the man before going back to her typing.

"Ten minutes Mr. Maxwell."

"Understood!" Duo salutes her as he plunks down at the foot of my bed.

He waits until she turns around again before he leans forward, shielding his mouth conspiratorially from her. I can't help but to lean forward with a curious look.

"It's all a conspiracy if you ask me. Giving shots is just their way of tormenting us innocent patients, and I think she just keeps people under 'observation'" Here he flips two fingers on his left hand down. "Because she's lonely, you know? I know I would if I was cooped up in this place all day..."

Sally coughs pointedly behind his back.

Duo straightens up quickly again.

"Well anyway, tough luck buddy!" Duo says a little louder, chuckling nervously, clapping me repeatedly on the shoulder.

"Where's Wufei?" I ask and then frown mildly at the grin that creeps onto Duo's face.

"Miss him already?" He asks, grin still in place.

I feel my cheeks warm slightly in response for some obscure reason I can't seem to grasp at the moment.

"Just wondering where he is." I say quickly, confused by my own reaction.

Duo eyes me a bit longer, almost making me squirm in my place, until he sighs and leans back again.

"Unfortunately Lady Une has him on suspension."

I frown.


Duo hums, looking around before his eyes catches my expression, and then he quickly shakes his head with a small chuckle.

"Oh, don't worry, it's nothing serious. Wuffers just managed to get on the Lady's nerves a bit too much earlier today, so she sent him home to get him out of her hair. Not her exact words, but that was the gist of it." He snickers.

"What did he do?"

"Don't know. Wouldn't say, just stormed off home. I'm sure he will be back tomorrow again. You can ask him yourself then." Duo replies and stood up. "Sorry to say, but I gotta leave now, still have a report to type and turn in, in the," He throws a glance at his wristwatch, which I can see is showing three in the afternoon. "Next three hours."

"Why am I not surprised…" Sally murmurs from across the room.

Duo flashes her a smile, even though she can't see it, and turns back to me again.

"Great to see you up and awake again buddy. I'll pop in again tomorrow if I have the time!" He says with a wave of the hand.

"Thanks Duo!" I manage to call back just before he disappears out the door in a rush.

I look at Sally quietly before I sigh, resigned with the prospect of boredom awaiting me, and flop back down on the bed, letting the woman continue with her work.

I glance to the small stand on the right where my wand lies. I reach out and bring it up to my face, running my fingers along the wood once, before I put it back on the stand. I turn around and stare out the window at the clear blue sky.

"He was going to be gone for one day right? Not two days." I ask no one in particular to the empty room. "Should have said something if he was gonna be gone longer than that." I murmur the last part, pursing my mouth.

I finger the hem of the blanket, tugging at a loose thread which has kept me occupied for the last hour or so, I think. Keeping track of the clock just makes the time go even slower so I try and avoid doing that for my own mind's sake.

"Or sent a note." I continue with a jerk of the head. "Muggles have those portable phones right? Dudley had one, and several broken ones. I'm sure you were supposed to be able to send messages with them. I mean if muggles had them then, surely they would have something similar, or better I imagine, now."

The interruption comes mid-rant with the opening of the door and I look up with ever hopeful eyes (despite half-expecting to see Dr. Poe), that widen instantly as I spot a pair of dark eyes and black hair. I'm out of my bed (somehow managing not to get my legs caught up in the blanket), rushing across the floor and surprising myself by throwing my arms around Wufei before he even has a chance to open his mouth. The actual sensations of finally being able to do this, actually touch him, is somewhat overwhelming at first, never before in my life would I have thought something simple as a hug could feel this good (even more so, since I have never been a fan of them before and the fact that I instigated it).

I press my face into his shirt, if possible trying to get even closer. An arm wounds around my back in response and a large hand cups the back of my head, a thumb stroking gently against the hair tresses. A tingle of warmth races down my spine, warming my chest, and I curl my fingers into the fabric of his shirt. This is, really nice.

After a while there is a chuckle, or maybe two, and I realize with belated embarrassment that Wufei didn't come alone. Not wanting them to show my surely red face, I push it into his shirt.

"This is the first time I've ever seen you hug anyone Fei, willingly anyway, wouldn't believe it if I wasn't here to witness the special occasion myself." The unmistaken voice of Duo reaches my ears, and for some reason that tingle is there again to tickle the inside of my chest and stomach area.

"Maxwell." Wufei replies with some annoyance, followed with a sigh, and I can feel his chest moving as he speaks. "Didn't you have someplace else to be at the moment? If I recall correctly; something to do with the briefing of your new assignment?"

"Oh, that. Nah, it's okay, I have enough time to see you two off before I head over to that. They wouldn't dare start it without me anyway. I got all the lil'newbies wrapped around my little finger." He retorts with tell-tale smugness.

"Is that so? I fear for the Preventers' future then."

Wufei lets me go with his arms, for a brief second I consider holding on before the prescence of company have me slackening my fingers and arms fall to my side as I step back. I look over his shoulder to see Duo and Trowa standing behind him.

"Uh, thanks for helping me." I say, smoothing down the pants to have something to occupy my hands with. "You know, for that last time." I add, seeing the bemused looks.

"Aw shucks, don't mention it. All part of the job." Duo grins and waves me off.

Trowa sends a small smile. "You're welcome."

"How are you feeling?" Wufei asks and takes a closer at my appearance. "I heard you had to take some vaccine shots."

"Yeah, but I'm fine, things considered." I answer with a shrug. I stop myself from asking about the wizards, still not really wanting to talk about them. "'See you two off?'" I ask instead.

"No one's told you yet?" Duo asks surprised. I shake my head at which he smiles widely. "Good news buddy, you're getting out of this place today!"

"Oh!" I reply surprised. "Right, yeah, of course, can't stay here forever right?" I say with a light laugh, scratching the back of my head while trying not to show the worries I've been feeling about it.

Like wondering where I will go. I know I had to leave this place sometime, but I haven't really wanted to think about it properly yet. I just didn't think it was going to be this soon, thought I had more time, but of course, there's no reason for me to stay here any longer now is there? Now that I'm alright and all, in their eyes anyway. Technically speaking I'm a civilian aren't I, and there's no room for a civilian in a place like this. I'm not bound to the stone anymore, so I guess that leaves me free to go wherever I want now, huh? But did I want to go back to England? Not really, too many memories and people that I will never see again. I think going to England would just make it harder for me to adjust. I haven't even seen how the outside looks like now. Will things have changed; of course they would have, but how much? Will I recognize things or will they be completely different?

What about those wizards from before? Would they try and contact me again or had they given up on catching me? I haven't heard anything from them since then, but who's to say they won't track me down as soon as I get out and far enough from the Preventers. They were desperate enough back then to reveal themselves so blatantly in front of muggles. Somehow, I wouldn't put it past them to do something like that again.

"Before we leave," Wufei cut in, looking back over his shoulder to his taller friend. "We need you to change into other clothes."

Trowa holds out a travelling bag to me. Taking it I curiously flip the lid open with a hand and peek inside.

"This is for me?" I ask as I take out a dark green patterned cardigan, spotting a pair of black trousers and a white t-shirt at the bottom. A pair of shoes and socks is also in there. I look up at the three.

"I figured you could need some new ones. Your old ones are still usable if you would like to wear those instead. We packed them in there as well for you." Wufei says.

I shake my head with a growing smile.

"No, these are great." I say, not mentioning that I could count on one hand how many people had bought me new clothes.

"Go change and we'll wait for you right outside. After that we're leaving for my apartment."

I pause to look up at Wufei in surprise.

"Are you saying, that I'm going to stay at your apartment?"

"Of course." He replies with a warm smile. "Where else did you think you would be staying?"

The smile spreads so fast that I can't decide if I'm feeling happy or relieved that I won't just be dumped somewhere.

"I'll try and be quick!" I call out as I turn around to run to the bathroom to change.

As they walk down the hallway of Wufei's apartment, he catches the dark haired teen peering around curiously at the various knick-knacks on the shelves lining most of the walls of the hallway. Knick-knacks that the man has managed to collect from his many expeditions during recent years. The boy reaches a hand out towards one, a handmade figurine of Chinese heritage, before quickly pulling it back again, as if struck by a sudden afterthought and flicking his eyes in Wufei's direction somewhat guiltily. Without stopping or commenting, Wufei walks ahead until he pauses outside a door at the end, waiting for the teen to catch up with him.

"I hope you won't mind staying in the study, I had a proper bed put in for you." He says as he pushes open the door, revealing a neat and tidy room with a whole wall stocked full with an assortment of books from many ages and historical periods. "I'm sorry to say that the apartment is too small for a guest bedroom. I haven't really had a need for it until now, so never bothered with changing apartments." He adds, looking down on the teen.

"Won't I be in the way? Of your work?" Harry replies unsure.

"I do most of my work at the Preventers."

"Oh." Harry's eyes cast down before moving across the room, spotting a lone bed against the far wall. "Well, thanks, for letting me stay here." He says clutching the small overnight bag he'd received earlier in one hand. It contained all the necessities he would need.

"There's no need to thank me." Wufei says with a small smile.

The boy steps into the room and deposits the bag at the foot of the bed.

"Sleep well." Wufei offers, grasping the door knob.

The boy looks back at the man over his shoulder, opening his mouth as if to say something but instead just smiles.

"Yeah," Harry replies, watching as the man closes the door with a soft thud. "…you too."

Barton finds a pensive Wufei in the cafeteria during an afternoon break, a week after Harry's dismissal from the Preventers' infirmary, perusing a daily newspaper with as much attention he would a sports news cast, meaning none. The taller man raises a speculative eyebrow at the behavior of his fellow colleague and friend, before stepping up and taking the opposite him.

"You seem distracted." Barton says after a moment of silence.

Wufei looks up with an expression of surprise of seeing Barton, only proving the friend's earlier statement. Shrugging of the momentarily surprise and shaking his head he folds up the newspaper.

"It's nothing." He replies, pushing the paper to the side and picking up his, now lukewarm, cup of coffee. Wufei frowns mildly at the taste before setting the cup down again. He ponders getting a new one briefly but decides not to in the end. He'll probably end up letting that one go lukewarm too anyway.

Barton doesn't reply, waiting for the man to clarify.

Wufei seems to mull it over, tapping the mug with an index finger, and then he focuses his gaze at the friend once more.

"At least I think it's nothing."

"What is?" Barton asks patiently.


"What about him?"

"He's restless, appears to be growing more so each day in fact when I think about it. I have let him have free reign over all the entertainment utilities to prevent just that, like the TV and access to the Internet, but I have only ever seen him reading a book from the study. Well, except for that one time at the start of the week when he went through all the channels on the TV before shutting it off and never touching it again. He hasn't laid his hands on the computer at all, although he did say he didn't know how to use one. Come to think about it, I haven't seen him use his magic once since the incident with those other, wizards." Wufei finishes with a not so hidden tone of frustration.

Barton blinks once, slowly, at the amount of words that rushed forth from the other man, mildly astonished since he had never seen the man like this before.

"Perhaps he just needs more time to adjust." He reasons, taking a sip from his own cup of coffee to give him more time to think about the rest of his response. "He is a teenager, one that must be overwhelmed with the changes of the world. It isn't like he once knew it."

"I was of the same opinion initially, thinking it was only a matter of adjustment. However he's been growing steadily tired to the point of nodding off by the time I get home. I've been telling him to take naps but they don't seem to help much."

"So he's not sleeping well during the night?" Barton concludes.

Wufei sighs, swiping a thumb over his temple.

"I've asked him, and you know he insists that he does sleep at night. He does go to bed at ten and is still in bed when I leave for work at six. He claims he isn't tired, but he still goes to his room for a nap when I tell him to."

Barton takes moment to think.

"You've checked his room to see if he really does sleep?" The man asks eventually.

Wufei frowns.

"No, I haven't. I didn't think that would be necessary."

"'Necessary?'" Barton echoes with mild amusement. "He's a teenager."

"And?" Wufei replies, somewhat confused.

Barton leans down slightly, threading his fingers together.

"Consider normal teenagers Chang, how many of them would actually tell their guardians or parents what's really going on with them."

The Chinese man observed his friend speculatively and with minor surprise.

"I wasn't aware you had become an expert in the care of teenagers."

Barton chuckles merrily.

"I haven't." He says with good humor. "But we have a fair amount of parents working here and it doesn't go one day without at least one mentioning similar issues with their children during lunch break. One just has to listen, and one will gain some understanding of the grievances of parents."

"I…see." Chang replies at length. "So, what do you suggest I do?"

"You talk to him, properly."

"'Talk to him,' he says." Wufei mutters under his breath, keychain jingling in his hand as he inserts it and unlocks the front door to his apartment. "Haven't I've been talking to him? What is the difference between what I've been doing up till now and what I supposedly should have been doing?"

"Wufei? Is that you."

The man halts in his own little rant and look up to spot the dark haired teen looking at him a bit oddly.

"Are you alright?" The boy asks him.

"Yes, I'm fine." Wufei says with a shake of the head and moves to take off his outdoor clothing.


Wufei pauses after depositing the keys on a low sitting table.

"Harry." He starts, pausing briefly again before continuing. "How have you've been sleeping?"

The teen frowns at the man.

"I've been sleeping fine, I told you before, just a bit tired sometimes."

Wufei narrows his eyes, now maybe for the first time noticing the slight evasion in the boy's words. He has had a growing suspicion ever since talking to Barton earlier in the day, and now he wonders how he could have missed the way the boy always seems to steer the subject away from issues concerning the boy's own health. On closer inspection, he eyes Harry from head to toe; didn't the boy seem somewhat, worn-down? How the hell could he have missed this up till now?

Wufei walks up to the teen, staring intently at the boy all the while taking in Harry's body language, the appearance of his dress and the slight paleness of his face. He had been pale before but seems slightly more so now than he had a week ago.

"Have you really been sleeping?" The man asks with concern, laying a hand against the boy's cheek.

Harry's eyes widen, for a second showing guilt and apprehension, before narrowing with determination again.

"I have been sleeping just fine." The boy insists resolutely, pulling away from the man's grasp.

Wufei closes his eyes with a sigh, disappointed with himself for not noticing the boy's condition deteriorating to this degree. So much work had been piling up because he ended up neglecting it when he was working on Harry's situation. He thought bringing all that work home to his apartment was going to disturb the boy's rest so he decided to do it all at the Preventers, coming home late some evenings. Apparently his decision was backfiring on him and showing what a lousy excuse it really had been.

"You have been barely been sleeping at all, have you." He states rather than asks and watches the boy squirming apprehensively in front of him, now that it has suddenly been put out in the open like that. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"You were busy…"

"That's no reason not to tell me you're not getting any sleep at night!" Wufei retorts with frustration, making the boy jump. "Think about your own health!"

Harry frowns angrily.

"I can take care of myself!"

"Can you?" Wufei shoots back. "It doesn't look like it."

"What do you know? You're off working all the time!"

The man clamps his mouth, forcing down any other replies that was fizzing inside. He swivels to the side, grasping the side of his head with a hand and letting out a burst of air explosively.

"I know." He says at length, much calmer than before, and adds. "And I'm sorry. I'm behind on my work and I didn't want to disturb your recovery."

"…I was lonely."

The small mumble behind Wufei has him turning around again, seeing a sad and frustrated teenage boy as he wipes at the corner of a glassy eye, setting his glasses askew in the process. Wufei had meant to replace those for him but that was another thing that had gotten pushed to the side.

"I thought you regretted letting me stay here."

"Why would you think that?" Wufei asks surprised.

Harry levels a meaningful stare at the man.

"You're never here and you never really talk to me except to tell me what to do. You don't want me here do you?" Harry finishes.

"Is that the impression I've been giving you? I do want you here Harry. I wouldn't have said you could stay here if I didn't." He stated firmly.

The look in Harry's eyes appears to still be doubtful so Wufei takes the steps separating them and envelopes the boy in a warm hug, pressing the boy's head to his chest. Harry stiffens for a moment before relaxing and slowly a pair of arms wounds around the older man.

He stands there, holding the boy close to him. Then, just noticing it himself, he finds himself never wanting to let go. It seems strange to Wufei, for him to be feeling like this about anyone, least of all a younger male, because he can barely remember ever feeling like this before losing his family all those many years ago. He is sympathizing with Harry, with the boy's situation in a new world and he feels responsible for the boy, but that doesn't seem quite right, although true, it's not just that. There is something else there, buried somewhere in those feelings of responsibility and sympathy that has been growing some time back. Ever since he first thought that he was going to lose Harry.

Obsidian eyes glance down at the head covered with raven colored tresses of soft hair. He flexes the fingers in the boy's hair and presses them carefully against the boy's scalp in soothing caresses.

"Wufei?" Harry murmurs, confused when the man's fingers come down to stroke the skin behind the boy's left ear. "What are you doing?"

Wufei stops himself and pushes the boy away just enough so that he can properly look into the boy's dark green eyes. He's just a boy, not even eighteen yet.

"I…" He starts but doesn't know how to continue, suddenly finding himself mesmerized with the, at first, barely recognizable red tinting playing across Harry's cheek bones. It then grows with the continued stare from the man.

"What?" The teen asks, about to pull away when the man's arms around him strengthen and green eyes goes wide with surprised astonishment as the man bends down and lips closes over his.

"Mpfh?" Harry's let's out, caught off guard by Wufei's actions and finding himself just clutching the fabric of the man's shirt in his hands for something to hold on to.

Wufei makes sure then, because he never wants to hurt the boy again, to carefully determine Harry's responses and finally, to his own relief, determines that the boy would have pushed him away by now if he didn't want or welcome the man's approach.

Wufei buries his hand in the boy's hair again and presses his face closer to his own, tilting it to the side for a better angle. Harry's hands flexes reflexively, alternating between tugging and pushing at the fabric. The man peers through half lidded eyes and can't help but to smile in the middle of the kiss in response to the concentrated wrinkles between the boy's eyebrows and the blush now firmly in place.

He retreats a bit, causing Harry's eyes to open and still frowning with surprised shock. Wufei stares intently and secretly delights in watching the boy's paleness become almost completely hidden behind the redness.

"What?" Harry asks again, almost petulantly while breaking eye contact.

The man erupts into chuckles. He can't help it, Harry is just the most incredibly amusing, wonderful, great thing to happen to him that the chuckles just come bursting from inside without him having any control over them.

"What?" The boy asks again but louder this time, making the chuckles turn into laughter. "Stop laughing! It's not funny!"

"You don't…" Harry starts, cutting himself off abruptly before drawing up courage and trying again. "You don't just kiss someone and then laugh about it!"

"No, I'm sorry," Wufei says, doing his best to restrain the bubbling laughter. "You're right, I'm sorry."

Harry looks at him doubtful.

The man calms himself down until only a fond smile is left grazing his features.

"That was, rude, of me." He says carefully, chuckling once, looking down and then back into the boy's eyes.

"I've never seen you laugh like that." Harry retorts, his astonishment showing through despite his annoyance.

"Because I've never laughed like that before. You make me laugh like that." Wufei replies and watches the boy wondering.

The redness, if possible, on Harry's face increases just a little at the man's words.

"What does that mean?" He grumbles, turning his face away, frowning.

"I never expected for it to happen." Wufei shakes his head with a crooked smile of amusement. "But, I've come to like you Harry, I mean really like you."

The boy takes his time watching the older man.

"So, that's why you..."

"That's why I kissed you."

Harry hums in baffled acknowledgement.

It's discreet at first as they teen's body language grows more at ease. The boy seems to be thinking about what to say when a yawn interrupts him.

"You're tired?" Wufei asks, immediately alert and glancing at his wristwatch. "It is almost past seven."

"I'm fine. I can't go to bed now, it's only seven." Harry replies hurriedly, but quiet down at the look on the man's face.

"Even so, you're going to bed. We have to take your insomnia seriously; I'm going to take this much more seriously than I did before. I promise you, Harry, I'll make sure you get the sleep and whatever else you need from now on."

"You are?" Harry questions, suddenly nervous at the determined look the man sports. "What are you doing?" He cries out as the man takes a firm hold of his right arm, pulling the boy along after him further into the apartment. "Oi! Wufei!"

Wufei drags the teen down the hallway and then veers off to the left, entering the room at the end of the hall. The boy's eyes go wide as he recognizes the room in question.

"Wait, isn't this your room?"

"It is. You'll be sleeping in here from now on."

"I can sleep in my own bed!"

"Obviously you're not comfortable in that bed, or room for that matter, since you're not getting any sleep there. I'll have you sleeping in my room where I can keep an eye on you while you sleep and immediately know if anything troubles you."

The boy opens his mouth to retort, but nothing comes out. He closes it by the time Wufei has dragged him over to the side of the bed and the man uses his free hand to pull the covers down. He turns his head and gestures with a jerk of the hand for Harry to climb in.

"But I'm still dressed…" Harry tries vainly and then cries out in surprise when Wufei jumps into the bed first and instead pulls the boy in with him.

Harry falls down face first onto the mattress and don't have more time than to turn on his side before both him and Wufei is covered from neck to toe under soft blankets. The teen still as their eyes meet and the boy takes in the now somewhat ruffled state of Wufei's hair where it got rubbed against the pillow.

"Now we sleep." Wufei say and close his eyes.


"We sleep." The man repeats, opening his eyes and leaning forth, placing a chaste kiss on the teen's mouth and effectively silencing any further arguments.

Harry flushes red and clamps his eyes shut in embarrassment.

The man smiles softly, watching the boy's eyebrows enter into another frown, probably highly aware of Wufei's eyes still on him.

Fatigue however wins the round this time, as not much later the boy's face relaxes. The frown eases slowly away and Wufei let's his eyelids close over his own eyes again, feeling himself drifting away into a peaceful slumber.

I wake up the next morning, feeling better and more refreshed than I can remember. I glance to the side, watching the sleeping face of Wufei. I stare at it for a while before the reason that woke me up in the first place makes itself known again. I carefully inch closer until my feet slips over the edge of the bed. I make sure to cover Wufei with the blankets again before I toe across the floor and out into the hallway in search of the bathroom.

Later as I exit the bathroom I take a detour to the study where my bag still lies at the foot of the bed there. I bend down and rummage around in it a bit before I find what I'm looking for. I grasp my wand in my hand and retrace my steps out, finding myself in the living room.

I finger the length of wood.

For some reason I haven't been feeling comfortable using magic around Wufei. His first encounter with it hadn't been precisely the best and I hadn't wanted to remind him, or myself, of the meeting with those wizards. I can't believe I haven't been using magic just because of a silly notion that Wufei would look at me differently. For once, I just need to trust him. Trust in him to accept me fully for who I am.

But then, he already has, hasn't he.

I take a deep breath and flick my wand at the paperweight on the coffee table. It rises into the, I twist the wand and it twirls around and makes a tall arch. I set it down again, before looking for something else. A vase of dried flowers catches my eye and with on murmured word the flowers straighten, gains color and blooms over again. A discarded newspaper gets placed in the basket with other papers. A stain on the carpet is removed and the tear in the wallpaper closes itself up.

The sound of hands clapping makes me turn around in surprise and I see Wufei standing in the opening watching me with bright wide eyes. The brief sense if insecurity washes away and I smile.

"I love magic." I say, as he looks at me again after watching the things I had done to the room.

Wufei can sense that I have something important to say, so he naturally gives me all his attention as he waits for me to go on.

"Magic gave me my first friend. It gave me my first home. I never had any of that until I got that letter telling me that I had gotten accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, until I was first told I was a wizard. I didn't know why my relatives didn't like me; until I found out they knew my parents had had magic. Magic that had killed them."

Wufei frowned at me sadly.

"I could've hated magic then because that was what took my parents away from me before I even got the chance to know them. But I didn't. A madman killed them because of a prophesy, because of me."

"Something like that could never have been your fault Harry." Wufei said, still watching.

"I know." I smile sadly. "Can't stop the thought from popping up now and again, can you though?" I say looking away.

"That man tried to kill, over and over again, until my last and seventh year in Hogwarts when I at last finished it and killed him. I had never killed anyone before, not with that intention, yet it was startlingly and frighteningly easy to do because I hated him so." I sent him a solemn expression. "Should it really have been that easy?" I ask quietly, not noticing the tears until I felt the first one trail down my cheek.

Wufei is there immediately, clutching me in his arms, while my silent tears trickle down. I stare in front of me, while his hand holds my head so gently it almost hurts inside.

"Should it?" I repeat again, emotions coming back into my voice.

"It's never easy. It can happen so fast and so sudden sometimes that we think it is."

Wufei takes his hands to my face and holds it up so that our eyes meet. The expression on his face that he has, an expression so mixed in emotions as he looks at me, strikes me in the heart.

"But it will never be easy." He says.

I wrap my hands around his wrists.

There are still so many things that I don't know, like who sealed me away, would I ever gain back those memories and what had happened to my friends after I was gone. I know it would be so easy to bury myself beneath all that but I don't. I don't because of Wufei. His prescence doesn't let me slip away. He demands that I don't and I can't let myself do that.

At this moment everything seems so profound, Wufei's prescence seems so profound. Like nothing I've ever experienced before.

"I don't know what to do." I whisper, scared and thrilled at the same time.

"Stay with me." Wufei whispers back.

My face pulls together; I hold his wrists as tight as I can in my hands.

"Can I?" I ask with a voice barely audible.

"For however long you want to!" Wufei whispers back harshly and swoops down to kiss me, blocking out everything else around us.

It's soft and it's hard, warm and shivering. I know I won't be the same after this, that I've changed because of Wufei and that he has equally been changed because of me. I should have been frightened at the change in me, but does it really matter now? After all that has happened does it really matter all that much?

It doesn't, does it?

I'll think about them, I'll never forget about them, but I'll give up on them, on ever seeing them again. I'll do that for myself, I'll do it for him. I'll do it for Wufei.

He lets me go.

I look up at him and I stare at him.

Finally, I smile at him.

AN: This chapter got really, really emotional for me. I had initially intended for the story to end at the scene where they both fall asleep together, but there still where some unanswered issues bothering me that made me continue writing and then that last scene just welled out of me. I hope I didn't over do it...

Anyway, I'm sorry to say, but this was the final and last chapter of 'Written in Stone'. I leave Harry and Wufei to work out the rest for themselves now.

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