Gilbert sighed. He could hear a hiker about a mile away, and their footsteps were growing steadily closer. A meeting with a hiker was one he dreaded. Humans were boring; they were all the same.

But even so, killing them for food hurt him inside each time. He wished he could will them to turn around, but they were too far out of his range to feel the strength of his power (which was awesome, if he really thought about it). And by the time they were close enough to feel it, his killer instincts would have already kicked in, and it was all over.

It was a vicious cycle, but that was Gilbert's life, and had been for longer than he cared to remember. He absentmindedly watched water dripping monotonously from the jagged ceiling of the cave he had recently started calling his home.

Only the excited tweeting of a certain yellow bird woke him from his daze. "Gilbird!" he exclaimed in his German accent. But keep in mind, Gilbert was Prussian. If you dared call him otherwise, you'd be dead before you could say 'Gilbird'. Not that your chances of life would be very good if you came within a couple hundred feet of him anyway, but still. Dead. Like that.

Gilbird started twittering and flapping around Gilbert's head, looking more ecstatic that the Prussian had ever seen him. He laughed in spite of himself as the fluffy yellow bird landed on the Gilbert's outstretched hand. Just as he reached up to pet the little fuzzball, the bird took off and left the cave into the sunny forest, still tweeting madly.

Gilbert shook his head, smiling at the ridiculous bird, which was almost as awesome as he was. Almost.

Suddenly the air was filled with a scent that intrigued Gilbert. It was definitely a human, and their smells were always like smelling hot food after being deprived of food for a week, but this was like that at all. It was so… different. It was almost like smelling a candle. You could smell it as much as you wanted, and still love the scent, but at the same time, you know it isn't food.

This is what confused him the most out of everything. Deciding to take Gilbird's advice, he heaved himself off the rough, stony ground, and crouched to avoid hitting his head as he slowly left the cave, making sure not to lose his footing. True, he could break out his wings to steady himself, but the last time he did that, he almost broke one on the ceiling as it sprung out of his back.

Plus, his sharp-ended tail takes forever to disappear; it finally goes away about ten minutes after his wings folded back into his skin. Admittedly, it wasn't too bad, except for the fact that his tail was super-sensitive (which had been proven to be awkward on certain occasions that he didn't like to look back on), but Gilbert was too awesome to walk around for ten minutes with an awkward tail. That wasn't threatening to anyone, just ridiculous.

The Prussian sighed, breathing in the scent which seemed to have gotten stronger when he entered the forest. Filtered sunlight fell on the ground, pouring through the abundant trees. Oh yes, for once, this was going to be a human encounter he would actually enjoy.


Matthew sighed and stood up carefully, glaring down at his ankle, which he had just bandaged. Of course he of all people would twist their ankle miles away from any form of civilization. He took a few steps to test out his footing, and deeming it slightly acceptable, he continued hiking, but considerably more carefully than before.

Hiking was something Matthew really enjoyed, even though he wasn't the most physically able. See, people usually, okay, not usually, always neglected to notice him. Now, being from a very small town in Canada, he was used to living in a remote area and not talking to people. But when he moved to his first big city, the people didn't just ignore him, it's like they didn't even see him.

This frustrated him, but usually not to the point where he'd get angry; just a bit self conscious and slightly depressed. But when he was hiking, he forgot that people didn't notice him, because there were no people, and it was fairly easy to forget. The same thing applied to when he made pancakes in his kitchen, but that was beside the point. Besides, if he came across a stray hiker, they wouldn't bother him with awkward pleasantries. That was always nice… well, that was the only nice thing about being invisible.

The sunlight streaming through the canopy of trees dotted the ground, and he smiled. Matthew loved when the sun looked like that, almost as if the ground was sparkling. He blushed lightly as he realized that that was a pretty girly thing to say. Oh well, it's not like anyone could read his thoughts, could they? Still though, those girly thoughts coupled with his slightly feminine figure and longish blonde hair was enough to make him cringe. Shuddering lightly, he shook his head slightly as if to shake out the voice talking inside his head.

Damn! He mentally kicked himself as he looked around for another blue striped painted on a tree, but to no avail. How could he have forgotten to look where he was going? It's okay… just… keep walking? He tried to reassure himself as he kept awkwardly limping through the forest. His ankle was really starting to hurt him, and he glared down at it again.

Sighing, in exasperation, he looked around for a clearing to sit down in and rest for a minute. Spotting one to his right, he slowly, and painfully, made his way over there, smiling a bit when he noticed a log on the ground to sit on. He yawned and plopped himself down on the log, exhaling in relief as the pain in his ankle immediately feels a hundred times better. The Canadian removed his backpack and searched through its contents for a pain reliever. When he found it, he smiled and tipped his head back and swallowed it dry, eager to make the pain in his ankle vanish.

Suddenly a little puffy yellow bird started twittering loudly and zooming around his head happily. Matthew laughed at the little fuzzball as it landed on his shoulder and looked up at him as it settled down in the crook of his neck. Starting to feel the effects of the pain killer, he relaxed and tilted his head back, only to find a pair of red eyes staring at him through some nearby foliage.


The scent was coming closer; Gilbert could feel it. And, he could also hear the human walking quite noisily toward him. But it sounded more dramatic said the other way.

Not sure how to handle this situation, Gilbert hid himself behind some leaves, but left his eyes to watch for whoever it was. The scent was intensifying, and honestly Gilbert liked it. A lot. In fact, it caused an unfamiliar heat to curl in his stomach, but Gilbert just shook that off. Hey, he had drunk the blood of a smoker yesterday, so that was probably it.

Gilbert became lost in disgusted thoughts of the gross man, and almost didn't notice when the mysterious human walked into the clearing right in front of him.

And damn, it smelled good. But still not like food, unlike every other human he'd encountered.

Then he really looked at the person. He was a boy, looking about nineteen or twenty with a sweet, young face. His semi-long blonde hair with one tiny piece sticking out on the side gently framed his features, as did his thick lashes to his blue eyes… or were they purple?

Either way, Gilbert was ashamed to admit, he was stunning. True, he'd come across many sexy people in his time, but they never held much attraction. But this boy… honestly, not only was he attractive, but also cute. Kind of like her.

Shuddering, he shook the memory out of his head, not wanting it to tamper with right now, and right now held a pretty awesome moment that he didn't want to miss.

Suddenly Gilbird appear and began tweeting and flying around the blonde's head, looking positively elated. Seriously, the bird looked so excited that he could just explode into a bunch of fluffy yellow feathers.

Unfortunately for Gilbert, he had unconsciously started moving closer to this mysterious human. So close, that the boy looked up in surprise, his violet eyes meeting the Prussian's own red ones. Gilbird took this opportunity to sit on Matthew's shoulder, snuggling into his neck.

Releasing a small sigh at being caught, Gilbert smirked and stepped out from behind the bushes he was behind. "Hey, Birdie," he said in an amused voice to the stranger, gesturing to the bird on his shoulder.

At first, the boy looked confused and turned around as if there must be someone else Gilbert's talking to, which confused the albino a bit.

Finally 'Birdie' realized that the Prussian is, indeed, talking to him. "U-Um… hi?" the boy responded uncertainly.

"Need a little help with that ankle of yours?" Gilbert asked, smirking at the poorly wrapped joint and the pain killer that was lying discarded on the ground.

"A-ah, I-I think it's okay…" the boy responded, looking embarrassed at his stellar wrapping job.

"Let the awesome me fix it for you." Gilbert said, winking at the blonde, who blushed lightly. Why aren't you killing him? The killer instinct voice in his head hissed at him. The Prussian didn't have the faintest clue, other than the face that he didn't smell like food.

Gilbert bent down and undid the bandages on his ankle, which upon opening appeared to be pretty swollen. Gilbert deftly wrapped it back up, wondering why all of the blood pulsing in that area held no appeal to him. Usually he would be literally salivating at the sight, but the smell of his blood just intensified, leaving that odd heat to curl in his stomach again.

Looking up at the boy, Gilbert asked, "I'm Gilbert. And your name would be…?"

"M-Matthew…" the blonde responded. Matthew, huh? Not as awesome as Birdie… he'd have to keep calling him that.

"I think I'll stick with Birdie."

"A-Ah, okay…" he stammered shyly, obviously not used to this much attention. He was immensely cute, if Gilbert was completely honest. Which he usually never was… at least not with himself.

"Are you lost or something?" Gilbert asked, wondering why this boy wandered right where he was hiding; a place which most humans never found.

"I-I could ask you the same thing," Matthew responded, sounding a bit more brave than before.

The Prussian laughed a bit at this, and responded, "The awesome me doesn't get lost… but I could help you find your way back if you want me to."

"Um, Thanks," Matthew responded, looking a bit embarrassed. With this answer, Gilbert offered his hand to the blonde, who reluctantly took it. At this, the Prussian pulled him up into a standing position quickly, which didn't go over well with Matthew's foot.

With sudden weight pressed on his swollen joint, he stumbled and nearly fell over had it not been for Gilbert who steadied him. The Prussian sighed and decided what he had to do, even if he had to risk Matthew's oddly enticing scent coming even closer. Gilbert knelt down in front of the shorter male with his back facing him and gestured for him to get on his back.

Matthew reluctantly complied and wrapped his arms loosely around the albino's neck and let him grab his legs. The weight didn't affect Gilbert at all, but if he didn't want to let the boy know he wasn't human, he had to pretend. Hey, he was awesome at everything. He could act… probably. So to pretend he didn't have semi-superhuman strength, he faked stumbling a bit at the weight.

"A-Are you okay?" Matthew asked worriedly as he felt Gilbert almost topple underneath him.

Steadying himself, Gilbert sighed. Obviously it was just hard to act like he was having some trouble carrying him, because he weighed about as much as a sheet of paper. Yeah… that was it. The Prussian pulled Matthew's legs tighter around his waist and said with a wink, "Hold on tight, Birdie."

At this, Matthew tightened his grip around the albino's neck, bringing his head to rest on Gilbert's right shoulder, which almost made the taller man faint. Not only did it intensify the smell about a hundred times, but it was also strangely attractive… and strangely not like food. This frustrated the killer instinct in Gilbert's mind and he could feel himself trying to find some kind of predator reaction within himself, but it wasn't working. He could feel himself wanting something… but for the life of him, he couldn't figure out what it was! Giving up temporarily, Gilbert started to walk deeper into the forest.

He wasn't going to take this mysterious human home just yet… so help him, he would figure out why he was reacting like this to a random boy, a cute boy, but still random nonetheless.


Matthew had been latched to Gilbert's back for about a half hour, and the pair seemed nowhere near any form of civilization. Besides that fact, Gilbert hadn't said a word the entire time. It was almost as if he was in mental conflict with himself from the way his expression changed so frequently. The Canadian had to bite his lip to keep from giggling at this display.

Finally, the albino managed to snap out of his daze, and he turned his head back slightly to ask Matthew, "You okay back there, Birdie?"

"Y-Yeah… fine," he responded quickly, becoming quickly flustered at Gilbert talking to him. He still wasn't quite used to people talking to him… much less a very unusual, but very attractive person. His mind began to wander, thinking of being in a relationship with this stranger he just met, and kissing him, and… Snap out of it, idiot! Matthew snapped at himself. He couldn't possibly be attracted to this man, because if he was… well, disappointment would surely follow. After all, only 1 out of 10 people were homosexual… and what were the chances that someone as good-looking as Gilbert would like men, much less a man like Matthew?

This argument going on inside his head upset Matthew, making him feel let down. He realized that at this point, it was futile to pretend that this odd man held absolutely no attraction to him, but he promised himself he wasn't going to get carried away. He couldn't get carried away.

That's what happened last time with Francis, that little voice inside his head cruelly reminded him. Matthew had a huge crush on the French speaking man, and it finally looked like their relationship was headed in the right direction. And then Matthew walked in on him.

Needless to say, he didn't plan on getting involved in another fantasy again, especially after everything he went through after Francis. Depression and self harming aren't fun, and the Canadian found that out the hard way. He should have just realized that the Frenchman just wanted sex… but still, to him, Matthew wasn't even good enough to be used for that. Feeling himself on the verge of tears, Matthew woke up from his little self-conflicting discussion, he looked around to see that they looked like they were going deeper still into the forest.

"H-hey… Gilbert? Where exactly are we?" Matthew stuttered nervously, noticing that the forest has become somewhat darker. This was giving him a bad instinct, and he could feel his instinct telling him to run. But even if he tried, his ankle couldn't support him long enough to out-run whatever it was he should be scared of. His body let out a subtle shiver, which did not go unnoticed by Gilbert.

"Relax, Birdie. We're just taking a break," the albino male responded, laughing lightly at Matthew. However, the Canadian swore he could hear a dark tone lacing his standoffish (in a good way) voice.

"Oh, okay," Matthew responded, trying to sound relieved as possible, when really he was terrified. Okay, semi-terrified. Well, come on, he was with one of the most attractive people he'd ever seen.

Gilbert set him down on a large rock and sighed, stretching his arms a bit over-dramatically. Showing off? Matthew wondered as the man smirked at him, making his red eyes flash. Sighing once again, he shook his head slightly as if to shake the thought out of his head.

"So, what brings you out in this little middle-of-nowhere hiking trail?"

"G-Gil?" Matthew asked hesitantly, clamping his hand over his mouth when the nickname came out of his mouth.

Gilbert smirks and replies, "Birdie?" as he leaned against a tree.

"We're lost, aren't we?" Matthew asked a bit more bravely, removing his hands from his previously covered mouth.

The albino sighed and looked a bit defeated, although a hint of some unreadable emotion flashed behind his eyes. "No… the awesome me doesn't get lost. We're just… unaware of our location." He seemed proud of this re-wording, and smiled egotistically.

Matthew smiled at this and looked down at the ground to avoid staring. Couldn't he just be ugly? This would be so much easier if he was.

"So what did you bring in this backpack of yours?" Gilbert asked hopefully, gesturing to the large black bag strapped to Matthew's back. Matthew turned to look at it and began to list the contacts. Being as paranoid as he was, Matthew had packed extras of everything, making his pack substantially heavier than it should have been.

"Some food, water, medicine… Oh! Yeah, and a tent." He listed off, feeling like he was forgetting something. Gilbert looked at him oddly when he mentioned the tent, and the Canadian felt his face heat up. "You know, in case I got lost…" he added, feeling even more embarrassed about saying that.

"Funny… seems like you were actually right to bring that along," Gilbert wondered aloud, looking up thoughtfully.

What's with the element of surprise? Matthew asked himself. He didn't look that stupid, right? In fact, in school, Matthew had been labeled as a nerd. From the silver glasses to his small figure, he wasn't very cool to say the least, nor did he have any friends. Except one… but he refused to think about that. Remembering he and Gilbert's previous conversation, he replies, "W-Why?"

"Because… we may just stay the night."

"We really are lost… aren't we?"

"Yes. But the awesome me will get us back tomorrow," Gilbert replied with that same flash of that unknown emotion that intrigued Matthew, but also made him a bit nervous. The same kind of feeling he got in high school when he met Ivan. Damn! He promised himself he wasn't going to think about that. He made Francis look like a walk in the park.

He didn't have time to think about this. After all, he was in a dark forest with someone he had just met who was asking to sleep in a tent with him and a sprained ankle. And upon looking up at the sky, it was already approaching night time. The dark made the Canadian nervous, and it always had, but he wasn't about to share that freely, especially in front of this stranger who may or may not be excessively attractive. Don't be so negative, his mind told him. Maybe it's not as bad as you think… I mean, if he was a serial killer, wouldn't you be dead by now? He seemed to be relaxed a bit by this thought until another crossed his mind. What if he brought him all the way out here to kill him, where no one would ever find him? What if he was a vampire?

He took a few deep breaths to calm himself, reassuring himself that he was definitely not a vampire. Albinos were uncommon, but not unheard of. Matthew wasn't sure why he was having problems trusting Gilbert, but he was. Big time.


He and Matthew had been setting up the tent for a while, but without a mallet of some sort, and without Gilbert wanting to share his superhuman strength with someone he just met, it wasn't going well.

"Why don't we just… hang it from this tree here, and then tie it to this rock?" he suggests, mapping it out with his mind. That would be awesome… like a fort.

"Gil… we're not hanging it from a tree," Matthew said, sighing, the nickname making the Prussian's chest feel oddly tight. He quickly shook it off, but he could still feel it lurking in the back of his mind. Then he remembered what else Matthew had said. Hey, his idea wasn't that bad, was it? Nothing he said was terrible (hey, he was Gilbert for god's sake), but sometimes he was… incorrect.

"Why don't we just hammer the stakes in with a rock? Matthew suggested, sounding slightly uplifted at this new idea. That was actually… an awesome idea. Not quite as awesome as his, but still, it was awesome. He liked this guy. It was official.

"I'll go find some rocks!" Gilbert offered happily, running off into the forest to find some rocks. He came across some by a stream, and picked up a large one effortlessly. Was this too big? Well… it was twice the size of his head… so probably. Too bad, it would have been fun to see the look on Matthew's face when he came back with a small boulder. Smiling at the thought, he picked up two rocks about the size of his hand and brought them back toward the small clearing Matthew was sitting in. He could see the clearing from his spot in the foliage … except Matthew wasn't there.

Dropping the rocks, he sprinted into the clearing, his heart seizing up in panic, an emotion he hadn't felt since he'd been human. "Matthew?!" he called frantically, standing there helplessly.

Stepping out from behind some trees with a bundle of sticks under his arm is Matthew, who said to Gilbert apologetically, "Oh, sorry, Gil. I was just getting some firewood."

"Oh… yeah, I knew that," the Prussian replied, relief cooling the panic and his heart rate slowing. That was totally un-awesome of him. Why did he freak out like that? He'd totally forgotten to use his advanced sense of hearing and smell to sense where Matthew was. Snap out of it idiot, he told himself. It wouldn't happen again. But it still didn't explain why he was so relieved to see the blonde standing in front of him, unharmed.

Matthew seemed to squirm under Gilbert's gaze, and finally the albino realized he was staring at him, and averted his gaze toward the ground. "I guess we should make a fire," Matthew suggested, tightening his grip on the firewood under his arm.

Gilbert nodded slightly and kneels down with Matthew as they lean the sticks against each other in a sloppy pyramid shape.

"U-um, you do know how to make a fire, right?" Matthew asked nervously, reaching up to brush some of his blonde hair behind his ear.

Gilbert laughed loudly, "Well of course the awesome me knows how to make a fire!" and with that, he grabbed two other sticks and began rubbing them together, and without realizing it, he snapped both in half. Looking down at his empty hands, he growled to himself. Damn… making a fire is hard.

Matthew just looked blankly from the albino's hands to his angry face, and then suddenly started laughing uncontrollably. Gilbert just looked at him, stunned for a moment at the sound of him laughing, then he started laughing with him. The two of them must have looked absolutely ridiculous, sitting by a crappy unlit fire, laughing their heads off, but it continued for a few minutes before their stomachs hurt too much to keep going.

"Oh! I forgot, I brought matches!" Matthew exclaimed excitedly, hurrying over to his overly large backpack and quickly pulling out a small pack of matches. Handing them to Gilbert, he walked back over to the tent. "I'll work on setting this up… a-and you start the fire, okay?"

Shit. He didn't know how to use matches… he was going to have to figure this out for Matthew. After all, Matthew's body couldn't regulate it's temperature like his could. Yeah… that was why. "Okay, Birdie!"

Matthew looked up from setting up the tent and smiled, his violet eyes sparkling. Gilbert smiled back to reassure him, then continued staring at the match box. He could do this. It couldn't be that hard, right? He carefully opened the small cardboard box and eyed little wooden sticks with some weird ball of something on the end of them suspiciously. What the hell were these?

"H-Hey, Gil?"

"Yes, Birdie?" Gilbert answered, looking up at Matthew and a finished tent. Damn, how long had he been attempting to figure this out for?

"Why don't I do it?" he suggested, walking over to the Prussian and taking the matches from him, looking at Gilbert with an amused look on his face. To Gilbert's horror, the blonde deftly lit three matches and tossed them onto the pile of sticks and prodded at them, slowly rousing a fire, all in near pitch black, seeing as the sky had darkened considerably since they had decided to set up camp.

Okay, he was pretty awesome. Not as awesome as the creator of awesome (Gilbert himself), but still pretty awesome. After the fire had grown to a reasonable size, Matthew sat near it, and shyly gestured for Gilbert to join him, to which he happily complied. The warm air coming from the fire, mixed with Matthew's scent smelled amazing, and Gilbert unconsciously wrapped his arm around the smaller man's shoulder, pulling him closer to himself.

Gilbert looked at his arm in shock as if it had moved by itself, then his eyes moved to Matthew, who was looking up at him with equal surprise on his face. Gilbert smiled weakly, unsure of what to do in this totally un-awesome situation. To his surprise, Matthew smiled back and snuggled into Gilbert's arm, which made his chest feel that weird, but not unpleasant tightness again. He was going to get to the bottom of this… but not now.


"Hey, Iggy!"

"Arthur, you git," a grumpy voice corrects him in a British accent.

"Yeah, Yeah. Whatever… Iggy," a taller American replied, purposefully trying to piss of his English counterpart.

Arthur sighed at the American's relentless behavior and said, "Alfred, what were you going to tell me?"

"Oh yeah! I smell a human and something else over there!" Alfred exclaimed excitedly, pointing in the direction of a small column of smoke rising from the trees. The American's eyes glistened is an almost animalistic way, and he threw his head back.

"Alfred! Don't you dare howl!" Arthur hissed, clamping his hand over Alfred's mouth, only to have his hand licked by the taller blonde's tongue, making Arthur retract his hand quickly in surprise. Shaking his head in disgust and wiping his hand on his pants, he growls, "You are so immature."

"And proud of it."

The Britt rolled his eyes at his werewolf boyfriend and gestures for him to move quietly toward the fire. This was going to be good.


Matthew sighed contentedly and relaxed even more into Gilbert's arm wrapped around him. He knew he shouldn't be so willing to except any advances at all from him, but he just couldn't help it. His mind had started to fantasize about Gilbert, and there was no way to rope it back from the extremities it had reached. Nothing at all… except for the sound of Gilbert talking.

"Tell me about the awesome you," Gilbert suggested, breaking the silence.

Matthew blushed slightly at Gilbert calling him awesome, and stared at the fire to avoid eye contact. "A-Ah, I'm nineteen… I live in Montreal…" he listed off slowly, feeling that telling him that he was near invisible to everyone around him, he enjoyed making pancakes, and he liked being alone were things you don't tell a stranger if you want them to like you.

"No, I meant tell me more about yourself… Like, I'm Gilbert Beilschmidt, I'm awesome, I own a bird named Gilbird, and I enjoy… food."

Matthew laughed a bit at this introduction which made it seem like the two of them were at an alcoholics anonymous meeting, and sighed. Deciding that if Gilbert had just said something as ridiculous as 'I enjoy food', that it shouldn't be a problem to talk about making pancakes.

"Alright… I'll start again. I-I'm Matthew Williams, I like to make pancakes... and everyone I've ever met-"

Matthew was cut off by a growl from a tree very close to where he and Gilbert were sitting. A tall blonde walked into the clearing and grinned menacingly. "And I'm Alfred, and I'm sorry to crash this little party of yours, but you see… Arthur and I haven't eaten in days," he said, gesturing to a shorter blonde with bushy eyebrows who entered the clearing just seconds after he did.

"Alfred, cut the chitchat."

"But Iggy, that was such an awesome entrance!" the American whined.

Matthew and Gilbert watched the two bicker for a moment, dumbfounded, before they stop arguing and turn back to the two of them. The two seemed to look almost wolf-like. Werewolves, Matthew thought to himself just as they lunged at him.


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