Sato Jun was preparing a beef broccoli dish rather half-heartedly; business was slow at Wagnaria that day. Sato, tall in nature with long yellow bangs covering his left face, looked at the dish he had just finished preparing. Sizzling and tasty, he thought.

Sato placed the dish on the counter to be taken out.

"Hai!" a voice answered to his completion of his dish. It was Taneshima Popura, the enthusiastic and petite brown-haired waitress at Wagnaria. She then took the dish out to the customer.

Sato sighed, that was the only dish he had cooked in the last two hours. Sato then decided that he needed a rest and went to the break room.

"Taking a break, Sato-kun?" Sato's blue-haired co-worker asked. It was Soma, the sous chef of Wagnaria.

Sato, stoic in nature, nodded and headed for the backroom. As he went to the backroom, he happened across a couple of daily scenes that would scare any normal living human being.

There was Todoroki Yachiyo infatuating herself to the female manager Kyoko and Inami, the androphobic assault master sluggishly concealing her feelings from the lanky Tanakashi who was impervious to it all.

Sato reached the break room. There, he sat down on a chair and took out a cigarette and began to smoke it.

Several minutes passed, he was enjoying the unwarranted break until the clumsy self-centered Yamada Aoi came rushing into the break room.

"Sato! Sato!" Yamada said as she was clearly out of breath.

"What?" Sat said as he let out a puff of smoke.

"The customer! She asked Yamada to tell Sato to meet with her!" Yamada spoke exasperatedly.

Sato coughed on his cigarette as he gestured Yamada away.

Sato got up from his seat. Questions flowed through his mind. Did I overdo the dish? Was the meat undercooked? Vegetables too soggy?

Sato slowly but assuredly went out into the restaurant. His previous assumptions had been correct; there were virtually no customers in the restaurant except one lady seated by herself near the entrance.

Taneshima gestured Sato over to the customer. Though questions raced through Sato's mind, his facial expression remained intact, seemingly apathetic to the situation.

"You asked for me?" Sato asked the female customer as he walked in front of her.

The female customer was dressed in all black business attire with long brown hair and a pretty face.

"Yes, I would like to thank the chef personally for preparing such a delicious dish for me," the lady customer said.

"No problem," Sato responded. His cigarette still remained lit in his mouth.

The customer gave a good look at Sato. "You really don't recognize me?" the lady customer asked.

"No," Sato replied almost at once.

Unknown to the two engaging in small talk, the rest of the restaurant was listening in very intimately because of the lack of events at the restaurant. All except for Soma, who was secretly grinning from the kitchen. This is going to get REALLY interesting, Soma thought to himself.

"You sure?" the lady was puzzled as she continued to fix her gaze upon Sato.

"Yes. I've never seen you before in my life," Sato answered.

"This dish," the lady customer pointed at the beef broccoli dish. "Does it have any sentimental meaning to you?"

"No," came Sato's harsh response.

The female customer began to laugh very loudly. Her laugh sounded ominously dark and evil and only heightened the interest of the rest of the Wagnaria crew had on the conversation.

"If you have no other need for me. I'll be going now," Sato snapped back in frustration.

The lady customer began to laugh even louder now.

Sato, agitated, began his walk to the kitchen.

"Oh Jun," the lady customer referred to Sato by his first name, stopping Sato in his tracks.

"It's been nearly five years hasn't it?" she continued.

Sato turned around in shock. His face white like he saw a ghost; his mouth wide open in disbelief, causing the cigarette to the fall from his mouth.

"You are…" Sato mouthed the words. His eyes widened and then he blacked out.

"Sato!" his fellow co-workers rushed to his side.

The female customer got up, took out some money from her purse and left it on the table and began to leave.

That was when Takanashi stopped her.

"Who are you?" he asked her.

The female customer gave him a smile. "Ayama Orino. Ask Jun, he knows that name well." Then she left.

The unconscious Sato was then taken to the break room and laid down.

"Sato-kun! Sato-kun!" his co-workers tried to wake him from his sudden collapse.

"He won't be waking up for a while," a person came into the break room.

"Why?" Taneshima was worried.

"That's not for me to answer," Soma answered with his sadistic smile.

"Please Soma," Yachiyo pleaded to Soma.

"Well…" Soma pondered. In all reality, he just wanted compensation in exchange for information.

"Tell us or I'll fire you and have my juniors take 'extra care' of you when you leave today," Kyoko threatened Soma.

Soma recoiled. Kyoko's threats are not be taken lightly.

"Who is she?" Todoroki asked with a slight concern.

"Her name is Ayama Orino; she told me that much," Takanashi responded to Todoroki.

"Ayama? As in the mega-business in Southern Japan?" Kyoko asked.

"You seem to be quite informed," Soma noted.

"What is this Ayama business?" Taneshima asked.

"Ayama Inc. is a corporation that buys small businesses and flips them by selling them to big international companies who want to subsidize in Japan," Soma explained thoroughly.

"What does she have to do with Sato-kun?" Todoroki continued to pester.

Soma grinned. "You could say that she was Sato's old flame."

Gasps filled the room as Soma smiled; he wanted to see how this would turn out.

Author's Note: I made this up and have no idea if I should keep going...