Author's Note: The CONCLUSION!

St. Jonathan's Church: 9:21 PM

Sato sighed as he stared himself in the mirror.

Smile, he thought. As long as everyone is okay.

Sato walked out into the marriage hall. He stood alone as he waited for Ayama to walk through the hallway.

Minutes passed. Ayama appeared. She was dressed in a beautiful white silk wedding dress with diamond sparkles. Ayama was smiling like a spoiled child receiving another treat.

She walked down the hall and soon she was face to face with Sato.

"We are gathered here today to witness the…" the priest began to start the vows.

Sato toned out the words. He was tired and scared. Was his life over now? He will now have to deal with her every single day of his life for more than he can imagine. He had no escape path as everyone is blocked by Ayama.

Sato looked up. If only I can see your pretty face one more time, Yachiyo…

"… and if no one objects. I will pronounce these two husband and wi-…"

Outside of St. Jonathan's Church: 9:38 PM

Todoroki panted heavily as she sprinted towards the church.

Turning from street to street. She arrived.

That's when she saw her fellow co-workers sitting on the curb of the sidewalk.

"What happened?" she said as she approached them.

"Ayama forbade us to go in! We're like the news reporters and the paparazzi. Outside and away from everything," Taneshima answered.

"Security is tight. So tight that Inami has to hide behind a tree or she would physically start assaulting the security guards," Takanashi continued.

"She seems to want this to be the perfect wedding. No one except family members or close friends are allowed in," Kyoko explained further.

Todoroki sighed. Was this really the end?

"What can we do?" Yamada asked.

This was when Inami appeared from her hiding spot and sat with them.

"Nothing now," Takanashi said. He felt like giving up.

"Excuse me all of you," it was a security guard. He wore a dark uniform with an Ayama logo on the side. "I am going to have to ask all of you to please not sit on the curb. There will be plenty of people later on."

No one budged as they stared at the bodyguard.

The security guard then put a hand on Inami.

"If you do not comply, we will result to the use of force," the security guard.

"Eek!" Inami squealed. Her androphobia made her recoil. But she was a bit more abrasive than most. She landed a heavy punch on the unexpecting security guard.

The punch was loud and noticeable. Soon, other security guards began to rush from their posts to settle commotion.

Todoroki watched in amazement as everyone got up and began to "unintentionally" take part of the ensuing conflict.

Kyoko's high rise windmill kick on the face of a security guard. Takanashi performing a spectacular self-defense move on another. Taneshima and Yamada pounding and scratching on another.

Everyone was trying to save Sato. Except for Todoroki who can only watch in awe and amazement.

She made a move to help Taneshima but was abruptly stopped.

"Go!" the Wagnaria crew yelled in unison.

"Bring back the Sato we know!"

The words gave her strength and she utilized the distraction to run to the church.

She heard the words from the priest.

"…if no one objects. I will no pronounce you two husband and wi…"

"I object!" Todoroki boldly declared with all her might.

Gasps of disbelief followed by eyes of mistrust fell upon Todoroki.

Sato, who thought it as all over, stared in shock as he saw Todoroki run up the same pathway that Ayama had just walk.

"I object this marriage!" Todoroki declared again.

"Yachiyo…" Sato muttered.

Ayama was furious however.

"Get that witch out of here!" she snapped.

Instanteously, two muscular men appeared before Todoroki and began to drag her out.

"Sato!" Todoroki screamed.

"I know you're faking it! I know that deep down inside you care for all of us. I know how you feel…"

Sato couldn't believe what she said.

"Shut up!" one of the muscular men said. They became physical as Todoroki began resisting.

The other muscular man raised a hand to hit Todoroki to silence her.

More gasps filled the ceremonial room.

Todoroki flinched and braced herself for a punch.

Awaiting pain to be inflicted, Todoroki opened her eyes slowly, and to her surprise, there was a fist directly aimed at her face. However, this fist was being dragged by another force. The muscular bodyguard looked back in surprise.

It was Sato! He had ran down the podium and came to the aid of Todoroki. And right now, he is gripping the elbow of a man about to inflict pain on the woman he loves.

"Don't you dare touch that beautiful face!" Sato exclaimed. Sato pulled the first muscular man backwards and with his free arm he uppercutted him in the jaw. A knockout.

Sato was in the zone. He then spun and used his lengthy land and landed a roundhouse kick in the gut of the remaining bodyguard. Another KO.

Then he caught the falling Todoroki in his arms. The moment was magical to say the least.

Ayama, however, couldn't believe it! Her perfect night, all that scheming, all lay wasted.

"Jun! What are you doing?" Ayama screamed at him.

Sato, still with Todoroki around his arms, answered

"Finding my happiness."

"But I can give you anything! If you want it, it will be yours!" Ayama screamed. She was in an emotional wreck now.

"I want to be with the people that care for me," Sato responded as he looked at Todoroki.

"And that I care about," Sato finished.

"Me! I care! These last five years, there wasn't one night that I didn't think of you!" Ayama screamed.

"During these last five years, there wasn't a single night were I tried to erase you from my mind," Sato snapped back.

"But you said that you want to be with the people that care about you," Ayama said with a chuckle. She looked like a child that has its toys taken away.

"Yes, but I don't care about you." Sato said.

The last words hit Ayama like a bowling ball. Tears formed in her eyes and a big wail erupted from her throat.

Friends and family immediately went to comfort her.

"Let's go Yachiyo," Sato realized that he was still holding Yachiyo.

Then they walked down together into the moonlight.

Outside of St. Jonathan's Ceremonial Hall – 10:03 PM

"Sato!" the Wagnaria crew embraced Sato as the two came out of the church.

"Is everything okay now?" Taneshima asked.

Sato smiled a genuine smile, his hands still around Todoroki.

"Yes." He looked at the moon. "Everything is fine now."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have an alternate ending. And it may require another two chapters. I'll post it if you guys want.