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Chapter 1

There was a loud Din coming from the clock tower, the sound didn't seem to affect at all the residences in the streets that appeared to be accustomed by that sound and integrated it as part of their daily routine, just like the increasing amount of wayfarers making their way downtown in an afternoon. The weather today was cloudy and windy and there was a report that it may rain later on. But that didn't stop their routine. The bus started to move, smoothly making its way around the town. Around 6 people now were riding the bus.

This was something that the young man sitting at the back left side window found the emptiness of the bus to be agreeing with him. From a first look he didn't appear to be more than 20 years old; the long black trench coat with the hood that he was wearing couldn't completely cover his natural white hair or a red scar trailing over the left side of his face. Indeed he preferred this lifeless atmosphere than the morning ruckus; he preferred night over morning all together. He had enough time, riding the bus to get downtown without a lot of people were better than the bustle of metro.

There was a sudden clatter from the bus that shook him from his position, he was leaning his head wearily against the tinted bus window. The young man found this town to have an unexpected lazy quality, Not that it bothered him he had his own personal issues to deal with. The bus now has finally reached downtown, the young man quickly got off before it started to move again and started to walk downtown until he reached the stone made square with the wishing fountain. The lights on the square where all open, there was a mix of strong smell of the banal tobacco, perfume, a scent of tea, coffee beans coming from the nearest coffee shops and a hint of freshness the wind got a hold of, it had already been spread around the area. He proceeded ahead; his ears now had been filled with a pleasant sound, the music was coming from in front of the fountain were a musician was playing with his violin; he had an open violin case in from to him.

There were a million of different scents in the air; mixing all together, those of the stale tobacco and the coffee but also there were some scents that no matter how hard you tried to cover them up and ignore them they were still there. They were smells that normal people couldn't possibly smell, normal people ….well not human was more like it. But what made him come out was a distinguished one, which was separate from all the others; a sweet smell drew him, an attractive aroma almost hypnotic. He had picked it up for a few days now but no matter how hard he drank the fire still burning in his throat for that blood was unquenchable but still manageable.

"Alleeeen! "A loud pleasant voice came from the nearest café from the waiter how had spotted Allen and now started to wave at him… The loud voice made a lot of eyes to stare at him for a moment before continuing with what they were doing. Allen decided to stop thinking about the sweet smell, the waiter then put the rest of the objects in his tray into the table in front of him and run towards him. The waiter had bright orange hair almost like they were on fire, a thick head band and a green eye; the other one had an eye patch. He was wearing a white shirt, a black tablier that he had tied around his waist and black trousers.

"Hey, Lavi" Allen responded

" Oi, Allen where have you been all this time I haven't seen you in ages" Lavi jumped and with a grin on his face graded Allen's head with his arm but Allen quickly escaped it leaving Lavi with a small " Che"

"Gome" Allen apologized with a smile ignoring Lavi's attempts to tease him "I have been busy,"

"What do you mean busy?!" Lavi with a questionable and doubting look asked Allen "well, whatever "Lavi continued, serious now "well I have been worried you know, thought you might be the next victim on the disappearing cases"

"Victims, disappearing cases? I haven't heard anything like that"

"You are telling me you haven't read the papers or heard it from someone?" Lavi was almost socked

"I wouldn't ask if I had, would I BakaLavi?" Allen angrily continued

"Right, well there are people disappearing all over and then after a while there bodies are found around in town, their bodies are found drained and they found bite marks, yesterday another one disappeared and then they just found her dead in her living room. She lived right up that alley up the hill they say she was probably taken from her own house." Lavi said with a scary look on his face "some say it could it be the work of vampires, Allen? They didn't get angry about all the bad publicity against them did they?"

"I had no idea ..." Allen said at a loss "But Lavi vampires? I do hope they have a better theory"

Allen was shocked by the news and even more so by the thing about vampires, but he had to keep his calm.

"Well yeah…" Lavi's phrase was cut when the store owner started yelling at him for stopping in the middle of the job to chat.

Allen found that chance to slip away, quickly before the fight ended. Allen didn't usually hang out with humans, but he found it necessary to blend in and to appear normal. Bodies drained and even bite marks Allen thought. He wasn't the man in question , he wasn't a murder he never killed any of his past victims but someone was and deep inside him he knew he shouldn't be involved but in the end curiosity got the best of him.

This was the work of someone he couldn't be sure if it was one of his kind or a human. So he decided to pay a visit to the last victims house, he could smell blood even after cleaning it several times and still a week has past so he hoped to find some that didn't belong to the victim and the police missed. Fortunately of him he reached the house without a problem, Allen decided to stay as safely way from the house as possible, he didn't want to be seen lurking in front of a crime scene. The sun had already set, the sky was filled with clouds and the street lamps in this area were all broken, quite a coincidence considering what happened a few days ago. Still he watched from a safe distance were he could see the house.

Allen had decided to take a closer look; he started to scan the place, and located sources of blood, a hint of dry blood coming from the second floor barely noticed and from the living room. But the blood from the second floor was older than the one in the living room, although he was certain that no human was still inside or in the near area the young man easily claimed the pipe line from behind the house and into the second floor. Then found his way into the bedroom. The room was trashed there were a few small blood drops on the carpet in front of the bed. The curtains had been torn aside, and things knocked over, you could see a large round mirror with silver edges probably antique in the corner. He hoped to find something the police missed but unfortunately for him the person behind this knew what he was doing. Allen's train of thoughts stopped as he brought his face closer to the floor, he could faintly smell the existence of a blood type separate from the others. It was barely visible even he would miss it if he didn't pay attention no wonder the police didn't find it.

Allen immediately stood up like he was hit by an electric shock after he heard breaking glass coming from in front of the stairs from the first floor. There was someone inside the house the foot steps were speeding up now and within a few seconds reached the top of the stairs. Allen with his hood still covering most of his face and assured that the room was to dim for anyone to see grabbed a long sharp glass next to him and throw it at the door where the man holding a long Japanese sword just entered hitting him on the shoulder and distracting him. He lipped across the room and jumped down from the window, within a slip of second reached the ground; it started raining heavily when he started running. He was confident that his face was not seen and with his speed and reflex been higher than humans there was no need for panic. He reached a corner and once he was sure that he was not followed he started heading back home when he was knocked on something and looked up it was a man with long black hair tied in a pony tail, a scarp look with a long dark coat appeared in front of him with a black Japanese blade wrapped around his waist.

"What's the rush?" the man said with a visible smirk plastered on his pale face as he stepped forward into the light.

You could see Allen's eyes filled with surprise and mixed anger

The man bent down while on the move and with his left hand began to take out his blade, Allen swiftly also lend forward and with his right hand reached the blade and pushed it back inside and throw it away while with his arm pushed on to his neck and on the wall next to him, but the man used his feet and the right arm to chance their position. Allen now pushed straight for the wall speeded up and backfliped on the wall the man turned but Allen pushed him back and immobilized him.

Allen could fill the man struggling, his enormous strength pushing him back; he had to use all his vampire strength to keep him in place. Allen no moved closer to him until he was inches away from that man's face. Even thought he was pinned to the wall his clear irritated glare was still giving him shivers. Allen stopped to examine him for a moment until the man spoke.

"Aren't you going to eat me and kill me, Vampire?" said with a steady and calm voice that sounded like a person how was still in charge.

Allen was shocked by the man's words, he only went there out of curiosity but didn't expect to find a person how new the existence of Vampires. Curiosity killed the cat, filled his mind, starting to look back at the foolish decision.

"I am not a killer, well, I didn't expect to find a person with such knowledge here, but it seems you still lack info, pal" Allen said with a straight face and a hint of superiority in them but he was unable to hide his surprise by the man's accusations.

"Tch, I am not your pal…..You are annoying Moyashi"

"Mo-…Moyashi?! " Allen mumbled with an angry look "The name is Allen! You seem to forget how the upper hand here has"

The man let a small smirk slip his mouth while throwing a really deathly glare at him " I am going to make you regret this"

" just try" Allen said with a sharp voice

Allen had his right pressed the wounded shoulder of the man and the man trying , and a familiar sweet smell coming from the stranger. It was the same unbearable smell that drew him to his limits as before.

"That smell….it was you…" Allen's words were cut by the burning feeling in his throat. "Not….now" Allen mumbled


Allen's throat which had been bothering him from the time was he smelled the blood in the house now began to burst again. It was like a cold shiver down his spine at first and an excruciating desire to drink his blood, his eyes turned bright red and his fangs made themselves noticed. It was so dry and hot; he was desperately searching for his thirst to be quenched.

The man found the chance to get away by loosing for the grip and throw him with his back on the ground.

"You …who are you?" Allen half conscious mumbled

The last thing he remembered before the man hit him unconscious was him saying something but he blacked out.

"I am …."

He remembered him looking down at him with a visible smirk around his face.


Allen woke up in a dark bedroom on a long double bed of a luxury suite; his vision slowly cleared as he looked around and realized he was shirtless and with his boxers. The curtains were drawn but it from what he could see it was still dark outside. He stood up on the bed still but the burning in his throat didn't seem to have disappeared. He was already at his limits; he couldn't stand on his own two feet, let alone with that stranger around.

"Where is this, what happened to my clothes?" Allen wondered, still dizzy from the lack of blood.

"This is my room and your clothes were wet, I had to take them off, I will give them back once they are dry" A person looming in the dark corner of the room suddenly spoke. Had he been staring at him all this time? Allen wondered to himself now.

"A shirt would have been nice" Allen said with an indifferent look, he tried to stand up but he was unable to gather up his strength.

Allen remained silent of a moment or two, the two of them where staring at each other until Allen finally spoke.

"Who are you? What were you doing in that crime scene and why had you tried to kill me?"

"If I wanted you dead you would be, you don't remember my name? I said it earlier….."

Allen stayed silent; as the man walked to the mini bar and put down the drink he had on his hands. Then he walked slowly to the front of the bed.

"My name is Kanda Yuu, and I was investigating the crime scene"

"That's why you chased after me?! It was useless; I am not the murder…." Allen quickly defended himself

Allen now noticed the clothes of the man and the room where he was in.

"You don't look like a detective"

"I am not"

"What are you then?" Allen said with a suspicious look on his face

" …" Kanda didn't answer

Allen was annoyed by the fact that he was getting half information, let alone that he was at the mercy of this man. This man was hiding something, he was able to catch up to him so fast and his strength was impressive as well.

"Back then you moved too fast to be a normal human,

"Well, I know that, Vampires can go without feeding for at least 2 days and the body was found today, if it really was you and who you killed and feed from her you shouldn't be hungry so soon…" Kanda Walked to were Allen was located and sat on the bed next to him.

Allen's breath had already shortened, his eyes were still bright red and his fangs now were as sharp as raisers, there was the sweet smell in the room, Allen's mind was filled with it. Kanda pushed Allen back to bed, he took of his black tie and unbuttons his shirt until his chest was exposed, and Allen's Eyes now were fixed on Kanda's shoulder wound.

"W…what are you doing?" Allen questioned him, powerless at his current state.

"You are hungry right? You can borrow my blood" he moved closer so that Allen could reach and can have a close look at his neck. Allen quickly turned his head away so that he couldn't see, but it was too late his body was already beyond its limit.

"You will let me feed of you just like that?" Allen didn't want to admit it but he needed blood, but he knew that something like that couldn't be given free of charge…

"You belong to me from now on so it's natural for a master to feed his pet"

"I am not your pet!" Allen angrily yelled at him, he wanted to get out of this as quickly as he could.

"Does that mean you are don't need my blood?"

He stayed silent for a minute thinking, he had to make haste and then escape when he gets the chance after drinking some of his blood. Allen moved closer to Kanda with an unwilling and pained expression mixed with desire, a sign that he had to agree to this arrangement.

"Good boy" Kanda smiled at the sight of Moyashi's expression who he thought Allen was really cute.

Kanda pushed moved closer and light nibble on Allen's ear leaving Allen with a small "Ah"

Kanda smirked "are your ears that sensitive?" and as Kanda said that Allen couldn't help but blush.

"Urusai BaKanda"

Allen bit his lips so that he wouldn't make any more embarrassing noises.

But that gave Kanda even more to look forward too, He started to lick Allen's ear all over and then sucked the lode, then moved, softly kissing his neck until bottom of his neck. Allen's heart was now beating like crazy, he wanted to taste as least this man's blood once; he turned his head towards Kandas, wrapped his hands around Kanda's back. He started to lick Kanda's shoulder and suck some blood away as the wound quickly disappeared but that wasn't nowhere near enough.

He kissed his neck a few times before biting down hard at Kandas neck. An unpredictable lust overcame him as his s fangs suck Kanda's blood away.

Kanda's blood was something Allen barely had words for, and even from the scent he couldn't exactly predict how addicting it would be he feared he wouldn't be able to stop because all he could think of is having a little more of him until none is left.

Kanda held Moyashi tighter; their bodies were really close, He now could feel Moyashi's erection under his underwear, he let out soft moan as Moyashi's fangs bite down on him, it was an incredible feeling, coursing thought him he wished it didn't end. Moyashi moved away after licking the bite to stop the bleeding from Kanda's neck, finally satisfied that his thirst had been quenched. As soon as Allen's teeth left Kanda's neck he raised Allen's chin and brought it close to him. With his right thumb pressed on Allen's lip and slightly opening the lower one, wiped them of blood before softly kissing him, raising Allen's black arm to his mouth he kissed he back of it, where a small bright green star existed, that made Allen blush and turn his head to the side. Kanda's hands moved slowly from Allen's waist tracing all of his body, rubbing his nipples and stroking his erection form outside Allen's underwear.

"W-…Wait... we…We can't… not… t-…there…" Allen mumbled trying with the little strength that came back to him to push Kanda away now that his desire for blood didn't cloud his mind so much, but it was useless the man in front of him was much stronger that he was now.

"…it's too late now …just Relax…I will be really gentle" Kanda whispered into Allen's ear with a calm husky voice and a hint of amusement, the hot breath in his ear, shiver raced through him.

"Haa...h...!" Allen's moans began to fill the room, an obscene heat lit up all over, his attention focused on the places his body was yearning with desire and pleasure. Kanda now moved to Allen's lower half, undressed Allen of the last remaining cloth on him and slightly raised Allen's hips.

"Ah, w-…wait" Allen suddenly said as Kanda took of his underwear, Allen tried to hide his lower part of himself between his legs. Slightly surprised and amused by Allen's bashfulness Kanda reached with his one hand the tie that he laid on the bed and tied Allen's hand together.

"What …are you doing…release me" Allen said quickly

"Release you say…alright" Kanda said with a teasing look on his face, having a different thought in mind.

Allen's shaft and the balls beneath it were slowly caressed and a thumb of the other hand began to poke at Allen's tip, making more wet noises from the nectar leaking out, now Kanda hand Created a ring with his fingers, he gripped a little tighter.


The rhythm of Kanda's hand rubbing quickened and lustful voices started to form. While the other hand kept rubbing the underside of the shaft, Allen voice was now only panting and hot liquid kept purring out from the tip. The increasing pleasurable sensation and Kanda's skillful hands made Allen slightly arch his back as he released his cum.

"That was quick" Kanda smirked at the young man's tired and panting look and licked his index finger from the hand he previously used. The man looked into Kanda's eyes slightly annoyed by the phrase earlier as he tried to stand up to get away before Kanda stopped him.

"Where are you going? This isn't over" behind Kanda's obvious amused look Allen had spotted a delight in Kanda's eyes that he couldn't help but shiver.

~to be continued~

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