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"RIZA!" Roy yelled as he ran to the cell but to be stopped by a laughter.

"Ha, so you actually came Roy Mustang, just try and retrieve your wife,"Animus said walking out showing his wolf features, brown silky mane, tan wolf snout, and huge sharp ivory claws and paws, he was although still wearing shoes and his ragged dirty clothes were stretched out. "Fight my minions!" he commanded as wolf and lion chimeras ran out of the darkness with buckets of water.

"Shit!"Roy muttered snapping sending sparks at the chimeras before the liquid soaked him. The front line of chimeras were burn to a crisp as the second line took its place surrounding the intruders.

"Mustang get back you're useless now that you've been soaked!"Ed yelled at Roy who for second dropped his head down cursing himself for being useless to water. Ed had transmuted his automail arm into a sword as he slashed at the chimeras as they pounced at him. Havoc had brought a couple of pistols and an assault rifle. "Chief take this!" Havoc tossed over a pistol to Roy. He glady received it and starting shooting rounds at the chimera.

(Meanwhile at the house)

The kids were napping as Rebecca and Winry were anxiously waiting for the guys to come back. Rebecca took another look out the window for the tenth time but to now see two men walking up the lawn. They had brown hair that were like manes. From experience Winry knew there were chimera.

"They probably work for whoever kidnapped Riza!" Winry concluded. "Good thing i brought an assault rifle and pistols with me!" Rebecca said relieved she came prepared last night.

Soon enough the door flew open as the two chimera came in. Right then Rebecca started shooting rounds at them before they could react, good thing she had a silencer on. After they collapsed onto the floor Winry came behind and knocked them out by whacking them with a wrench.

Rebecca sighed in relief,"Check the kids,"she said turning to Winry,"I'll tie them up." Winry went into the rooms and found that they were all still sleeping soundly. She walked back to the living room to find Rebecca tying up the two.

They woke up seconds after she finished tying them. The first one growled but soon stopped after Winry had hit them yet again. 'Just have to hope,'she thought.

It was a bloody battle. Many dead bodies of chimeras lay on the ground. Roy had started to use close combat hitting them with the gun after losing ammo. Havoc still amazingly had a few more bullets left in the assault rifle until he used his spare pistol. Ed's blade was lathered in the red blood as he slashed at the chimeras. The air stank of blood as the three fought the remaining chimeras left. The three had few claw slashes on their bodies as they winced at some point.

Riza sat their watching the three fight the last one. "Hm, I guess I did underestimate you," Animus said looking down at all the corpses of his minions. "I guess I'm dry now, you have a trip to hell in your future right about now," Roy said, with anger taking over him as he snapped.

Animus yelled in pain until the flames died down and he regained his composure. "Is that all you could do, I lathered myself in water, but that still hurt," he said smirking at the astonished flame alchemist. "What are you going to do now Mustang!" he yelled laughing lunging towards Riza opening the cell and grabbed her neck lifting her up. "I'm just going to kill her,"he said facing the group. As Riza struggled Roy looked at her helpless. "Don't worry Mustang," Ed said reassuringly as he lunged over to the two and sliced off Animus's arm. Riza fell to the ground coughing clutching her neck as Animus staggered back as Ed slashed and punched him before he could react. "That all you can do Pipsqueak?" Animus said wincing in pain slashing at Ed with his claws. That struck a nerve as Ed winced in pain.

"Don't call me short!" Ed yelled as he stabbed Animus in the chest. He coughed out blood,"I got beat by pipsqueak, heh how sad for me,"the guy chocked out collapsing onto the ground. "It's your win Mustang,"he said before he closed his eyes and took his final breath.

"Tch, he was weak," Ed said transmuting his hand back. POP! "Shit!" Ed cursed as he found out he had broken his auto mail arm as it laid limp beside him.

Roy ran to Riza embracing her,"Are you all alright Riza?" he asked frantically pulling away looking at the scratches and bruises on her. She smiled,"I'm okay, now that you're here." He smiled. "Okay let's get home,"he said.

They had successfully safely gotten home with Riza with just s few minor slashes but Ed had broken his auto mail arm. They had found two chimeras knocked out on the way there. They opened the door to see Haru, Ken, and Hina race in and hug Riza. "Mom!"Haru yelled with tears streaming down his face. She smiled down at him. "Riza!" Rebecca and Winry exclaimed in relief to see her safely.

Winry looked over to Ed to see him with a with bleeding slashes and a limp right arm. Her expression turned from relieved to pissed. In just a few minutes there was Ed apologizing frantically and then a thunk and after, an Ed left as a bloody pulp on the couch as Winry checked the arm.

The group that just came back were now sitting in the kitchen being treated to medical attention by Winry and Rebecca. "Jeez the dress is all torn and tattered, and it was expensive!"Winry exclaimed in frustration. "Glad you're alright,"Rebecca said smiling at Riza. Riza smiled back as she looked over to the guys who were covered in bandages. "Thanks for saving me guys,"she said. She was answered with grunts from them as she sighed.

Haru, Hina, and Ken walked over to Riza handing her a bundle of daisies they had picked for her. "Glad you're back!" they exclaimed happily. She smiled,"Thanks."

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