Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

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Hang on to your panties.

Chapter One

It was fucking freezing out, and I had been waiting on this stupid platform for the past forty-five minutes. It was one of those older platforms, completely exposed and it made me feel uneasy.

I took a drag of my Lucky, and flicked the ashes to the ground. Watching as they blew away in the wind.

It was the beginning of winter and there was nothing more I wanted right now than my shitty sleeping bag and my comfy socks.

I looked around again, just making sure I hadn't missed him. It was half eight, and the sky was black. It had been dark for most of the day. I scoffed as I thought of the weather, fuck you New York.

For a Thursday night the platform was still busy. People coming in and out for maybe work, or home. I saw some girls wearing tight skirts and see through shirts, intending for a night on the town. Teeth chattering, blue lips and shivering. I chuckled.

Hypothermia is a ho, silly bitches.

A tall, dark skinned man caught my eye. A few years older than me, probably in his mid to late twenties I guessed. He looked at me and gave me a wink. He sat down on one of the benches with a black duffle bag that he placed next to him.

I smiled and looked away.

A train pulled into the platform and he got up, leaving the duffle behind on the bench and boarded the train. It was quick to pick up its passengers and depart.

I walked slowly towards the black duffle, making sure I wasn't suspicious, but all the while making sure no one realised he had left it behind.

I quickly grabbed the bag and made my way out of Penn Station. It was a fucking maze to me.

Not wanting to be anywhere near there, I hailed a cab and went back over the bridge to Greenwood.

My heart was pounding, my breaths were short and fast, my throat was dry, but I couldn't wipe the smirk off my face.

I had it. The shit that was going to get me the hell outta Brooklyn. I was still smiling as I paid the cab driver a couple of twenties and got out a few blocks short of where I was staying.

I started walking - heading south towards the warehouses along the river.

The warehouse I was staying in looked like it had been abandoned for a while by my guess, but it was the best place for someone like me to hide.

It was big. Lots of windows, half of them broken, no dividing walls and a shit tonne of concrete compete with graffiti. There were a few large columns in the middle of the room and a sort of loft bit at the very end of it, without any stairs, which as you could tell is extremely helpful. I had set up camp in the corner of the place - away from the windows and furthest from the doors.

It wasn't ideal and it left me slightly exposed - but what can a girl do.

I couldn't have an apartment in my name, let alone a bank account or a credit card. Never leave a trail.


That was the first rule.

The second? Shoot first - ask questions later.

I toted the duffle over to where I slept and placed it carefully on my makeshift bed. Basically, a sleeping bag and a sort of lumpy pillow. I didn't mind, it kept me warm and if I ever needed to up and leave I wouldn't really miss it. Even though it was sub zero and cost a pretty penny - not like I paid for it though.

I took a seat on the cold concrete floor. I'm normally the first to bitch about the cold, but I could not give a fuck right now. I pulled the black bag towards me, and took out its contents.

A manila folder, a couple of pages of blue prints, about hundred grand cash in non-marked bills and an invitation - which had me intrigued.

I opened the folder carefully, my hands shaking slightly with excitement. The left side had a few black and white photos while the right had a few A4 pages of information.

I quickly scanned over the pages. Basically, I grab some photos of some documents in a safe, hand them over to the Russians and I get another two hundred thousand. Should be easy enough, although the Russians are shady as fuck.

The blueprints were of a building called Breaking Dawn. A gentleman's club that was just over in Redhook. The room I had to break into in order to get to the safe and crack it, was right next to the bar and the VIP room.

I groaned, rolling my eyes and threw the blueprints aside, deciding to tackle the minor details later.

I pulled the photographs towards me.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

I took a deep breath in and studied the photograph once more.

The mark was Edward Cullen.

'Fuck me' I breathed.

It's going to be nearly impossible. But fuck it. I'm going to try.

I knew as soon as I thought that, not only was I utterly and completely fucked in the head… this just might get me killed. Or worse - on Edward Cullen's radar.

- Ain't No Rest For The Wicked -

'Again, Isabella. For fucks sake!' He yelled at me.

I was trying my hardest. My muscles ached from my exertion, screaming in protest for me to move any harder or faster.

'I cant!' I cried. Please, I thought. Please. This would be the third life I had taken today.

So much red in my ledger.

Tears were streaming down my face from frustration. I stared straight at Afton. He was lower level in Aro's sick, twisted 'guard'.

Afton laughed at me. Kept taunting about how I was a woman, and the only thing I was worthy of was a cock in my mouth.

I growled in anger and hit him square in the jaw. He wasn't expecting the hit and stumbled back a few paces.

He spat out some blood, and what I thought looked like a tooth. It was my turn to laugh.

'Getting beaten up by a girl? Fuck you, asshole!' I screamed as I lunged at him again. This time knocking him to the ground and swiftly breaking his neck.

I relished in the snap that it made and grinned.

Poor idiot didn't even get a hit in. I shook my head in disappointed.

They were either getting worse, or I was getting better.

I got up off of Afton and turned back to Aro, my demonic smirk still in place.

'And that's what you get when you push, daddy dearest' I whispered in his ear and moaned. The pervert always had a thing for underage girls.

Pretty underage girls – and I fit the bill to a 'T'.

At 16, with long chestnut hair down to the swell of my pert ass and generously sized cleavage – well I was every man's wet dream.

And I fucking knew it. I walked back inside Aro's castle with the thought that someday soon, I'm going to slaughter Aro Volturi.

And enjoy it.

I woke with a start. Beads of cold sweat had formed on my forehead. I swiped at my face with my hands but paused.

Something definitely wasn't right. I gritted my teeth and prepared for the onslaught.

- Ain't No Rest For The Wicked -

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